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Enjoy Tel Aviv’s amazing music scene! There are lots of music venues, from small intimate bars to huge stadiums, all featuring great talent from Israel and abroad. Scroll down to find out the best places for live music in Tel Aviv.

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Top Music Venues

Barby ClubDerech Kibbutz Galiyot 52 (South Tel Aviv)

One of our favorite places for live music in Tel Aviv, this amazing venue hosts some of the best Israeli and international performers. Read more

Levontin 7Levontin 7 (South Tel Aviv) 

Famous Tel Aviv hipster music venue with live performances by independent artists nearly every night. Read more

Reading 3Reading St. 3 (Namal Tel Aviv, North Tel Aviv)

For five years Reading 3 has been the best and most luxurious events and performance space in Tel Aviv. The internal space consists of three platforms, is about 980 m2 and enables total flexibility in planning any event. They have installed the most state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems in the world as well as a giant stage for the best performers in Israel and from abroad. Read more

Zappa Tel Aviv – Raul Wallenberg Street 24 (North Tel Aviv)

Zappa Tel Aviv is an intimate music venue in North Tel Aviv that attracts a lot of top Israeli and international bands. Read more

Bascula – HaRakevet St 72 (South Tel Aviv)

Bascula is the first independent arts center promoting modern circus in Israel, with events ranging from live concerts of local and international bands, to full on acrobatics and modern circus performances, cabaret, theatre, visual arts, and variety shows. Read more

HaAzor (The Zone) – HaRechev 13 (South Tel Aviv)

Intimate venue with lots of live performances, including jazz and latin music. Read more

Top Stadiums and venues for big productions

Tel Aviv Convention Center (Ganei Hataarucha) – Rokach Blvd 101 (North Tel Aviv)

The Tel Aviv Convention Center, or known locally as Gnei Hataarucha, is in North Tel Aviv near the park (Park Hayarkon), originally opened in 1932, the Tel Aviv Convention Center still hosts conventions, concerts, exhibition, and other large events. Read more

Live ParkRishon LeTzion

Huge open air venue for concerts and big productions, they usually host famous Israeli bands and big international artists like Lil Wayne, Tiesto, Teme Impala and more. Read more

Park HayarkonNorth Tel Aviv

What a better place to watch a concert from than the park! The concerts at Park Hayarkon are usually big and amazing, they’ve hosted top international artists like Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith and more. Read more

Hangar 11Namal Tel Aviv (North Tel Aviv)

Hangar 11 was founded in the 1990’s with the mindset that it was time to establish an innovative space in Israel that could host performances on an international level. The hangar, which was then used as a storage room for ceramics and was surrounded by dangerous buildings in the Tel Aviv Port soon became a central place in the cultural life of Tel Aviv. Read more

Menora Mivtachim (Nokia Arena)Yigal Alon 51 (East Tel Aviv)

The Menora Mivtachim Arena (previously known by Nokia Arena) is a big arena used as a concert hall and home for many sports events. It has hosted big international artists like Ricky Martin and Chris Rock. Read more

Top Bars With Live Music

Kuli Alma – Mikveh Israel 10 (South Tel Aviv)

Voted the best bar in Tel Aviv! The cool underground bar on the corner of Yehuda Halevi and Allenby has a big outdoor area to chill, a closed room with amazing music to dance and a third room that usually has live music. Read more

Kuli Alma was voted Best Bar in Tel Aviv by the Secret Tel Aviv Community, click here to read the full guide

Teder.FM (Beit Romano) – Derech Jaffa 9 (South Tel Aviv) 

If Tel Aviv is a hipster capital of the world, TEDER.FM is its Mecca! Teder is a perfect hangout, with regular live music performances by all kinds of artists, it’s unpretentious and chilled, with outside tables in the middle of an old gallery, perfect to sit out with friends for hours. Read more

Teder is also featured in our Best Pizza in Tel Aviv Guide

Abraham’s Hostel BarLevontin 21 (South Tel Aviv)

A super-chilled bar in the middle of Tel Aviv – part of Abraham Hostel. The bar regularly has cool events, including concerts by top Israeli and international artists, there is a huge chill-out area, a full-size pool table… and most importantly cheap drinks and an awesome atmosphere! Read more

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Rothschild 12Rothschild 12 (Central Tel Aviv)

Live music most nights. Since making its debut in late 2009, Rothschild 12 has easily become one of the city’s hippest hangouts, attracting a cool, sleek, quintessentially Tel Aviv clientele both day and night. Read more

Hoodna BarAbarbanel 13 (Florentin) 

Located in the heart of the artsy Florentin neighborhood and surrounded by the best graffiti in the City, Hoodna Bar offers free live music from Israeli performers and the most chill vibes in all of Tel Aviv. Read more

Hoodna is also featured in our Best Bars and Clubs in Tel Aviv Guide! 

Ozen Bar (The Third Ear)King George 48 (Central Tel Aviv)

A cool bar in the corner of King George and Ben Tzion Blvd. with an intimate venue with some top Israeli and international bands, great place for a chilled night out. Read more

The Container – Machsan 2 (Jaffa Port)

Cool bar and restaurant in Jaffa Port with live music and art exhibitions – when it’s busy the music and the people overflow into the port. Read more

PasazAllenby 94 (Central Tel Aviv)

Literally located in an underground passage, this bar/live music venue has a very laid back feel. With red dim lighting and vintage furniture, the hipster vibe puts an emphasis on the music without the frills of a posh night club. Read more

Pasaz is also featured in our Best Bars and Clubs in Tel Aviv Guide! 

Mike’s Place TayeletHerbert Samuel 86 (Tayelet)

Tel Aviv’s premier American bar, and like the most American sports bars, Mike’s Place is also great at entertainment. They regularly host free live music and rocking themed parties. Read more

Mike’s Place is also featured in our Best Sports Bars in Tel Aviv Guide! 

Bootleg – King George 48 (Central Tel Aviv)

Night club/bar- with top DJs and special events, every Sunday night they host talented musicians for a night of Blues and Jazz improvisation. Read more

Best Jazz Bars

Beit HaAmudimRambam 14 (Central Tel Aviv)

Live jazz every night from some of Israel’s top musicians, a killer vegetarian menu, and a crowd (and staff!) that you’ll want to party with time and time again. Read more

Shablul Jazz Bar – Hangar 13 (Namal) 

Tel Aviv’s leading jazz venue, with live performances throughout the week. Read more

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