Citizen Cafe Oolpan

Rothschild Blvd 45

The new urban ulpan by Citizen Cafe in Tel Aviv offers 10-week courses focused on conversational spoken Hebrew, combined with the most relevant Hebrew used

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Ulpan La-Inyan

Allenby Street 94a, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

About Ulpan La-Inyan Coming to live in Israel in 2007, Ami Steinberger quickly picked up on the need for an ulpan that would focus on

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The English Hub

Tel Aviv-Yafo

English tutoring for any situation: Preparation for Psychometric exams, Bagrut in English, Basic English and English conversation practice. All lessons are online and adapted to

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Hebrew with Dina

Simtat Beit HaBad 3

No more kacha-kacha Hebrew! Come learn Hebrew through natural conversation in small groups up to 5 people. At Hebrew with Dina we focus on spoken,

This Is Not An Ulpan

Alfred Gallery, Simtat Aharon Chelouch 5

Who are This is Not an Ulpan? The name gives it away… this alternative language school founded in 2012 challenges traditional adult language learning with

StreetWise Hebrew – Guy Sharrett

Tel Aviv-Yafo

Guy Sharett teaches Hebrew in the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel, through graffiti, street signs and bumper stickers. For more Ulpans in Tel Aviv check

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Shay Soffer Hebrew Teacher

Yehuda ha-Levi Street

Shalom everybody. If you are looking for a Hebrew teacher or know someone who does, maybe I am the one for you. Come learn Hebrew

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Ulpan Aviv

HaYarkon Street 74, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Ulpan Aviv was founded in July 2009 and offers 1-on-1 classes. For more Ulpans in Tel Aviv check out Guide to Learning Hebrew in Tel

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TAKA: Preparatory Program to Study in Hebrew

Haim Levanon 55, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Jump start your academic career in Israel with TAKA at Tel Aviv University International! If your are an international living in Israel and would like

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IDC Ulpan

Natan Alterman Street, Herzliya, Israel

Excellent Ulpan with teachers from Raanana Ulpan (consistently rated the best Ulpan in Israel). Like Tel Aviv University, cram five months of material into only

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UAB – Ulpan Aviv Bertele

Yohanan Horkanos St 26

Want to learn Hebrew but tired of getting lost in a huge Ulpan class? Want to learn Hebrew that will actually help you participate in

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Ulpan Gordon

Lassalle Street 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Probably Tel Aviv’s most famous Ulpan, although not necessarily the best. For beginners, try and make sure you can get in an aliyah class if

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