Whether you are looking to impress a date with a spectacular outing, you have your parents visiting and want to take them somewhere fancy for dinner, or you are looking to enjoy a special meal at one of Tel Aviv’s top restaurants, this guide is for you! Scroll down for Secret Tel Aviv’s Best Chef Restaurants in Tel Aviv! 



JAFFA – Tirtsa Street 17 | CHEF – Raz Rahav | OPENED – 2016 | NOT KOSHER | Chef Tasting Menu

Dive in a unique menu experience, changing with the seasons, created by Chef Raz Rahav, prodigy of the Israeli cuisine.  During a unique dining experience, 18 other guests and you will embark on an exclusive tasting journey around 16 to 20 plates, blending Israeli and Jewish flavours to haute-cuisine and traditional cooking patterns. Every part of the products is used with zero-waste and sustainability intentions. In front of the open kitchen and the cooks, you can savour the chef’s culinary idea of Chutzpah: challenging, surprising, and creating emotion to the people through food and its original textures and tastes.

Tasting menu 550 NIS : 16 to 20 plates

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BEACH – Ben Yehuda 182 | CHEF – Sharon Cohen | OPENED – 2005 | NOT KOSHER


Family-run restaurant Shila has been around for years, and it’s a place for people to come who want to have fun and enjoy food. Located on Ben Yehuda just near the Hilton Hotel, the up-scale restaurant serves delicious locally-sourced meat and seafood. Check out their tasty a la plancha dishes of seafood and vegetables, and if you really want a treat the lobster is incredible! The waiters are friendly and super-knowledgeable, and there’s an extensive wine and cocktails menu -there’s even a valet parking service!

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CENTRAL TEL AVIV – Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 27 | CHEF – Gal Ben Moshe | OPENED – 2013 | NOT KOSHER

Pastel, or when art and food make one! If you are looking for a high-end gastronomic experience, you should definitely make your way to this high-class sanctuary, located in the Herta and Paul Amir building of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. You can enjoy an amazing Wine pairing selection while discovering fine Mediterranean cuisine, presented with a true artistic sense. Gal Ben Moshe, an awarded Michelin star chef, designed a lunch and dinner menu embracing Levantine’s cuisine and traditional cooking themes. Savour this sophisticated cuisine in an award-winning design restaurant: the dining room, the terrace and its view on the sculpture garden, and the “cocoon” bar offer an ideal setting for discovery.

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Pop and Pope

CENTRAL TEL AVIV – H Towers, HaArba’a St 28 | CHEF – Shahaf Shabtay | OPENED – 2020 | NOT KOSHER

Pop and Pope is an Asian-Fusion inspired chef restaurant. The two Hajaj brothers have created an amazing culinary and entertainment scene on the 14th floor of the Arbea Tower. For the gastronomic experience, they have entrusted the mission of delivering original and modern Asian cuisine to Chef Shef Shabtai. His team and himself deliver a one-of-a-kind culinary creation experience exploding with uncommon and various textures and tastes. Enjoy the restaurant’s unique Armani Casa Milano tasteful decoration with a panoramic view on the city that never sleeps. You can also appreciate live performances and the unique art gallery, during or before your exciting culinary journey.

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CENTRAL TEL AVIV – Sarona, David Elazar 30 | CHEF – Ran Shmueli | OPENED – 2014 | NOT KOSHER

In an old Templar building in Sarona, monumental Chef of Israeli cuisine Ran Shmueli keeps on showing that his first restaurant Claro is the temple of Mediterranean cuisine. The relaxed and pioneering cuisine is a true culinary experience, putting the “farm to the table” approach at the centre of every mouthful. Every product is sourced locally from Israeli farmers, offering a seasonal and environment friendly gastronomic adventure. Every few weeks, a fruit or vegetable is made the star of the menu, considering it from every angle. To be at the core of the action, don’t hesitate to sit on the stools in front of the huge open kitchen at the centre of the restaurant! Watch the cooks display their art and share the plates with your close ones.
Visit also on the weekend for brunch!

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CENTRAL TEL AVIV – 48 Nachalat Binyamin | CHEF – Moshiko Gamlieli | OPENED 2022 | NOT KOSHER

Chef Moshiko Gamlieli did it again and opened the new must-visit Tel-Avivian restaurant all foodies will want to visit! In the Alberto Boutique Hotel, in the heart of Tel-Aviv, the new Brasserie-style restaurant is structured around a large bar dominating an intimate and modern room. The Chef created a contemporary brasserie menu, which desires to be simple, yet tasteful and satisfying, with tastes and textures being original but also comforting. Each plate is sophisticated and brings together European-cuisine techniques and local Israeli products. The whole experience focuses on high-quality food, done the right way, without being too show-off. The Chef has managed again to curate the right menu, with the right combination of tastes and textures.

