S&V – Handcrafted Leather Goods and Accessories

Address: Rishon LeTsiyon
Rishon LeTsiyon
Nowadays Everybody wants to be unique and different - handcrafted leather accessories are great opportunity to show your personality.  I was always big fan about

Golda Second Hand

Address: 20 Bnei Binyamin Herzliya 46106
Golda Second Hand, opened in 2013, is a local consignment shop, located in a cozy, colourful and historical, 1920's Herzliya home. We aim to show people that


Reyzele accessories are artisan - made. These are rainbow-like necklaces, statement rings or tasty earrings, created using wool, yarn or textile. Every piece is an


Address: SHOKEN 11, 3RD FLOOR
Tel Aviv-Yafo
We’re an Ethical & Sustainable fashion label in Tel Aviv providing rehabilitation employment for people exiting exploitation in the sex industry.We are designing UPCYCLED bags

Sipur Pashut

Address: Shabazi Street 31, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tel Aviv-Yafo

Category: ShopsTags: Books and Hobbies

You'll find more than a simple story in this book shop. Lot's of current english titles and a cozy place to spend some time. Located


Address: Yefet 180, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tel Aviv-Yafo

Category: ShopsTags: Butcher and Food Shops

Butcher in Jaffa.    Looking for more ideas?   

Wine House

Address: HaAliya St 26
Tel Aviv-Yafo

Category: ShopsTags: Alcohol and Food Shops

Cheap alcohol shop on Rehov Aliyah    Looking for more ideas?   

Chandally Jewelry

Address: Dizengoff St 242
Tel Aviv-Yafo

Category: ShopsTags: Womens Fashion

Sharon Chandally Pedrini’s new jewelry studio and shop is an enchanting space where she carries tradition forward, innovating under the influence of generations. Her work

Shenkin Street

Address: Shenkin Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tel Aviv-Yafo

Category: ShopsTags: Markets and Malls

A small but packed street of cafes, restaurants and boutiques. Great for finding affordable trends and more premium International brands: Adidas, Diesel, Billabong and Melissa.

Lehamim Ibn Gvirol

Address: Ibn Gabirol St 125
Tel Aviv-Yafo

Category: Best Restaurants and ShopsTags: Bakeries, Cafe, and Food Shops

One of my favourite places in Tel Aviv! Lehamim is a chain of kosher bakeries across Tel Aviv, with many kinds of breads inspired by bakeries

Tnuva Fish Center

Address: HaCarmel 26, Tel-Aviv, Israël
Tel Aviv-Yafo

Category: ShopsTags: Fishmongers and Food Shops

Good fishmonger in the shuk.    Looking for more ideas?   

The Third Ear (HaOzen HaShlishit)

Address: King George Street 48, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tel Aviv-Yafo

Category: ShopsTags: Hobbies and Music Store

Huge music store and record store near the Dizengoff Centre.    Looking for more ideas?