Low Cost Flights from Tel Aviv

Whether you’re looking to come and visit Tel Aviv, or you’re looking for a low-cost flight for a holiday outside Tel Aviv, here’s our guide to all the no-frills airlines flying in and out of Israel.


Get out of the city for a few days and head down to Eilat for the weekend with daily flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat from Arkia and Israir. Looking for somewhere to stay? Check out Secret Tel Aviv’s Guide to the Best Hotels in Eilat.


A favorite location for Israelis looking to escape Israeli customer service, or the equally bad Rabbanut. Arkia and El Al’s low cost airline El Al Up fly daily flights from Tel Aviv to Lanarca on the Southern coast. Ryanair also fly daily to Paphos. Check out hotels in Cyprus.


Turkish low-cost airline Pegasus has at least 2 flights most days from Tel Aviv to Istanbul  Check out hotels in IstanbulPegasus also fly to beach resort Antalya from Tel Aviv every day. Check out hotels in Antalya.


Take a trip to an ancient civilization with regular flights from Tel Aviv to Greece. Visit the capital Athens with flights from Tel Aviv with Arkia. Check out hotels in AthensIsrair also offer flights between Tel Aviv and Rhodes. Check out hotels in Rhodes.

Italy, Spain, and Portugal

You can now get low-cost flights to some pretty awesome cities, including Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisbon!


Go partying in Barcelona with daily flights with Vueling and two flights a week from Arkia (Sundays and Thursdays). Check out hotels in Barcelona.

Experience Madrid with 5 flights a week between Tel Aviv and Madrid on Air Europa. Check out hotels in Madrid.

A really fun city, Israir flies direct to Lisbon in Portugal during the Summer. Check out hotels in Portugal.

Take a trip to Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world – Easyjet offers flights between Tel Aviv and Milan 5 times a week, and Ryanair will start offering direct flights from Tel Aviv and Eilat in October 2017. Check out hotels in Milan.

Say hello to the Pope with direct flights between Rome and Tel Aviv with Israir. Check out hotels in Rome.

Or say hello to the Capulets and Montagues with a trip to the birthplace of Romeo and Juliette – Israir offers direct flights between Verona and Tel Aviv. Check out hotels in Verona.

United Kingdom

Have tea with the Queen with daily direct flights between London and Tel Aviv with Easyjet and Monarch. Check out hotels in London.

Take a trip to Old Trafford, home of the World’s Greatest Football Team Manchester United – Easyjet and Monarch offer flights twice a week between Manchester and Tel Aviv. Check out hotels in Manchester.

Iceland (and the US!)

Without doubt one of the most unique and exciting destinations on this list, WOW will soon offer direct flights between Tel Aviv and Reykjavik (from June 2017). Check out hotels in Reykjavik. You can take one of the many flights WOW has from Reykjavik to the US including Boston, Chicago, LA and NYC! Check out hotels in NYC.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Take a trip to the party city Berlin with daily flights from Tel Aviv, Israir, El-Al Up, German Wings, and Air Berlin offer regular Tel Aviv-Berlin flights, and starting October 2017 Ryanair will too. Check out hotels in Berlin

Explore the culture Vienna has to offer with Air Berlin‘s daily flights from Tel Aviv. Check out hotels in Vienna.

Enjoy the sky season in Geneva with regular flights from Tel Aviv with EasyjetCheck out hotels in Geneva.


Take a romantic trip to Paris with regular flights from Arkia, Easyjet, Transavia and XL Airways (starting July 2017). Check out hotels in Paris.

Or explore the beautiful architecture of Lyon with Transavia‘s weekly flights from Tel Aviv. Check out hotels in Lyon.

Holland and Belgium 

Enjoy a proper trip to Amsterdam with flights from Tel Aviv with Arkia and Easyjet. Check out hotels in Amsterdam.

Visit the picturesque Brussels with direct flights from Tel Aviv with Brussels Airlines, Jetair Fly and (starting October 2017) Ryanair. Check out hotels in Brussels.

Budapest and Prague

Explore the cultural richness of Prague with regular flights from Tel Aviv with El Al UpWizz Air and Smart Wings. Check out hotels in Prague.

Take a trip to one of the most exciting cities in Eastern Europe, Budapest, with flight from Tel Aviv with El Al Up, Wizz Air and (starting October 2017) Ryanair. Check out hotels in Budapest.

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