Saone Rhone

Yehuda HaLevy, Tel Aviv, Sarona Gardens

A family-run Israeli Street Food restaurant with a touch of France & India in every bite. Chefs Rotem Gutman & Ofir Gutman are a sister


33 Ibn Gvirol

Shi-Shi is one of the newest eateries in city. Imagine a big and very healthy roll (a really big one!) that is made of an outside

Food by Ausraeli

Healthy & Delicious Food to Satisfy your Palate Our snacks and meals are made to taste as good as they look, and for you to

Luca Brazilian Bakery

I’m Aline, a trained pastry chef and chocolatier, born and raised in the sunny Rio de Janeiro and currently based in Israel. I’m the Head

The Healthy Chef

Tel Aviv

We provide Fresh, healthy meals to your doorstep! Looking for more ideas?

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HaHashmonaim St 96

Welcome to Zozobra, we invite you to discover Chef Avi Konforti's unique Asian cuisine. The kitchen combines centuries-old traditional models from Asia, India and the

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Roll ‘n’ Roll

Derech Menachem Begin 78

We are [fast] delivery oriented sushi restaurant.  Our site has English interface and allows to place an order w/o knowing Hebrew at all. I would

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Olivery North Tel Aviv

Aba Akhime'ir St 17

Italian Restaurant.     Looking for more ideas?   

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Abba Even

Sderot Washington 30

A super thin crust pizza, yet crisp just enough to collect flavorful and creative toppings.  This Southern Florentin spot mixes up the urban feel of

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Ze Sushi Sarona


Sushi with good variety and great delivery services. Ze Sushi has two branches in Tel Aviv: the original branch and the new branch in Sarona

American Broaster Chicken

David Razi'el St 22

I've been hesitating whether to write this review for fear that too many people will discover the secret and it will be harder to get


Tel Aviv-Yafo

When the Thai and Brazilian beach expierence meets the Tel Aviv beach! Delivery to the TLV beaches - Fresh, Fast and Cheap The beaches have

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