One of the best things about Tel Aviv is its gastronomy, there loads of amazing restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world. From tiny “hummusiot” (hummus shops) in the middle of the market to the fanciest chef restaurants, keep reading to find out where to go for the best bites in the city.

We asked members of our community which are their favorite restaurants in Tel Aviv and got over 1K votes! So be sure that all the restaurants listed below are certified by Secret Tel Aviv. This restaurants include many value-for-money restaurants, if you are looking for Tel Aviv’s higher-end restaurants, read our guide for the Best Upscale Restaurants in Tel Aviv!

Scroll down to find our which are the Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv according to over 1,000 foodies, plus some other that we love! If you are looking for more recommendations, check out our Food and Drink page.

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Street food by Eyal Shani | Various locations | $

Three locations in Israel: 30 King George, Ibn Gvirol 21, and Ramat HaChayal in North Tel Aviv. Plus branches in Paris and Vienna!


The best of Eyal Shani’s restaurants! It’s very simple – meat in pita. Costs about 50 NIS for a sandwich, and you get as much free pitot, labneh, and tehina while you are waiting as you can eat. They also have great vegan and fish options, and a tasty banana pita for dessert. The sides are also delicious, check out their flagship cauliflower! Like all Eyal Shani restaurants, the food is great with beer. It’s open 12pm to 12am except Friday. Read more

Port Said 

Street food by Eyal Shani | Har Sinai 5, next to the Great Synagogue | $$

If you are looking for a restaurant that represents Tel Aviv, this is it. With its hipster atmosphere and delicious take on middle-eastern food, this is the perfect place to chill and meet friends after a hard day at work, or playing matkot on the beach. The menu changes daily and includes sharing portions of freshly-sourced local food, served with spoonfuls of tehina. We recommend their minute steak and chicken liver! Read more


Burgers | Various locations | $

Two locations in Tel Aviv: Lilienblum 40 and Ibn Gvirol 36

Screenshot 2016-03-23 18.25.14

For this self-titled burger snob, I just gotta say: Vitrina truly does make the best burger in this town. What’s in the meat? I don’t know. God knows. It could be horse. It could be turtle. It could be elephant – but whatever it is by god it’s delicious. It literally tastes like it’s been cooked by angels and then smothered in just the right amount of fattening, parmesan-y goodness. Drown your burger in the purple, beet ketchup (ooohh fancy) and the creamy, garlicy mayo and you’re living like a local on your way to the most satisfying bites of burger you may taste in this burger-wasteland of country. Nay fine people of Secret Tel Aviv – there is simply *NO* other burger in Israel worthy of my highest honor of most mind-numbingly delicious burger EVER!” Read more

Written by guest writer Vanessa Perplies. (Read full review here)

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The Old Man and the Sea

Fish | Jaffa Port | $$ 

A great place for big groups! For about 100 NIS gets you a great piece of grilled fish, a soft drink, and unlimited little salads and bread (don’t be fooled and eat too much, you won’t make it to the fish). Worth the trip to Jaffa. Hangar 1, Jaffa Port (there is also a sister restaurant further South in Jaffa on Kedem 85). Read more

Fu Sushi

Japanese | Yirmiyahu 32 | $$

At Fu Sushi every dish is prepared to perfection, they have the freshest fish and the best sushi in the city! Enjoy Tel Aviv’s energetic vibe in our unique ambiance. Whether you are on a date, out with friends or just have a nighttime craving for excellent sushi, FU is the ultimate place to be. Read more

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Cafe Xoho 

International Cafe | Gordon 17 | $

Laid back deco, delicious confort home-made food, and a good strong coffee… no wonder Cafe XoHo is a favorite hangout amongst the cool international crowd in Tel Aviv. Be sure to try their delicious all-day breakfasts, and of course their famous cookies! Read more

** Get a free cookie with your meal at Cafe XoHo with the Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card. Don’t have a card yet? You can collect yours for free at Cafe XoHo – ask your waitress for more info. **


Mexican food | Levontin 28 | $

One of the Best Mexican Restaurants in Tel Aviv! Taqueria has some of the tastiest tacos, nachos and salsas in Tel Aviv, very friendly staff, reasonable prices and great margaritas. A great place for a night out with friends or a quick lunch. Read more

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Thai House (Beit Thailandi)

