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Mindspace, Rothschild Blvd 45, Tel Aviv

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Experience Citizen Café’s amazing 10-week courses that will have you conversing like a local in no time. You’ll be amazed by their renowned method, which turns Hebrew learning into an exciting, fun, and highly successful experience. Immerse yourself in Israeli culture and develop a natural ability to speak relevant Hebrew for everyday life.

At Citizen Café TLV, they cater to students of all levels, from absolute beginners to highly advanced learners. Their comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of Hebrew grammar, with a strong focus on listening, speaking, and even texting in Hebrew! The small, personalized classes create a social and positive vibe, led by a carefully selected team of teachers who empower anyone to speak with real confidence.

Citizen Café offers both campus classes and online courses available across all time zones, which bring together students from over 25 countries.

Book a FREE one-on-one introduction session for a real taste of their method, meet their amazing teachers, and discover courses tailored to your level.

Just a heads up, though. They’re a non-subsidized Ulpan, which means their courses require an investment. But trust us, it’s totally worth it!

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Advantages of Citizen Cafe:

👉 Immediate results in spoken Hebrew
👉 Intimate class size – maximum 12 students per class
👉 Online and in-person classes – join from anywhere in the world
👉 Free live practice sessions included in each course
👉 Flexible hours – class in all time zones (90 min each class)
👉 Located in “Mindspace” – Rothschild 45, Tel Aviv (the heart of the Israeli start up scene)
👉 Exceptional teachers (you’ll be amazed)

This Ulpan is featured in our Guide to Learning Hebrew in Tel Aviv.

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