Last updated February 5th 2024

Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene is definitely one of the best in the world, there is a bar or club for every taste, from chilled outdoor bars to get a beer and some good food, to underground techno clubs with crazy hardcore parties.

There are new bars opening its doors for us every day, so the task of finding the best ones can be overwhelming, lucky for you we made a list of the Best Bars and Clubs, to suit every kind of night owl visiting or living in our gorgeous and fun Tel-Aviv! 

We have divided our selection by types of bar, in other words, by their principle characteristics : chill bars, party bars, techno scene venues, gay bars, sports bars, live music venues and even the best streets to go out with friends!

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Do not hesitate to update us on your last Tel-Avivian nightlife discovery! We are always open to discover something new.



Up for a nice evening, that could also lead you to the end of the night? These chill bars are the perfect place to meet as soon as the sun has gone down. Outdoors or indoors, elaborate cocktails or craft beers, rooftops or cosy interiors, these are the places to go to meet with friends or colleagues and enjoy a drink in a nice decor.


1. TEDER.FM  – until 1 AM

South Tel Aviv | Derech Jaffa 9

If Tel Aviv is a hipster capital of the world, TEDER.FM is its Mecca! Teder is a perfect hangout, it’s unpretentious and chilled, with outside tables in the middle of an old gallery, perfect to sit out with friends for hours, they broadcast good music, serve beer in jars for sharing and have an amazing pizza. They regularly host cool guest DJs (TEDER.FM broadcasts live every night), special performances, movie nights, and second-hand-markets. Read more

Explore Teder Compound with our Things to do in Teder Guide!

2. Bicicletta – until 12 AM

Central Tel Aviv | Nahalat Binyamin 29

Feel right at home as you are transported into a backyard barbecue. With a young crowd, chill outdoor garden and reasonable prices, this is your go-to spot for day drinking.
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3. Herzl 16 – until 1 AM

South Tel Aviv – Herzl 16

A place of wonders… a Cafe-bar that hosts live performances, music festivals, DJs, and simply good times! The outdoor patio is beautiful with loads of plants growing from above. The good vibes are accompanied by tasty food and drinks too!
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4. The Prince – until 12:30 AM

Central Tel Aviv – Nahalat Binyamin 18

Cool bar located in an old building on Nachalat-Binyamin. Enter the bar to discover a terrasse hidden from the street.  Enjoy a nice variety of drinks and cocktails and don’t hesitate to accompany them with the very good food!
Read more.

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Best Cocktail Bars

5. Imperial Cocktail Baruntil 2 AM

Beach – Hayarkon Street 66

Featuring an atmosphere resembling a conglomeration of London, Paris and New York, it doesn’t get classier than this. With Asian-colonial inspired cuisine and music varying from swing jazz to rock n’ roll, Imperial has you covered on getting cultured. Check out their happy hour between 6-8pm where all drinks are half price. Love cocktails? Check out our guide for the Best Cocktail Bars guide! 

Read more.

6. Social Club until 12 AM

Central Tel Aviv – Rothschild 45

A sexy, upscale restaurant and bar that features a wide range of cocktails, with traditional classics and new twists like their Mandarin Mojito.
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7. Bushwick until 1 AM

Central Tel Aviv – Nahalat Benjamin 28

“From New York to Tel Aviv” could also be the name of this unmissable bar of our favorite city. Here, you will enjoy high-end cocktails in the perfect place to hang-out with close ones.
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8. Spicehaus  – until 1 AM

Central Tel Aviv – Dizengoff 117

This is definitely one of the coolest concept bars ever. They call it a “cocktail bar pharmacy”, the bartenders actually dress like pharmacists, and cocktails are served in 3 different sized beaker bottles. This is the largest cocktail bar in Tel Aviv, but don’t get confused when you see a sign for “The East Jaffa Perfume Company” – you’re at the right place!
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Best Wine Bars

9. Wineberry — 12 AM

HaRav Yizkhak Yedidya Frenkel 2

You won’t want to miss out on this cute wine bar in the very heart of Florentin! Known for their aesthetics and amazing selection, this is exactly the kind of spot you’ll want to hit with friends after a long day of work, sit outside and people watch. Read more. 

10. Christoff Wine Salon — 12 AM

Hashuk St 28, Tel Aviv-Yafo

There is a reason this Florentin wine spot is locals’ and tourists’ favorite! The atmosphere is perfect and their wine selection doesn’t suck either. With weekly Grilled Cheese Fridays and many other enticing offerings, Christoff Wine Salon is the place to be. Read more. 

11. Bosser Wine — 11 PM

HaHashmal St 5

Located in Florentin, it feels like there’s a new wine bar on every corner – but Bosser Wine differs from their competition with their intimate environment, and a large variety of wines! From local tastes to international flavors, there is a wine for everybody here. Read more.