Thai food | Bograshov 8 | $$

If you are looking for good Thai food in Tel Aviv, this is one you shouldn’t miss. The restaurant itself makes you feel like you are not in the crazy Tel Aviv, but in some beach in Asia. The food is perfect to satisfy any craving – an extensive menu (with many vegetarian and vegan options) with good sized portions and great exotic drinks. It’s better if you go with some friends and order everything to share! Read more

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Italian food | Bograshov 51 | $

One of the Best Pizzas in Tel Aviv! There is no way you can walk through HaPizza without getting an instant craving for a cheesy slice. HaPizza is always full – which is a great sign for a restaurant. Their thin-crusted pizzas are delicious, perfectly seasoned and with awesome toppings, they also have great (and very filling) salads an pastas. Read more

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All day breakfast | Various locations | $$

Two locations in Tel Aviv – Ben Yehuda 171 and Rothschild 29.

A favorite for the tourists in Israel! is a breakfast institution in Tel Aviv. Serving breakfast 24/7, it is great if you are looking to impress that special someone the morning after a fun night, or just treat yourself to a nostalgic breakfast complete with full English fry-up. The freshly baked hot bread fills you with warmth, topped with delicious chocolate spread. Remember to book in advance or be prepared for queues… You are not the only one with the Benedict craving! Read more

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Upmarket Asian fusion | Menachem Begin 23 | $$$

This place is super expensive, and difficult to get a table, but probably one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. Every dish is better than the last one, it is Asian fusion cooked to perfection. If you are looking to treat someone special (or yourself) to a very nice dinner, you should consider Taizu. Read more

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Mexican food | Chaim Vital 2 | $

Mezcal is probably the most authentic Mexican food you’ll get in Tel Aviv (trust this statement, it comes from a Mexican). Their food is delicious, their salsas are what you want in a salsa, portions are big and price is reasonable. We know how tempted you’ll be to order the tacos, but trust us, try some more exotic dishes, you will love them. Read more

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Kitchen Market

Fusion food | Namal Tel Aviv | $$

Kitchen Market is a contemporary fusion restaurant above the farmers’ market in Tel Aviv’s Port. The market is a source of the finest ingredients, brought up straight to the kitchen. Pure flavors, made with passion by talented Israeli chef Yossi Shitrit. A beautiful place, overlooking the harbor and food market where you can enjoy a great and bustling atmosphere while eating dinner. Read more

Moon Sushi

Sushi bar | Various locations | $$

Moon has two locations in Tel Aviv: Bograshov 50 and Pinsker 30

If you are looking for exotic sushi combinations and great fish, you should defenitely check out Moon, their menu is very extense and portions are very small so you can taste many different things! They have all kinds of sushi: basic makis, nigiris, sushi sandwiches, rice-less sushis, temakis… And great appetizers too! Read more

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Upmarket Mediterranean food | Ben Yehuda 182 | $$$


Family-run restaurant Shila has been around for years, and it’s a place for people to come who want to have fun and enjoy food. Located on Ben Yehuda just near the Hilton Hotel, the up-scale restaurant serves delicious locally-sourced meat and seafood. Check out their tasty a la plancha dishes of seafood and vegetables, and if you really want a treat the lobster is incredible! The waiters are friendly and super-knowledgeable, and there’s an extensive wine and cocktails menu -there’s even a valet parking service!

This is a great place to go on a date, or to take your parents when they come visit. A meal for two with drinks starts at 500 NIS. They’re also open at lunch with a special lunch menu. Call to make a reservation. Read more


Upmarket Mediterranean food | HaArba’a 19 | $$$

A great restaurant to go for a date or with your family visiting from abroad, one of the best chef restaurants in Tel Aviv. The food is cooked perfectly, side dishes are great and cocktails are strong and tasty. The atmosphere is relaxed yet classy. Read more


Vegan restaurant | Frishman 54 | $

Voted the Best Vegan Restaurant in Tel Aviv by over 400 people! Anastasia is a great vegan cafe to meet friends. They have a delicious and nutritious breakfast with loads of tasty dips, good salads, and incredible cakes. Read more

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America Burgers

Burgers | Allenby 112 | $

These guys opened in Summer 2015 and have quickly established themselves as one of the best burgers in Tel Aviv. They have a simple no-nonsense menu – choice of burger, chicken burger (also great), or vege burger, side of fries, green beans, salad or amazing fried onion, and ice-cream for desert. We recommend the burger, it’s delicious! Read more

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Mediterranean | Shabazi 10 | $$

