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What is Sukkot?

Sukkot is a widely celebrated festivity in Israel that commemorates the 40 years Jews spent living in temporary shelters in the desert after they left Egypt. People take pride in building and decorating their Sukkah and host cool events. If you are spending Sukkot in Israel, expect to find many cool festivals and parties!

Sukkot is a Festival Time in Israel that lasts for seven days. The first day is a chag, people are not expected to work although non-kosher restaurants and bars will be open like a standard shabbat. Similarly the last day is Simchat Torah, another chag where people aren’t expected to work.

Traditions of Sukkot

During Sukkot it is a tradition to eat and sleep under a Sukkah. People host friends and family to share a meal in their Sukkah and sometimes even spend the night. If you don’t know anyone who can host you, you should check out the communal events at your favorite synagogue!

Surviving Sukkot in Israel

Like on Shabbat and other Holidays, kosher bars and restaurants are closed in the first and last days and there is no public transportation.

Celebrating Sukkot

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Sukkot Events and Parties Guide

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