Food Games

Address: Poria 1
Tel Aviv-Yafo
  Food Games is a fun and engaging cooking competition consisting of games, humor, knowledge and determination. We offer our participants a fresh perspective on

Instituto Cervantes Tel Aviv (Spanish)

Address: Shulamit St 7
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Instituto Cervantes is a non-profit organization set up by the Spanish government in 1991. Its purpose is to promote the study of Spanish and other

Play Matkot TLV

Address: Israel
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Try something new!! Learn how to play the great Israeli game of Matkot!! Play Matkot TLV is the original and only Matkot school. Book your

Osgood English School

Address: Kohnstamm St 61
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Osgood English School is an English afterschool for Israelis and Olim. It is an afterschool program that perserves and enriches the English language for English

Zman Amiti Bartending School

Address: Elifelet St 23, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Israel's top bartending school, Zman Amiti offers both basic 2-hour classes, and more advanced 6 week masterclasses - they have just launched a new masterclass called

International Ballet School TLV

Address: Eliezer Kaplan St
Tel Aviv-Yafo
The International Ballet School TLV is the only school offering high quality ballet classes for English speaking children only. Looking for more ideas?  

LivinGreen Urban Eco-Systems

Address: Dizengoff Center, Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Check out Dizengoff center's rooftop FARM. lettuce and fruits are grown hydroponically. Classes and tours can be arranged!    Looking for more ideas?   

Coding4Kids Israel

Address: Ha-Kovshim St 17
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Coding4Kids teach computer programming to kids from 4 yo. The program is created and developed to kids for then to have fun by learning using

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC)

Address: Ga'aton
Kfar Vradim
Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC), is considered one of the world's premier dance companies and performs regularly in some of the top theaters and festivals


Address: Ibn Gabirol Street
Tel Aviv-Yafo
DIY TLV is the home for all crafts+art workshops. Drink wine, enjoy some snacks, listen to music, meet wonderful people and get creative We also

Maria Kong

Address: HaAhim MiSlavuta Street 7, Tel-Aviv, Israël
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Founded in 2008, Maria Kong specializes in stretching the boundaries of modern dance. The international team of artists includes dancers, musicians, painters, DJs and audio-visual


Address: Ahad Haam 35
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Developers.Institute is a selective & intensive coding bootcamp, dedicated to educating the next generation of tech talent in Israel. We offer cutting-edge mentored courses in