Located in Neve Tzedek, Dallal is a really special place to go for breakfast. The atmosphere is relaxed, the decoration meticulous. Similary with the food, the choices are simple, but with a delicious gourmet twist. For the summer there is a lovely outdoor patio, and for the hangovers there is an extensive cocktail list. Next door is the Dallal Bakery, hands down the most delicious bakery in Tel Aviv. Read more

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Fish and Seafood | Various locations | $$

Goocha has to locations in Tel Aviv: Dizengoff 171 and on in Ramat Hachayal

Great place for when you are craving any kind of seafood, their dishes go from light and fresh to seasoned and decadent main courses. It is one of the few places in Tel Aviv where you can get decent seafood at a fair price. Their Dizengoff branch is right in the heart of the city, close to some of the Best Bars in Tel Aviv. Read more


Vietnamese food | Rothschild 15 | $$

Finding a good Vietnamese restaurant in Tel Aviv is not an easy task, so whenever you are craving some steamed buns or wok, Vong should be your first option! The food is seasoned to perfection with top ingredients, portions are very satisfying and prices are fair. Read more

Salon Romano (Beit Romano)

Mediterranean food by Eyal Shani | Derech Yaffa 9 | $$ 

One of Eyal Shani’s newest restaurants. It is located in Bet Romano, right above TEDER.FM, Salon Romano is a great choice for a night out with friends. The menu changes constantly and it is always delicious, all of their dishes have the Eyal Shani signature on them – grilled, olive oil, fresh herbs and go great with tahini. Read more

Abu Hassan Hummus

Hummus | HaDolphin Street 1, Jaffa | $

The best Hummus in Jaffa (and probably TLV as well). Love this place and think you can write a good review? Fill out this form with you best description of this place and get the chance to be featured on this page as one of our Guest Reviewers! Read more


Pizzeria | Carlebach 20 | $

Gourmet french style pizza made with love – just the perfect thickness and crispiness with carefully selected toppings that come together in delicious combinations. There is everything from the most vegetarian frendly veggie pizza to gourmet meats and sausages. Read more

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Upmarket Asian Fusion | HaSolelim Street 14 | $$$

Topolopompo is probably one of the most fancy restaurants in Tel Aviv, worth every shekel. The menu is a paradise for any foodie, but I recommend having the surprise menu – a waiter asks you all kinds of questions about your preferences, restrictions (including prize) and how much food you want and they bring whatever dishes they think you will like (and they always get it right!), trust the chef, every dish is better than the one before. Read more

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Check other restaurants we love

TEDER.FM – Derech Jaffa 9, South Tel Aviv


If Tel Aviv is a hipster capital of the world, TEDER.FM is its Mecca! The pop-up bar has taken permanent residence in Derech Jaffa 9, a closed-off courtyard in South Central Tel Aviv underneath their Salon Romano restaurant. A new addition is Eyal Shani’s first pizza restaurant, serving huge delicately-thin-crust pizza with great chunks of melting mozarella. Wash down with jugs of beer, perfect for sharing.

Note this is more of a bar than a restaurant. It only opens at 8pm (closed on Sunday), the tables are outside where everyone’s smoking, and there’s only margarita pizza on the menu. A meal for two with beer starts at 180 NIS. For more great pizzas check out our Best Pizzas in Tel Aviv Secret Tel Aviv Guide.

Itzik HaGadol – Raziel Street 3, Jaffa

Typical Israeli barbecue. The meat is excellent, and they fill the table up with almost a hundred delicious little salads. If you are entertaining guests from out of town, this will definitely give a wow-factor! The steaks are great, and the house kebab is the best kebab in Tel Aviv. A meal for two with drinks starts at 300 NIS, and the restaurant is open 11.30am to 11.30pm every day (closed Friday). Call to make a reservation.

Zakaim – Simtat Beit HaSho’eva Street 16

Tel Aviv has a huge vegan scene and Zakaim is at the centre of this. All the food is fresh and locally sourced, and prepared lovingly in creative ways. The menu has a Persian twist, using only fresh ingredients of vegetables, herbs, nuts, and fruit, and changes every day. The decor is an eclectic shabby chic style (shanti shanti as they say in Israel), the kitchen is open, and even the chairs are second hand. They open every day from 6pm to midnight, and from 12pm during the weekend. For more great Vegan restaurants check out our Best Vegan Restaurants in Tel Aviv Secret Tel Aviv Guide.

Humus HaCarmel – HaCarmel 11

10 shekel humus in the middle of the Shuk (on the right hand-side towards the end if you are coming in from Allenby).