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A Restaurant

CENTRAL TEL AVIV – Azrieli Sarona Tower, Begin 121 | CHEF – Yuval Ben Neriah | OPENED – 2022 | NOT KOSHER

Redefining simple is Chef Yuval Ben Neriah’s motto and his restaurant is its lively translation. The Chef’s goal is to reinterpret Asian different cuisines with a bold and local twist. To do so, every product is sourced locally. The restaurant works closely with farmers, ranchers, artisans and kibbutz. In the different plates, lining up like a procession, all textures of fish and vegetables are presented: raw, fried, ironed, grilled or dry aged food contrast and challenge your tastes buds. The menu is designed around the sublimation of Japanese culture and inspired by Japanese ceremonies, which you can take to the next level by enjoying the most extensive sake menu in Israel.

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Hotel Montefiore Restaurant

CENTRAL TEL AVIV – Montefiore Hotel, Montefiore 36 | OPENED – 2008| NOT KOSHER 

Hotel Montefiore’s restaurant serves brasserie cuisine in stylishly elegant surroundings. Unlike many hotel restaurants, the Montefiore’s is an attraction in and of itself: trendy locals and well-to-do business types are among the worldly clientele that flocks here to enjoy lavish breakfasts.

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CENTRAL TEL AVIV – HaShomer Street 4 | CHEF – Elon Amir | OPENED – 2015 | NOT KOSHER

On a small street leading you out of the Souk HaCarmel, you will find a small but perfect location. Here, the food comes from across the way: every product is sourced from the market. Chef Alon Amir is in charge and offers an extensive menu, which changes daily! A true proof of local sourcing and product seasonality. All dishes are simply titled, yet their tasting is surprising and exciting. You can also enjoy your meal with a glass (or a bottle?) of wine, picked from a notable list, presenting original and remarkable products. Enjoy an amazing lunch, dinner or breakfast on Fridays, in the frenzy and good vibes of the Souk!

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CENTRAL TEL AVIV – The Norman Hotel, Nachmani St 23-25 | CHEFS – Omar Shadmi and Daniel Tzur | OPENED – 2014 | NOT KOSHER

Alena is the story of 2 childhood friends, who became internationally recognised chefs and opened the restaurant they dreamed about when they were kids. Seated at the intimate indoor tables, at the dominant bar or under the palm tree on the gorgeous terrace, you can feel the passion animating this restaurant. Daniel Zur and Omer Shadmi offer an innovative cuisine, presented like a journey through Mediterranean cuisine, from the South of France to Tel Aviv. All products are sourced locally and displayed at the centre of the plate with taste, elegance, we almost want to say perfection! The restaurant is located in the prestigious Norman Boutique Hotel, not a bad place to enjoy an exceptional culinary experience.

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George and John

SOUTH TEL AVIV – The Drisco Hotel, Auerbach Street 6 | CHEF – Tomer Tal | OPENED – 2018 | NOT KOSHER

Like Michael Jackson said “We spent the night at Drisco”, or was it in Frisco? Whatever he sang, you certainly have to stop at the ground floor of the Drisco Hotel, situated in the elegant American/German colony neighbourhood. In the first ever restaurant opened outside of Jaffa, you will be able to taste and experience savours which blend history, creativity, boldness and techniques. Inspiring himself from the Israeli terroir and the Mediterranean specialities, Chef Tomer Tal has led George and John to be recognized as one of the best restaurants in Israel. His team and himself emphasise freshness and localness for their products, and source them directly from the producers and the Jaffa Old Port for everything from the sea. For an even more unique experience, the “One Table” room offers a private dining journey, which is close to magic.

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BEACH – 87 Ha’yarkon St | CHEF – Hillel Tavakuli | OPENED – 2019 | NOT KOSHER

Animar follows a simple motto : from the Med Sea straight to your plate! Chef Hilel Takavuli inspired himself from his Persian and Libyan roots to animate Animar’s culinary experience. Enjoy the impressive view directly from your table through the restaurant’s own windows on the Mediterranean Sea. Sharing is caring! To enjoy the full trip West, guests are advised to dig in their neighbours’ plates. Expect to have many of your senses challenged, the Chef’s inspirations from his home-cultures are known for being full of spices and colours. The remarkable presentation of the local and seasonal products is the final touch to a unique meal.

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BEACH – Mendeli Hotel, Mendeli  Street 5 | CHEF – Guy Arish | OPENED – 2013 | NOT KOSHER

Mashya embodies all of Israeli cuisine at its best. The name comes from mace and its spicy taste, depicting Israeli cuisine perfectly : humble with a complex twist to it. The restaurant is an homage to this beautiful country: its roots, its products, its colours, its tastes and its spices. Chef Josi Chitret has been perfecting his art for more than 20 years, his expertise and perfectionism is seizable plate after plate. The food experience is perfected by the earthy ambiance of the restaurant, where the beiges and soft lighting compliment the colourful and sophisticated dishes.

