The yard, the myth, the legend! Backyard bars have a unique essence of freshness and freedom, so it’s no surprise that Tel Aviv is filled with them. Instead of hiding from the unbearable Israeli heat, The Yard is an oasis to relax in the open-air, surrounded by a botanical ambience while sipping on a cold drink and chilling with your crew. We’ve created the ultimate Tel Aviv Bar Yard Guide – keep scrolling for all the best open-air chillers!

South Tel Aviv | Derech Jaffa 9 | Tel Aviv’s Yard

Radio + Bar + Food = Unforgettable Vibes!

This closed-off courtyard is a stamp of our beautiful city – cool guest DJs, special performances, movie nights, second-hand fairs, and date nights! The intimate energy and unique melting pot of personalities makes Teder the ultimate meet-up spot in Tel Aviv. Open every night from 8pm (closed on Sunday), but get there early for a sweet spot to chow down your pizza and sip your beer.

“Teder is a perfect hangout, it’s unpretentious and chilled, with outside tables in the middle of an old gallery, perfect to sit out with friends for hours, they broadcast good music, serve beer in jars for sharing and have an aaaaamazing pizza, and the prices are quite affordable!”.

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Central Tel Aviv | Nahalat Binyamin 29 | Boutique Yard

The viby-est spot on Nahalat Binymain… Bicicletta’s yard is the perfect spot to chill in a fresh atmosphere to some amazing food, decadent drinks, and affordable prices!

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Kuli Alma

Central Tel Aviv | Mikve Israel 10 | Party Yard

Kuli Alma is not only Tel Aviv’s favorite underground bar, but it also has a sweet outdoor area to chill with your mates in the summer. Great vibes, trippy graffiti, tasty cheap pizza, and Tubi slushies!

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Central Tel Aviv | Nahalat Binyamin 52 | Dance Yard

The hidden gem of Tel Aviv, smack dab in the heart of the city! Drama Bar is known for their nightclub vibes for whenever you want to boogie. But just up a flight of stairs opens up into an amazing courtyard of chill vibes and refreshing drinks. The oasis also hosts fairs and meetups before night falls and the party begins! Read More.

Collabo Creative Home

South Tel Aviv | Derekh Ben-Zvi 47 | Creative Yard

The definition of multi-purpose… the outdoor yard and rooftop host a plethora of live performances, festivals, cultural exhibits, and community activities! Experience a community feel as you have the time of your life in the open-air arena with cheap drinks and chill seating. The artist community in Yafo also provides creators a platform to work, perform, exhibit, and collaborate. Read More.

Herzl 16

Central Tel Aviv | Herzl 16 | Botanical Yard

A place of wonders… a cafe-bar that hosts live performances, music festivals, DJs, and simply good times! The outdoor patio is beautiful with loads of plants growing from above to encompass you in a botanical oasis as you drink away, chow down, or move your body to the music. Read More.

Par Derrière

South Tel Aviv | Bat Ami 7 | Vine-Yard

Described as a garden wine bar, Par Derrière is a romantic lounge in south Tel Aviv! The magical yard spills out jazz and bossa-nova music to compliment the warm design for lovely and easy-going evenings. The perfect outdoor date-night bar! Read More.


Central Tel Aviv | Allenby 122 | Cult Yard

This hidden hole-in-the-wall has made a name for itself as the cult meetup spot! The space is home for hipster crews to sip on delicious drinks while immersed in trippy art and energetic rooms, all the while jamming out to good music. The indoor yard feels more yard-like than most outdoor spots in the city, which is perfect for these hot summer nights! Read More.

Featured in Secret Tel Aviv’s Guide to Best Bars in Tel Aviv.

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Central Tel Aviv | Nahalat Binyamin 28 | Cocktail Yard

This shaded backyard sits at the ground floor of Fabric hotel, and offers an atmosphere of comfort with a professional cocktail bar and 3rd-wave coffee! The all-day bar, from coffee to booze, is an ideal spot to relax with good conversation in Tel Aviv. Read More.

Phi Garden

Central Tel Aviv | Ahad Ha’Am 54 | Bistro Yard

A hanging garden with a lively bar, fresh kitchen, and groovy music! Pride-friendly with an event almost every day or night and botanical vibes that swarm as you hang with your friends on comfy benches.  A true Rothschild powerhouse! Read More.


South Tel Aviv | Simtat Beit HaBad | Foodie Yard

“Saffe” in Arabic means to bless a woman for her hospitality – a perfect description for the hospitality you get at this spot. Next door to Teder sits a cute bistro with an amazing backyard patio and home to Syrian-inspired food. Authentic food and a cozy atmosphere! Read More.

Gugys Toy Factory

Central Tel Aviv | Rothschild 39 | Chill Yard

A colorful neighborhood bar with some of the cheapest prices in the city! Already known for it’s crazy atmosphere, along with a cozy outdoor garden space, join the Toy Factory for a night of wild music and fantastic energy. Gugys sits along the party section of Rothschild, it’s impossible to miss! Read More.

Late-Night Cafe Yards

Edmund Coffee

Central Tel Aviv | Yehuda ha-Levi 33 | Hipster Yard

*Review by Alicia Gansz*

In the heart of Allenby’s busy shopping district, a strikingly designed bright-blue arch framing an open doorway. What lies beyond the painted arch with strange writing? An intriguing hidden world opens before you: an open courtyard with sunlight that tries, with little success, to penetrate the canopy of mature trees shading a casual splay of cafe tables and benches. It’s a secret cafe… on Allenby, and the coolest “secret garden” of Tel Aviv. Read More.

Cafe Shapira

South Tel Aviv | Ralbag 15 | Culture Yard

A meeting spot for the community and entrepreneurs, events and dialogue, as well as for music and dancing! The completely outdoor space under a canopy of lively trees is home to an amazing group of loyal cafe-goers and tasty coffee. Check it our for its next movie screening or music performance! Read More.

Little Prince Bookshop

Central Tel Aviv | King George 19 | Bookshop Yard

This second-hand bookshop is home to a very cozy backyard where you can sip on your coffee while reading, working, or having an eat & drink with your friends. Read More.

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