Sandwich Shel Itzik V Ruti – Shenkin 53

This place is almost as old as Tel Aviv. Only open until about 11am (sometimes even earlier if they run out of food), only a few things to choose from, nowhere to sit, and usually a little queue – but OMG the sandwiches are amazing!

Sabich Frishman – Frishman 44 (corner of Dizengoff)

Before I came to Israel I had never heard of a Sabich – now there is nothing like a Sabich Sunday! Pita filled with roasted eggplant, a bit of potato, an egg, some salady stuff, tehina, and some special spices. 

Arepa’s – HaCarmel 42

A small food stand located in the Shuk HaCarmel where they’ll whip you up an amazing Venezuelan sandwich with homemade dough and a hefty serving of guacamole for only 25 shekels. (lunch only).

Bunny Chow – HaCarmel 13

Another amazing food stand located in Shuk HaCarmel, Bunny Chow is a South African Indian restaurant that offers three different flavours of curry, each with over 20 herbs and spices, served in either a delicious sweet challah or on rice. (lunch only).

*** Get a free drink with your meal at Bunny Chow with the Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card ***

Salam Bombey – Allenby 124

Home-made Indian food, lovingly prepared by an Indian couple from Bombay. It’s only open at lunchtime, but the portions are big and the prices are low. Definitely worth checking out for a healthy, flavoursome Indian-eating experience. (lunch only).

*** Click here for Secret Tel Aviv’s Guide to the Best Indian ***

Shmaaya – Vital 2, Florentin

Home-cooked food, cooked to perfection – stews, rices, stuffed vegetables – all at great value for money. Only open at lunch time, and definitely worth the trip down to South Tel Aviv. (lunch only).

Caffe Kaymak – Levinski 49

This has to be one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Tel Aviv… all fresh, healthy delicious foods.

*** Click here for Secret Tel Aviv’s Guide to the Best Vegan Restaurants ***

HaShomer 1 Shuk HaCarmel

Tucked away in the Shuk is one of the best street food stands in Tel Aviv – HaShomer 1! HaShomer 1 serve delicious Israeli street food, with amazing flavours and loads of tehina. Their specialities are grilled meat and chicken – served either on a plate or in a fluffy challah. Their chicken sandwich is the best in the city, and the hamburger is not far behind. They also have fantastic grilled vegetables and baked cauliflower! (lunch only)

*** Click here for Secret Tel Aviv’s Guide to the Best Burger ***

Ad HaEtzem Express 

Three locations in Tel Aviv: Ibn Gvirol 21, King George 77, and Rothschild 31

My favourite fast-food burger joint in Tel Aviv – beautiful juicy meat in a soft fluffy bun that absorbs all those beautiful juices – 50 NIS for a double burger, chips, and unlimited refill soda. 

*** Click here for Secret Tel Aviv’s Guide to the Best Burger ***

Mike’s Place

Herbert Samuel 86

A super-fun, super-friendly chain of American bars with great food, great beer, and great entertainment. Their chicken wings are the best in Tel Aviv, and they serve a BIG burger and good fajitas. 

*** Get Chicken wings for only 2 NIS! (minimum 20) at Mike’s Place with the Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card ***

Truck Deluxe and Pundak Deluxe 

Delicious Southern-US style restaurants – located in Dizengoff Square (Truck Deluxe) and Jaffa Market (Pundak Deluxe). The menus are slightly different in each place, but the underlying focus on meat is the same. The ribs are great (both places), plus the burger and fried chicken are delicious in Truck Deluxe!

The Brasserie – Ibn Gvirol 70

Tel Aviv’s most famous French brasserie, located on Kikar Rabin. The food is delicious (they do a great burger), it looks like a Parisian grand brasserie, it’s open 24/7, and now you can also get deliveries! 

Puaa – Rabbi Yochanan 8, Shuk Hapishpishim, Jaffa

Another Jaffa restaurant, Pua serves lots of mediterranean and Israeli food – all fresh, all delicious. The Liver Masala is my favourite dish in Tel Aviv.

Tapeo – HaArba’a 16 

My favourite date place in Tel Aviv, albeit a little pricey. Great tapas and sangria. 

Vicky Cristina – Madoreg 5

A great tapas place, in a beautiful outdoor atmosphere in the HaTachana area. 

Mizlala – Nachalat Binyamin 57

They divide their menu into 4 courses, plus desert. It’s good to go with a few people so you can order a few dishes from each course. 

Reading this post made you so hangry you just want to run to the closest restaurant on this list? See which ones are near you! 

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