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JAFFA – Tankhum St 6 | CHEF – Or Ginsberg | OPENED – 2018 | NOT KOSHER | Chef Tasting Menu

In the heart of the Jaffa Flea-Market, Chef Or Ginsberg came up with an Asian-fusion inspired menu, where creativity and originality meets traditional and ceremonial food combinations. Where better than Israel to blend Asian inspirations with Mediterranean influences, that’s what the Middle-East embodies!  The Chef’s intention with his signature menu is to deliver freshness from the nearby markets straight to the plates. It’s also about the experience here : don’t back out if you feel challenged, testing new foods and combinations is all part of the journey!  Don’t miss out on the Cocktail menu and the wine selection!

Chef’s tasting menu : 335 NIS/pp

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CENTRAL TEL AVIV – Ahad Ha’Am 3 | CHEF – Orel Kamahi | OPENED – 2013 | NOT KOSHER | Chef Tasting Menu

Popina, the Orel Kamahi chef restaurant, serves a variety of meticulously prepared dishes that creatively combine seasonal raw materials from Israel and abroad and are served in its unique and elegant style. The menu in the restaurant offers a unique experience, the diners can choose and focus on vegetables, meats, fish and seafood. The chef and the kitchen staff undergo five different cooking methods: pickling, steaming, baking, roasting and long cooking. This division comes from the restaurant’s world view, which views kitchen work as a focal point for culinary entertainment, and shares the proper respect for the ingredients of the dish and its preparation. This concept, which is also reflected in the building of the restaurant located in a magical stone house in Neve Tzedek, allows an observation of the kitchen work in the centre of the space, which is designed from each of the tables or from the wide bar that surrounds it. Thus, diners can observe the work of the team working hard to prepare the meal while participating and communicating with the local audience.

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Beit Kandinof

JAFFA – Hatsorfim 14 | OPENED – 2018 | NOT KOSHER

Beit Kandinof, or when creation and gastronomy make one! Between the old walls and stones of this ancient building in Jaffa, the two Chefs Itai Kushmero and Shemi Golomb welcome you to follow them on a culinary journey in the amazing institution that is becoming Beit Kandinof. Here, you will not only find a restaurant, but also an impressive bar and an art gallery, where young Israeli artists display their talent. The menu embodies the Jaffa spirit : abundance, sharing and showing emotions, caring about others, all of this through food. We love the warm atmosphere of the restaurant and the service, as well as just stopping for a drink! We do recommend the full culinary experience!

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EAST TEL AVIV | Derech Menachem Begin 144 | CHEF – Yossi Shitrit | OPENED – 2022 | NOT KOSHER | Chef Tasting Menu

Hiba is high cuisine at its finest. The gorgeous restaurant room, decorated by the Pitsou Kedem architects, completely isolates us from the outside and busy world of Tel-Aviv. Immersed in another space and time, Chef Yossi Shitrit continues to plunge us in an immersive culinary experience, mixing all contrasts and going above traditional rules. He sublimes Israel and Middle-Eastern culture and cuisine, making each forkful a discovery and a surprise. Visit Hiba for a gastronomic knock-out and revelation! You will sure be surprised…
The 12-course tasting menu costs 450 shekels.

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CENTRAL TEL AVIV | Herzl 2 | CHEF – Gil Dahan | OPENED – 2021 | NOT KOSHER

On the edge of the Rothschild Boulevard, nestled in a 1909 ancient building, Weiss has imposed itself as one of the temples of the best Israeli cuisine in Tel Aviv. Here, a young, motivated team will serve you a cuisine that is up to date and with just the right balance in each bite, Franco-Israeli, full of taste and very well seasoned. Chef Gil Dahan, who has worked in other leading restaurants in Tel Aviv, is at the helm of the kitchen and has created a very vegan-oriented menu, with a few pretty ideas coming from the sea and some rare carnivorous delicacies.

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CENTRAL TEL AVIV | Derech Menachem Begin 23 | CHEF – Yuval Ben Neriah | OPENED – 2013 – NOT KOSHER

Taizu’s menu is an ode to Asian-Middle Eastern fusion cuisine, conceptualised during Chef Yuval Ben Neriah’s trip to Southeast Asia. His creations are meant to be shared. The plates are placed in the centre of the table, as in Asian countries where everything is meant to be tasted by all. The menu is conceived as a culinary journey: it moves from soft and delicate to deep and bold flavours. You choose your dishes among 5 different sections : ‘Water’, ‘Wood’, ‘Fire’, ‘Earth’ and ‘Metal’, get ready to be surprised! It could be a struggle to get a table, but it is worth it after the first bite.

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SOUTH TEL AVIV | Herzl 4 | CHEF : David Frenkel | OPENED – 2010 | NOT KOSHER

Discover the language of Pronto! Tel-Avivian institution opened in 1988, and relocated in 2010, Pronto offers Italian cuisine at its finest. Since its new beginning a dozen years ago, Chef David Frenkel has followed the path of Rafi Adar, founder of the restaurant, and associated classic Italian flavour to modernity, also adding his amazing culinary culture and technique to the mix. Enjoy the Business Lunch Menu during the week to be able to enjoy this Italian trip at a more affordable price.

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