12. Cork Levinsky

Levinsky 39

What cooler spot for a wine bar than Levinsky Market! Lively streets make for the perfect environment to sit outside and indulge in some wine. They feature dishes from Chef Daniel Ilay if you’re also looking for something to munch on while you sip. Go on a Friday and you might even stumble upon one of their second-hand clothing sale fairs or a tattoo pop-up! Read more. 

For more amazing wine bars, check out our Guide to the Best Wine Bars in Tel Aviv.


A little party never killed nobody right? When you feel up to go out until sunrise, these are the places we recommend for a night you won’t forget! Or will you?

13. Kuli Alma – until 3 AM

Central Tel Aviv – Mikveh Israel 10

Voted the best bar in Tel Aviv! The cool underground bar on the corner of Yehuda Halevi and Allenby has abig outdoor area to chill, a closed room with amazing music to dance and a third room that usually has live music! The also host some great exhibitions and pop up shops, a complete experience. It has some of the best vibes in the city, awesome DJs, beautiful graffiti decorating the walls and Tubi slushies!

Read more.

14. Jimmy Who – until 5 AM

Jimmy? Jimmy who? Jimmy Who or one of the best party bars in Tel-Aviv! The drink menu offers a popular selection of cocktails and fellow drinkers are a trendy, slightly older crowd who head here to dance to an underground mix of indie, rock, electro and other classics, spun each night by popular local DJs.
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15. Emesh – until 4 AM

Emesh is a unique party bar in Tel Aviv, with three distinct spaces, guests can dine, party and chill. The party space features varied seating, artistic design and music to dance to every night. The backyard provides a green, spacious area with a bar and outdoor seating. The bar also offers a private gallery floor for events of up to 70 people, making it the ultimate one-stop destination for an all-around entertainment experience. Let’s live in the moment and party the night away at Emesh!
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16. Abraxas – until 3 AM

Abraxas is an amazing place for food in the first place, be sure to stop at the amazing location before heading to their bar and dance-floor! It offers a unique atmosphere with dim lighting and cozy seating. Whether you’re looking to dance or just hang out and enjoy a drink, Abraxas is a great destination for a night out in Tel Aviv.
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17. Drama– until 5 AM

Central Tel Aviv – Nahalat Binyamin St 52

One of Tel Aviv’s newest and coolest bar restaurants, Drama is a hidden gem in the heart of Tel Aviv on Nahalat Binyamin near the corner of Rothschild Boulevard. Spread across 3 floors, there’s a chilled indoor bar when you come in, head up a few stairs to their beautiful outdoor patio, and on the top floor is a dance floor! The outdoor patio is going to be one of the stars of the Tel Aviv summer – it’s like an oasis in the middle of the city. The food is delicious, the atmosphere chilled, and the drinks are refreshing.
Read more.

18. Bavel – until 6 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Mikve Israel 8

The hanging gardens of Babylon… walk through the portal into this underground village to experience a world like no other. Multiple rooms to satisfy any and all vibes, from chilling in couches to drinking at a bar to dancing nonstop to experimental electronic music.
Read more.

19. Collabo – all night on week-ends

South Tel Aviv, Derekh Ben-Zvi 47

A multi-purpose space for the artist community, new wave content and collaborations in Jaffo. Creators can work, perform, exhibit and collaborate, and customers can enjoy great parties every day of the week!
Read more.

20. Gagarin– until 6 AM

South Tel Aviv, Kibbutz Galuyot 13

The all-in-one concert hall, dance club, and ballroom is what an underground venue should be. An alternative and hardcore edge that is hard to find elsewhere, and performances curated by the independent art community.

Get your fill of rock, jazz, heavy metal, or even rave in the nightclub that satisfies anyone and everyone’s tastes! The super sound system makes it impossible to lose yourself and have an unforgettable (or very forgettable) night…
Read more.

21. Hive – until 5 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Rothschild 33

This cozy dance club is the perfect spot to get down on a beautiful rooftop terrace! An intimate bar of good vibes and groovy DJs, HIVE is a breeding ground for beautiful souls and alternative tastes.
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22. Shalvata– until 4 AM

Tel Aviv Post, Nemal 20

With its trendy decor, state-of-the-art sound system, and world-renowned DJs, Shalvata is the place to be for music lovers and party-goers alike. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away to the latest hits or enjoy a more laid-back vibe with friends, Shalvata has something for everyone. Read More

23. Rabbit – until 2 AM

Central Tel Aviv, HaCarmel 13

Rabbit is the latest addition to Tel Aviv’s vibrant clubbing scene. Located in the heart of the city, this new EDM club is quickly gaining popularity among locals and tourists alike. With its top-notch sound system, state-of-the-art lighting, and sleek design, Rabbit promises an unforgettable night out for clubbers of all stripes. Read More

