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Rothschild Blvd 45

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VIP Discount: 120 NIS off upcoming courses when signing up from Secret Tel Aviv


The new urban ulpan by Citizen Cafe in Tel Aviv offers 10-week courses focused on conversational spoken Hebrew, combined with the most relevant Hebrew used in work and personal life. The goal is to get students speaking naturally and more intuitively, by re-shaping and transforming the learning process to a highly practical, motivational and fun Hebrew learning experience – with immediate results in real daily life.


Citizen Café OOlpan is designed for the new growing community of busy international professionals, helping them to adapt fast in their work and social environments, by offering a conversational focused Hebrew course that makes them feel local and connected.

Since we have only very small groups, offered at all levels with highly trained teachers – we have now become the leading supplier with embassies such as the Australian, British, German etc, and companies/organizations such as Google and the Jewish Agency. You could say that we focus on getting participants engaged and excited to speak Hebrew and discover more of Tel Aviv lifestyle and cultural nuances.

Advantages of Citizen Cafe Oolpan:

  • Immediate results in spoken Hebrew
  • Small personalized classes of 8 pp max
  • Flexible hours – before/work hours (90 min each class)
  • Located in “Mindspace” – Rothschild 45, Tel Aviv (the heart of the Israeli start up scene)
  • This is a non-subsidised Ulpan, meaning you have to pay. This is for serious people only who are prepared to invest to improve their Hebrew.

jonny (1)Testimonial from Jonny Stark, founder of Secret Tel Aviv:

“This is the 7th Ulpan that I have tried, and definitely the best!  While other Ulpans focus on grammar, Citizen Cafe: Oolpan focuses on conversation and the words you are likely to hear on the street – I can’t believe I didn’t know the word for nightmare (siyot) or I wish (halavai) before this course. Classes contain a maximum of 8 people who are generally serious about learning and motivate each other. And they use some really cool techniques to help you learn, for example Whatsapp Groups. If you want to finally learn Hebrew, this is the place to go!”.

Citizen Cafe OOlpan Reviews from Secret Tel Aviv:

– “Best Ulpan Ever!” – Candice

– “I’m about to start my third semester, and am amazed at how much I’ve learned so far! Great way to learn Hebrew – so glad I found CCO!!! I recommend it to every foreigner I meet here!” – Bernd

– “Great classes! Fun, amazing teachers, quick learning! Highly recommend!” – Paige

– “The best Hebrew class out there. You learn quickly AND it’s fun!!” – Julie

– “Love love love this ulpan !! Such a fun learning environment and a great way to meet cool people. Sign up now wahoooo!” – Lara

– ” Really recommend this place – I’m finally starting to speak Hebrew 😊 no other ulpan like it in Tel Aviv!” – Sian

– “So happy with my experience at Oolpan–after 3.5 years here, finally starting to use some Hebrew! Can’t wait to start next semester!” – Annie

– “I have really benefited from this program and recognize much more Hebrew spoken in every day conversation. I tried a typical Ulpan before and learned nothing. This program is fun, interactive, and most of all; effective. I look forward to my next semester and would recommend this program to anyone looking to learn day to day Israeli Hebrew.” – Donnie

– “I loved studying at City Cafe Oolpan! The classes are small, the teachers and students are awesome, and the study methods are fun and efficient. I improved a lot in my time there and feel much more confident to speak in daily life. More than that it’s given me the tools to keep learning myself outside of class. More than worth the investment!” – Adam

– “I studied for two semesters at Citizens Cafe. Really enjoyed it! Great vibes, cool space and impressive teaching technique. Awesome place to meet new people and connect in a community if your new to Israel. – Hester

– “The class helped a lot, been to three different ulpans and this provided the best results. If you are a kinesthetic or tactile learner then this will help you 100%.” – Maroam

– “The best Hebrew course you can take!!!! Recommend it to anyone new to Israel looking to learn important communication and conversation skills quickly , in a fun interactive setting!” – Kailen

– “I recommend this class! I learned so much and they have a great teaching method.” – Katie

– “My family is impressed with how much better my hebrew got in such a short period of time, can’t wait for the next semester.” – Ori

– “Highly recommend, great class and awesome people.” – Nicole

– “Citizen Cafe OOlpan is rad! You meet new people. Learn and laugh together as you explore a new language. It’s practical, time efficient and fun. Looking forward to seeing everybody again in 2 weeks for my second term!” – Tim

– “Great atmosphere, great teachers and great results! I highly recommend it!” – Johannes

– “I highly recommend Citizen Cafe Oolpan. I noticed a huge improvement in a short amount of time. Can’t wait to join the next class.” – Erin

– “Fun and interactive classes – I’m in for this semester and looking forward to it!! Highly recommend!” – Katya

Check the original post in Secret Tel Aviv for more reviews.

SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER: GET 120 NIS off upcoming courses when signing up from Secret Tel Aviv


This Ulpan is featured in our Guide to Learning Hebrew in Tel Aviv.


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