Holidays in Israel are a beautiful time, the whole country comes together to celebrate, and having the cultural richness that Israel has, traditions are very strong and unique. Whether you live in Israel or you are visiting from abroad, here are our top tips to get the most out of the holidays!

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Number 1

All you need to know! 

There’s only three weeks till the Chagim! Starting September 9th, four major Jewish holidays are celebrated in a hectic and beautiful month in Israel and around the world: Rosh Hashana – the Jewish New Year. Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement, where Jews reflect on their actions over the last year (or take to the roads on their bicycles!). Sukkot – the special 7-day festival where Jews live in huts and shake lulavs and etrogs. And Simchat Torah – where Jews finish the annual cycle of reading the Torah and begin the new one. Click here to learn more about holidays in Israel. 

Number 2

There are loads of Olim Friendly Synagogues, find yours!

There are hundreds of synagogues in Tel Aviv, and many are eager for internationals to join them. From Orthodox to ReformSepharadi or Ashkenazi, and even French and Italian synagogues – there’s something for everyone! Some even host seders for those who don’t have family in Israel, find the one that will make you feel at home in our Olim Friendly Synagogues in Israel guide.

Number 3

Find the best hotels for you or your family!

Are you or anyone from your family coming to Israel during the Holidays? We’ve lovingly pulled together guides to our favorite hotels in IsraelTel AvivJerusalemEilat, and the Dead Sea. Or if you just simply want to ogle at some design porn, check out our Guide to the Best Boutique Hotels in Tel AvivClick here to see all our Best Hotel Guides.

Number 4

We’ve got 60 amazing tours in Israel, the West Bank, & Petra 

Get out of Tel Aviv and check out some amazing tours around Israel, the West Bank, and even Jordan! We’ve teamed up with two of Israel’s leading tour companies and hand-picked our favorite tours in JerusalemTel Aviv, the Dead SeaPetra, the West Bank and Christian toursCheck out all our Guides, and get a special discount when you book through Secret Tel Aviv!

Number 5

Because Jewish Holidays are all about food!

Jewish holidays are all about food (or lack of it), and even though Savta’s food is delicious, sometimes you want to go out to a restaurant. Tel Aviv’s restaurant scene is one of the best in the world (maybe we’re a little biased), we’ve compiled a list of our favorite restaurants and top bars as voted by the Secret Tel Aviv Community, click here to check out all our Guides!

Holidays in Israel also mean awesome festivals!

Some of the biggest music festivals happen around Rosh Hashana and Succot , from spirituality festivals like Zorba The Buddah Festival to huge productions with Israel’s top artists like the Tamar Festival or Meteor Festival, to raves like the Neverland Electronic Music Festival! We highly recommend checking out the Meteor Festival (Sept 6-8) in the North for the sickest line-up of local and international artists! Click here to read our guide on the Best Festivals in Israel.

Number 7

Find your perfect holiday gifts from local artists and designers

The best part about of the holidays is sharing it with the ones you love the most, and presents are awesome too! Check out these cool gifts from some of the amazing and super-talented artists and designers in the Secret Tel Aviv Community.

Check out our Guide to cheap flights out of Tel Aviv! 

f you prefer to get out of the city during the Holidays, there are tons of cool places you can visit for a very reasonable price (including Spain, Italy, Iceland, France, UK, and many others)! Check out our guide for Low Cost Flights from Tel Aviv and find out where you can travel on a budget!

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