24. GOAT – until 2 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Rothschild 24

When the night falls, GOAT transforms into a small mini-club with dimmed lights and lively music, creating the perfect atmosphere for those looking to dance the night away. Read More

25. Supreme Room – until 2 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Rothschild 22

What’s a night out without a great cocktail? Lucky for you, Supreme Room’s cocktails are just as inspired as the food. With a Mexican twist on classic drinks and creative new concoctions, you’re sure to find a drink that hits the spot. And for those with a sweet tooth, the dessert menu is also filled with Mexican-inspired treats that are the perfect way to end the night. Read More


26. Breakfast – until 6 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Rothschild 6

DJ-driven parties pumping techno and house music that will keep you dancing until the early hours of the morning.

Read more.

27. Mondo 2000 – until 6 AM

South Tel Aviv, Levinski 39

The first upper-underground restro-club! Mondo is a friends place with craft beer and weird music while scanning the rooftops of South Tel Aviv. There are weekly live music events and parties so make sure you know what you are getting into…
Read more.


28. Shpgat – until 2 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Nahalat Binyamin 43

Super-chilled cafe during the day, lively gay bar at night! You won’t miss it from its trademark stepped floors! It was renewed for the joy of all the happy customers, eager to spend a great night in a great place! The invited DJs play different music styles like electronica, R’n’B and hip-hop, and mainstream pop music to sing your lungs out! You can also come to look at art exhibits promoting a new artist, celebrate music launch parties and assist to special events. The crowd is mixed and cheerful!
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29. Layla – until 2 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Yavne 31

One of the most fun bars in Tel-Aviv! Come and enjoy the extravaganza with the most funny crowd and staff. The music is great, the energy is immaculate, the cocktails are fancy and tasty, and the menu is also very interesting! All in all, Layla ticks all the boxes of a great pride bar!
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30. Phi Garden – until 3 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Ahad Ha’Am  54

A hanging garden with a lively bar, fresh kitchen, and groovy music! Pride-friendly with an event almost every day or night and botanical vibes that swarm as you hang with your friends on comfy benches.  A true Rothschild powerhouse!
Read more.

31. Lima Lima – until 4 AM

South Tel Aviv, Lilienblum 42

A symbol of Tel Aviv nightlife for the past 10 years, the Lima Lima Bar hosts some of Tel Aviv’s best parties. Known for its epic Monday Lima Day gay-friendly Hip Hop nights, Wednesdays it is deep house electronic music and on Thursdays it’s old school Hip Hop nights.. Located in the center of Tel Aviv, just off Rothschild Blvd, the club features an always packed dance floor area and a gorgeous outdoor lounge. Lima Lima hosts a crazy gay party on Saturdays.
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Either it’s during a major sport tournament like the World Cup, or just to watch your favorite team play, these places are the ones you should check out! Cheers and good luck.

32. Molly Blooms – until 1 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Hayarkon 100

Molly Blooms is the perfect place to sit with friends for happy hour drinks or tasty pub grub, especially when a match is on! Count on the Irish spirit to live up every viewing. No matter how you decide to accompany your favorite sports with (beer, whiskey or cider), Molly Blooms is the ultimate destination for the best Irish food and drinks!
Read more.

33. Mike’s place – until 1 AM

Various locations

 Mike’s Place is a chain of ultimate American sports bars with great food, great beer, and great entertainment, they serve some of the best burgers, chicken wings, and fajitas, in Tel Aviv, topped up with a large selection of draft beers and a sexy cocktail menu. Like the best American sports bars, Mike’s Place is also great at entertainment.
Read more.

34. Mate – until 2 AM

South Tel Aviv, Chayim Vital 4

The perfect location for watching a sports even in the cool neighbourhood of Florentin. Aficionados come here for drinks after work and get the happy hour (until 20:00 daily), late night drinks, pool table and some snacks, but also to see really cool people!
Read more.

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Tel Aviv is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From North to South… here’s a guide on what the Tayelet has to offer in terms of culinary and good fun.

35. Bayz

Metzitzim Beach | Hilton Beach

Bayz is the most northern of all the beach bar restaurants, located at Metzitzim Beach. There is a second location at Hilton Beach. With charming fairy lights and seats in the sand, it’s hard not to fall in love with this location. Specifically, Bayz Metzitzim is known for the freshest of Mediterranean fish dishes to compliment their ambiance that completes the positive energy package.

36. Stolero

Gordon Pool, 14 Eliezer Peri Street

The famous rooftop restaurant and bar Stolero is a fan favorite by locals and tourists alike. The marina views are unlike any other, which is precisely what makes it stand out from its competitors. Try and catch it on a night where there’s a live dJ because it’s a great place to party! Read More

37. Calypso

Frishman Beach, Shlomo Lahat Promenade 17

With your toes literally in the sand, take in the sights, smells and bites that Calypso has to offer on Frishman Beach. Chef Omer Miller provides dishes full of inspiration that pair well with the drinks, the sea and the magic in the air. Read More

For more cool beach bars, check out our Guide to the Best Beach Bars in Tel Aviv.


