Tel Aviv is home to some of the freshest and most unique sushi creations and the city includes tons of different restaurants to find your favorite roll. Since Tel Avivis just can’t get enough, we asked members of our community  to share the hottest spots to find the best meals and deals for sushi. Scroll down to find out what they told us.


FU Sushi

Yermiyahu 32 | North Tel Aviv

Welcome to FU sushi bar, where every dish is prepared to perfection. Enjoy Tel Aviv’s energetic vibe in our unique ambiance. Whether you are on a date, out with friends or just have a nighttime craving for excellent sushi, FU is the ultimate place to be.
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Tankhum 6 | Jaffa

In the heart of the Jaffa Flea-Market, Chef Or Ginsberg came up with an Asian-fusion inspired menu, where creativity and originality meets traditional and ceremonial food combinations. Where better than Israel to blend Asian inspirations with Mediterranean influences, that’s what the Middle-East embodies!  The Chef’s intention with his signature menu is to deliver freshness from the nearby markets straight to the plates. It’s also about the experience here : don’t back out if you feel challenged, testing new foods and combinations is all part of the journey!  Don’t miss out on the Cocktail menu and the wine selection!
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Men Tenten

Nahalat Binyamin 57 | Central Tel Aviv

Welcome to the best Ramen and (Sushis) in Tel Aviv! Men TenTen brings a piece of Japan to Tel Aviv, with Japanese Chefs and homemade soy sauce.  They make delicious homemade ramen and provide a little something for everyone.  Their vegan tofu ramen is local favorite. Located along Nahalat Binyamin, this minimalist ramen bar provides a very chill atmosphere along with excellent service. The lines can get long, so be prepared for a well-worth-it wait.

Moon Sushi

Bograshov 58 | Central Tel Aviv

Looking for unique sushi combinations nestled in the middle of central Tel Aviv? Try rolling with Moon Sushi, a delicious restaurant on Bograshov with a modern vibe and outstanding taste. If you’re looking for a lot of different sushi options, whether it’s fish or all vegetarian, Moon Sushi provides an exotic menu with pages full of creations. This restaurant does not just stop at the basic maki combo—try ordering a sushi sandwich, nigiris, a rice-less sushi, temakis or noodles to switch up your typical order. Make sure to order some great appetizers like the cucumber salad to get your taste buds ready for an excellent meal!
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Sun Young

Brener 14| Central Tel Aviv

In the warm heart of Tel Aviv, in the amazingly designed location of the INK Hotel, you can find the “Sun Young” restaurant. In this lively atmosphere, every guest feels its best, whether sitted at the bar, in the lounge or in the private room. Sun Young offers Asian fusion cuisine that combines different cooking techniques and raw materials from the Far East, with a touch and inspiration from the Mediterranean cuisine. All in all, come and taste Asian classics with a modern twist and delicious sushi, served with exceptional wine from a wide menu offering wines from around the world!
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Lai Fu

Bograshov 31 | Central Tel Aviv

Lai Fu is straight from Shanghai to you in Tel-Aviv! The restaurant is specialised in delicious Dim Sums which have made its fame. However, the cooks also know how to make exquisite sushis and come up with amazing creations!
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Ibn Gvirol 33 | Central Tel Aviv

Shi-Shi is one of the most famous Asian eateries in city. Imagine a big and very healthy roll (a really big one!) that is made of an outside layer of rice, and filled with all fresh goodies to choose from – fish / chicken / beef / tofu / vegetables with delicious sauces.
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Sushi Bar Bazel

Mapu 9 | Central Tel Aviv | KOSHER

Sushi Bar Bazel welcomes you its a new location on Mapu Street with a new and improved kosher menu. The restaurant offers an Asian menu featuring a variety of fish, meat, and vegetable dishes, and a high quality sushi menu. The restaurant’s elegant and spacious dining and bar area offers great food, aromatic cocktails, and boutique Israeli wines.
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Green Roll Sushi

Ahad Ha’am 15 | Central Tel Aviv | Vegan

Discover Green Roll Sushi! The first vegan sushi restaurant in Israel, opened in 2015. At the colourful location on Ahad Ha’Am, the restaurant offers a variety of asian cuisine delights and wonderful vegan deserts. All dishes are very diverse and special, full of different tasty combinations. The party trays are perfect for a celebration accompanied by delicious food!
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Nini Hachi

Ben Yehuda 228 | North Tel Aviv | KOSHER

Kosher Japanese meat restaurant in the centre of Tel Aviv near the beach. Sushi, fish, ramen, teppanyaki and authentic noodle dishes make for a rich and diverse menu. They also deliver, and have great options for pregnant women.
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HaArba’a 18 | Central Tel Aviv

Onami – Gal Gadol in Japanese, opened in June 1999 and is one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in Israel. It is for sure one of the best sushi bar in town, very fresh, rich and diverse, and even ingredients from Japan. The restaurant offers classic Japanese cuisine and sushi: we recommend ordering from both menus! Enjoy your raw delights with a wide variety of cocktails, Japanese drinks, or a glass of wine from the elaborate menu.
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Montefiore 7 | Central Tel Aviv

TYO, the Japanese lounge bar located on Montefiore Street, looks on the outside to be just another beautiful home in Tel Aviv. However, the inside has much more to offer so make sure you stop in for a meal, or two (you’ll probably want to go back to this one.)
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Bograshov 23 | Central Tel Aviv | KOSHER

Kanki is one of the best kosher sushi places in Tel Aviv. The menu includes many different Japanese fusion dishes (not only sushi) and amazing rolls! It’s usually crowded but a great place for a night out for dinner and drinks.
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Ze Sushi

Eshtori Ha-Parkhi Street 14

Amazing sushi with fresh fish and a long list of specialty rolls, filling combinations and some unique dishes, the original branch has a relaxed North Tel Aviv atmosphere, perfect for date night. The also have a great delivery service.
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Merkhavaya St 3 | Onigiri | Levinsky Shuk

Yapani is a hidden gem of Levinsky shuk, and it’s perfect for a lil snack. They make everything to order and the menu is big: salmon,tuna, chicken, vegan options and more! Read More

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