Tel Aviv is home to some of the freshest and most unique sushi creations and the city includes tons of different restaurants to find your favorite roll. Since Tel Avivis just can’t get enough, we asked members of our community  to share the hottest spots to find the best meals and deals for sushi. Scroll down to find out what they told us.

FU Sushi

Yermiyahu 32 | North Tel Aviv | NO DELIVERY

Welcome to FU sushi bar, where every dish is prepared to perfection. Enjoy Tel Aviv’s energetic vibe in our unique ambiance. Whether you are on a date, out with friends or just have a nighttime craving for excellent sushi, FU is the ultimate place to be. Read more

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Moon Sushi

Bograshov 58 | Central Tel Aviv | DELIVERY

Looking for unique sushi combinations nestled in the middle of central Tel Aviv? Try rolling with Moon Sushi, a delicious restaurant on Bograshov with a modern vibe and outstanding taste. Read more

Written by Secret Tel Aviv intern Georgia Slater.

Moon also appears in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv Guide.

YAN Sushi House

Ben Gurion 40 | Central Tel Aviv | DELIVERY

Sushi in Tel Aviv can go either way – it is either great quality, a nice place but ridiculously overpriced, or it’s a fast food chain where you mostly eat fried rolls filled with vegetables and fish that looks like it’s ten days old. For sushi lovers this is not a great scenario. This is probably why YAN became a favorite so quickly; the little restaurant located in the corner of Dizengoff and Ben Gurion has a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and most importantly, great food at reasonable prices! Read more

Men Tenten

Nahalat Binyamin 57 | Central Tel Aviv | No Delivery

“Men Tenten is a Japanese restaurant, but in Japan it was just a restaurant”. Welcome to the best Sushi (and ramen) in Tel Aviv. Men TenTen brings a piece of Japan to Tel Aviv, with Japanese Chefs and homemade soy sauce. Read more.  

Nini Hachi

Ben Yehuda 228 | North Tel Aviv | DELIVERY | KOSHER

Kosher Japanese meat restaurant in the centre of Tel Aviv. Sushi, fish, ramen, teppanyaki and authentic noodle dishes make for a rich and diverse menu. Read more

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Montefiore 7 | Central Tel Aviv | NO DELIVERY

TYO, the Japanese lounge bar located on Montefiore Street, looks on the outside to be just another beautiful home in Tel Aviv. However, the inside has much more to offer so make sure you stop in for a meal, or two (you’ll probably want to go back to this one.) Read more

Written by Secret Tel Aviv intern Georgia Slater.


Bograshov 23 | Central Tel Aviv | NO DELIVERY | KOSHER

Kanki is one of the best kosher sushi places in Tel Aviv. The menu includes many different Japanese fusion dishes (not only sushi) and amazing rolls! It’s usually crowded but a great place for a night out for dinner and drinks. Read more

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Ze Sushi

Eshtori Ha-Parkhi Street 14 and Sarona Market, Tel Aviv | DELIVERY

Amazing sushi with fresh fish and a long list of specialty rolls, filling combinations and some unique dishes, the original branch has a relaxed North Tel Aviv atmosphere, perfect for date night. The also have a great delivery service. Read more

Ze Sushi has two branches in Tel Aviv: the original branch and the new branch in Sarona Market


HaArba’a 18 | Central Tel Aviv | DELIVERY

One of the top sushi places in Tel Aviv, with great delivery combos, next to the Cinemateque. Read more


Louis Pasteur 7 | Jaffa | DELIVERY

Asian restaurant and sushi bar with much more than just rolls, they have a great pad thai and fusion dishes, as well as good cocktails in a great location in Jaffa. Read more

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