Last updated November 15th 2017

Looking to survive in Israel? Learning Hebrew is key – here are a few tips about places to learn…

1. The Cool New Kid on the Block

Citizen Cafe OOlpan

This new URBAN ULPAN brings a refreshing new experience to learning Hebrew by focusing on student’s conversational skills and developing a natural confidence in speaking and understanding the Hebrew in daily life.

It’s finally time to feel like an Israeli and enjoy speaking Hebrew. Citizen Café OOlpan guides its students in the transition from international residents to local Tel Avivians!

Their 10 week courses use a fresh and proven teaching approach to bring much-needed light and laughter to learning the complex Hebrew language. They focus on conversational language as well as relevant writing and reading skills that will help you in everyday exchanges, from texting to coffee talk. Their classes are intimate, granting each student the time to gain confidence in their speech and apply it in the real world in Tel Aviv.

This unique and practical method (no textbooks!) is taught by highly skilled teachers in a fast dynamic environment that is fun and social with immediate result. Classes are first thing in the morning or after work in the evenings, so that they can fit into your busy schedule.


  • Limited to 8 students per class  – Ensuring personal attention
  • 6 levels – Absolute beginners to highly advanced conversational
  • 2 times per week  – Early morning & late evening classes
  • 90 minutes per class – Ideal duration for effective learning
  • Located in the Mindspace on Rothschild Boulevard – the heart of the Israeli start up scene

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This is a non-subsidised Ulpan, meaning you have to pay. This is for serious people only who are prepared to invest to improve their Hebrew.

2. Subsidised Ulpans

Ulpan Gordon

Probably Tel Aviv’s most famous Ulpan, although not necessarily the best. For beginners, try and make sure you can get in an aliyah class if possible – the teachers are better, your fellow students are more committed, and you have more teaching hours every week

  • Lasalle 7, Tel Aviv
  • 40 classes running simultaneously at any time, from Kita Aleph to Kita Daled
  • Accept vouchers for new olim


Ulpan Neve Tsedek

Relatively new Ulpan (four years old) that tries to differentiate itself from Gordon with smaller class sizes (less than 25)

  • Lillenblum 7, Tel Aviv
  • Kita Aleph to Kita Daled
  • Accept vouchers for new olim


Ulpan La-Inyan

Founded in 2008 by oleh Ami Steinberger, Ulpan La-Inyan builds confidence in students’ ability to speak Hebrew through carefully-planned, engaging lessons based on the method developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur. Students will feel improvement in their Hebrew after each class.

  • Centrally-located at 94A Allenby St, Tel Aviv
  • Classes are typically 3 or 4 days a week, for an hour and a half. Morning, afternoon and evening options.
  • 6 levels available.
  • Accept vouchers for new olim.


* Get 100-shekel discount off a group course (50-shekels off with the earlybird discount) and/or 99-shekel trial private lesson with the Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card *

3. More Cool Private Ulpans

Ulpan Bayit (not subsidised)

Founded in 2014, an up-to-date Hebrew school, using texts from Israeli media, poems, short stories… All this backed up with the Hebrew textbooks of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Their mission is to create a young and modern teaching environment.

  • 25 Matalon Street, Tel-Aviv
  • They offer small classes of up to ten students, with classes available in the morning or evening.
  • Price is always 2,500 NIS per course of 80 hours – 1 learning unit is 45min lesson
  • Klita Aleph to Advanced


This Is Not An Ulpan (not subsidised)

Really fun and informal way to learn Hebrew. This is Not an Ulpan offers several topics per semester with varying levels of difficulty. The motto is “we don’t learn Hebrew, we learn in Hebrew”. Example topics are Israeli Cinema, Women in Israeli Society, and Israeli Politics. Even though each course has a facilitator, they work according to the principles of critical pedagogy – everyone is actively involved in shaping the learning process.

  • Hayarkon 70, Tel Aviv
  • Courses typically cost a few hundred shekels per semester


UAB – Ulpan Aviv Bertele (not subsidised)

Want to learn Hebrew but tired of getting lost in a huge Ulpan class? Want to learn Hebrew that will actually help you participate in Israeli society? Aviv’s classes offer:

  • An intimate learning environment for groups of eight students or less
  • A focus on learning and speaking practical Hebrew
  • A comfortable classroom conveniently located in North Tel Aviv
  • New courses are offered year round.
  • Horkanos 26


4. Intensive Summer Ulpans

Tel Aviv University Ulpan

Expensive, but excellent reputation. Material typically covered in five months in Ulpan Gordon is crammed into just seven weeks

  • Tel Aviv University, Levanon 55
  • Offer courses from beginner through to advanced
  • Courses cost ~$1,700

IDC Ulpan

Excellent Ulpan with teachers from Raanana Ulpan (consistently rated the best Ulpan in Israel). Like Tel Aviv University, cram five months of material into only six weeks

  • IDC University, Natan Alterman Street, Herzliya | Telephone +972-9-960-2771 | website
  • Offer courses from beginner through to advanced
  • Courses cost ~900 shekels for Olim Chadashim

5. Private Hebrew Teachers

Great for individuals who really need one on one attention as the teacher will focus on your specific needs and solely focus on your areas where you struggle.


While learning not quite at the speed of light, Ulpan Or does have good teachers, and provides all students with a portable electronic device with lessons to teach yourself.

  • Koifman Street 4

Ulpan Aviv

Ulpan Aviv was founded in July 2009 and offers 1-on-1 classes.

  • Hayarkon 74 St. Tel Aviv

Shay Soffer

Private teacher

Guy Sharrett (StreetWise Hebrew)

Guy offers tours of Tel Aviv graffiti, taking in Hebrew words on the way.

6. Kibbutz Ulpans

Ma’agan Michael

Reputation for being one of the best Ulpan in Israel. Students live on the kibbutz, study in the morning and work in the afternoon. Interesting fact: Stanley Fisher is an alumni

  • Kibbutz Ma’agan, located about 45 minutes north of Tel Aviv (next to Zikron Yaakov) | website
  • For beginners only – two classes a year – February to June and August to December
  • Subsidised

7. Fun Links on the internet to Learn Hebrew


Find your closest Ulpan!

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