Last updated August 21st 2023

Wine bars are popping up all over Tel Aviv now! If you’re looking for a hotspot for happy hour or to try out some new stuff, we’ve sourced the best wine establishments throughout the city and organized them by neighborhood. In typical Tel Avivian fashion, you can find everything from cozy atmosphere to trendy aesthetics filled with a great selection of local and international flavors. It is exciting to see the city’s wine culture grow!



1. Wineberry

HaRav Yizkhak Yedidya Frenkel 2

You won’t want to miss out on this cute wine bar in the very heart of Florentin! Known for their aesthetics and amazing selection, this is exactly the kind of spot you’ll want to hit with friends after a long day of work, sit outside and people watch. Read more. 

2. Christoff Wine Salon

Hashuk St 28, Tel Aviv-Yafo

There is a reason this Florentin wine spot is locals’ and tourists’ favorite! The atmosphere is perfect and their wine selection doesn’t suck either. With weekly Grilled Cheese Fridays and many other enticing offerings, Christoff Wine Salon is the place to be. Read more. 

3. Bosser Wine

HaHashmal St 5

Located in Florentin, it feels like there’s a new wine bar on every corner – but Bosser Wine differs from their competition with their intimate environment, and a large variety of wines! From local tastes to international flavors, there is a wine for everybody here. Read more.

4. Cork Levinsky 

Levinsky 39

What cooler spot for a wine bar than Levinsky Market! Lively streets make for the perfect environment to sit outside and indulge in some wine. They feature dishes from Chef Daniel Ilay if you’re also looking for something to munch on while you sip. Go on a Friday and you might even stumble upon one of their second-hand clothing sale fairs or a tattoo pop-up! Read more. 

5. Tirza 

Ha-Khalutzim St 3

Wine bar done right! Led by wine director Aviv Hajaj, you can find this top tier wine bar in the beloved neighborhood of Florentin. Aviv is known for curating over 200 labels and an extended ‘by the glass’ list that delivers a unique wine experience. Read more. 

6. ORO

Levontin St 12

ORO is located in the pockets of Florentin, tucked away on Levontin! It’s a cafe during the day and erupts into a lively wine bar in the evening. Read more. 

Central TLV

1. Winona Forever

Shlomo HaMelekh St 2

Winona Forever is known to be one of the best wine bars in all of Tel Aviv, located right in the center of the city. Chef and owner Evyatar Malka created an aesthetic environment to accompany the outstanding food on the menu. This is definitely a spot you will want to sit at all night long! Read more. 

2. Cote

Ahad Ha’Am St 33 

Tel Aviv’s sexiest wine bar, Cote, can be found hidden behind Rothschild on Ahad Ha’Am street. From R2M hospitality group, it is a guarantee that Cote will exceed all your expectations in terms of wine selection, delicious food, professional staff and everything in between. Read more. 

3. Wine BaKerem

Nahalat Binyamin St 29

Wine BaKerem is a fan favorite in Tel Aviv, conveniently located super close to the Shuk on Nachalat Binyamin. There’s good reason why this place is always packed – amazing selection, tasty food, outdoor seating and overall good vibes. Read more. 

4. Adina

Sheinkin St 43

Adina opened in October 2020, acting as the first and only fromagerie shop on Shenkin Street. The traditional French deli is complete with the French vibe – The Wheel Wall of Cheese, baguettes, wine and a variety of luxury treats, alongside French speakers and music. Read more.

5. Brix

Giv’on St 10

With an outstanding curation of local and international flavors, Brix is one of our favorite spots in the city. Located in the center of Tel Aviv, near TLV Fashion Mall, Brix knows what they’re doing when it comes to all things wine. Their food menu is designed to go hand-in-hand with the specific wines they offer. Read more.

6. Gazzetta

Marmorek St 12

Gazzetta is a true hidden gem, secretly located just off of Rothschild near Habima Square. It’s perfect for a happy hour glass of wine on your way home from the office, meeting up with friends or just solo people watching. They offer other cocktails as well, but they are especially known for Friday brunch. Some even say it’s the best in the city! We want you to try it out and be the judge yourself. Read more.

7. Brut

Nahalat Binyamin St 36

Found in the heart of Nachalat Binyamin, Brut stands strong as a key wine hot spot in Tel Aviv. Brut is a small wine bistro from the hearts and minds of Yair Yosefi and Omer Ben Gal. The cuisine is inspired by their love for Italian and French bistro, while simultaneously staying loyal to local Mediterranean flavors. Read more.

8. Coupe

Sheinkin 22

Tel Aviv’s newest wine bar in town! Coupe is located on Sheinkin, a great spot to sit on the pavement and watch the world go by. They offer small bites as well as good vibes! We’re excited to watch how this wine deli and bar grows. Read more. 

9. Giaconda

Frishman St 73

Even though Giaconda can be found on Frishman Street, it will make you feel like you’re in the heart of Paris! The outdoor atmosphere is one of the best in the cities, embracing the European feeling of sitting facing the street with the addition of enjoying a glass of wine, of course. Giaconda is known for being a Tel Aviv based importer and distributer of impressive wines, mainly natural wines. Read more. 

10. Tasting Room

Eliezer Kaplan St 36

The Tasting Room can be found in Sarona Market’s neck of the woods! With such an amazing location, Tasting Room for sure is not to be missed during your time in Tel Aviv – whether you live here or you’re just visiting. On the balcony they do offer a few cocktails, but in the downstairs courtyard area their main focus is their amazing wine selection. This is the ultimate spot for a wine tasting; pay by the size of your sample with hundreds to choose from! Read more.

11. Decanter

Dizengoff St 69

Decanter is a charming wine bar in the Dizengoff part of town! With outstanding happy hour deals and brunch on the weekend, Decanter knows what they’re doing. Their kitchen mostly revolves around the Italian taste palette. And certainly, there is good reason as to why customers keep returning for more! Read more.

12. Norder

Dizengoff St 245

At the tippy top of Dizengoff Street, you may find this charming bar and restaurant! Norder is truly known for executing perfection, whether that be day or night. Read More


1. Jango Wine Bar

Ben Yehuda St 155

Jango Wine Bar is located very close to Independence Park and Hilton Bay, in a very charming corner of Tel Aviv. This wine bar is a little more upscale than its competitors, guaranteeing quality all around. It happens to be across the street from our favorite seafood restaurant Shila, and the two share an owner as well! Read more.


1. Hagefen Local Wine Garden

No’am St 3

Hagefen Local Wine Garden is the ultimate wine gem in Tel Aviv! The courtyard atmosphere with hanging plants creates a space that you won’t want to leave. In terms of their wine selection, they are known for a curated list of Israeli wines. Bonus points for the Jaffa location! Read more.

North TLV

1. Juno Wine

De Haas St 1

In the northern neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Juno Wine stands as a very popular destination. A true wine bar that combines a wine shop and delicacies from Italian cuisine. And it does just that; make you feel like you are in the heart of the Italian wine country! Read more.

2. Felix Wine Bar

Dizengoff St 230

Bellboy Group’s beloved wine bar is located perfectly on Dizengoff St! As one of the most aesthetically pleasing decorated wine bar in the city, Felix creates an ambiance for sharing, sipping, tasting, chatting, meeting and getting together! It is a blend of casual yet friendly vibes, where great food and good friends combine to discover simple yet surprising flavors. Read more. 

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