Sometimes you just have to stop and listen to the music, especially when it is from the heart and created live! Just close your eyes and enjoy…

38.  Barby – until 12:30 AM

Jaffa Port

Enjoy this amazing venue with top Israeli and international performers! Opened 30 years ago, Barby was just an intimate concert room and has now become an unmissable stop for a live performance venue. For Barby, their own purpose on Earth is to promote and offer Israeli music and culture for everyone! They put at the front of the stage young talents to help them start their journey and meet an interested public. Don’t miss out and book an event!
Read more.

39. Levontin 7 – until 1 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Levontin 7

Tel Aviv’s popular grunge basement has made a name for itself as a concert hall of respected artists underneath a neighbourhood bar for local creatives to hangout! The haven for independent artists is acoustically separated from the bar so it fits whatever your vibe is, and also acts as its very-own music label that supports artists who create original material with unique artistic voice. Enjoy the vegan pizza and a live show every night!
Read more.

40. Ozen Bar – until 2 AM

Central Tel Aviv, King George 48

Located right by Dizengoff Center, Ozen offers intimate shows every night of the week. A great place to hunt and discover upcoming artists.
Read more.

41. HaEzor – until 1 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Ha-Rekhev 13

Welcome to the Zone! A great place to listen to a broad diversity of music in a passionate venue! Come to sing and dance along great bands and singer ready to pour their heart in their instruments and microphones. You will leave HaEzor moved, your ears thankful and your heart full of joy!

Read more.

42. Bar Giora – until 2 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St 30, Tel Aviv

A great menu, cozy surroundings, and a mini fireplace when you first walk in. What more could you expect for a great music venue?  Bar Giora is underground and hosts small, intimate concerts to enjoy music among new and regular music ears.
Read more.

43. Shablul – until 1 AM

Central Tel Aviv, Carlebach 23

Tel Aviv’s leading jazz venue, with live performances throughout the week! Come listen to great artists in the oldest jazz bar of the city, which changed location a few years ago. It can now welcome afficionados in a renovated concert room, with amazing lighting and sound system, to ensure the best music experience! Enjoy great food during all the great performances!
Read more.

44. Beit Haamudim – until 1 AM

Central Tel Aviv – Rambam 14

Live jazz every night from some of Israel’s top musicians, a killer vegetarian menu, and a crowd (and staff!) that you’ll want to party with time and time again.
Read more.

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We call them thirsty or drinking streets, for people who are thirsty and need a drink! Every one of them has its own vibe and energy. You will need a few nights to fully get a grasp on their particularities and decide which one goes better with your style.

45. Rotschild and Nahalat Binyamin

Tel Aviv is THE city for party rocking, with many of the best bars and clubs for all-night fun located around the intersection of Rothschild Boulevard and Nahalat Binyamin Street. We have lovingly pulled together a list of all our favourite spots from North to South, so you can easily find the perfect club to slay the night away. Check out our Best Bars and Clubs on Rothschild and Nahalat Binyamin Guide here!

46. Florentin

Florentin or the hypest place of them all, am I right? Wondering around the booming Florentin is always a good idea. Its narrow and, sometimes, winding streets are always full of surprises. Here, a new bar opening with a novel concept of craft beers, there a bohemian coffee opened after sun dawn for night owls and book worms and there an eclectic gallery street, open all night for our biggest viewing pleasure.

47. Dizengoff

Who hasn’t strolled on the three-kilometer stretch of fashion, food and fun? It is for sure a bar-hopping even, where every place has its own particularity. Go from a high-end cocktail making rendez-vous to this chill terrace serving nice wines from the North, or this nice yard serving unpretentious beers. Even in the middle of the night, you can always soak your drinks up in one of the hundreds restaurants of Dizengoff street!

48. Shuk and the Kerem

The Shuk is Tel-Aviv’s beating heart. Hectic, crowded and full of noises and smells during the day, it becomes an intimate and cosy venue during the evening and the night. When the fish mongers and vegetable traders pack up their stalls, hidden restaurants and bars set their tables and chairs in the Shuk alleys, ready to welcome a new night of great food and drinks.

49. Jaffa Flea-market

The Jaffa Flea-market, or the Shuk Hapishpishim as it is called, reminds us of the Brooklyn vibes : chill, energised, new and novel and always buzzing! Around this small centre of market for bargains and second-hand goods, cafes and bars occupy the space and fill it with conversations, laughter, nice bottle of wines and amazing Jaffa-worthy food!

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