Israel is a country with thousands of amazing things to see and do and we want you to experience only the best of the best! We’ve made guides for the best tours in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Petra, North Israel, the Dead Sea, West Bank, Eilat, Day Trips from TLV, and Christian tours.

Best Tours in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is one of the most magical and multicultural cities in the world, it offers a huge range of activities for international and local tourists, from sightseeing to historical and cultural tours, this city never runs out of things to do and see! Get to know all the different faces of Jerusalem and make the most out of your visit with one of the best tours in the city. Read more

Best Tours in Tel Aviv. If you’re looking for a fun way to get to know the city or spend an afternoon in Tel Aviv, a unique date idea, or a way to get rid of your parents for a day, a tour is always a good idea! We’ve made a list of Tel Aviv’s Best Tours, including architecture tours, gourmet tours, bike tours, and even graffiti tours! There is something for everyone. Read more

Best Tours in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is famous for various reasons: it is the lowest point on earth (below sea level!), the water is so salty that you can even read a newspaper while you float; and its mud has amazing benefits for the skin! It is also a beautiful place surrounded by many attractions you definitely can’t miss on your trip to Israel. Read more

 Best Tours in Petra. Visit Israel, and get a special added bonus of a trip to Jordan! Established in around 312 BC, the beautiful ruins of the hidden city of Petra were recently rated as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, as well as being the most popular tourist site in Jordan. The best way to get to Petra is with an organized tour that even helps you cross the border. Read more

Best Tours in the West Bank. The West Bank is one of the most controversial regions in the world, people from very different backgrounds fill the cities and villages with different sounds, flavors and costumes that make it diverse and exciting, ancient history can be found in every corner. Get to know the different sides of it with a tour that can go from half a day to a whole 3 day trip! Read more

 Best Christian Tours in Israel. Israel is the home for most of the Holy places for Jews, Muslims and Christians. It is the land where Jesus spent his life and where he died. Whether you are Christian or not, there is no better place to learn about history than the same place where it all happened. We made a list of the most complete and unique Christian tours in the country. Read more

Best North Israel Tours. With beautiful mountains, beaches and the Kinneret river; magical cities with ancient history; and many fun activities like hikes, kayak and much more, the North area of Israel is not to be missed. Northern Israel includes Haifa (one of Israel’s biggest cities!), the Carmel district, Caesarea, Acre, Rosh Hanikra, the Galilee and the Golan. Read More.

Top 10 Day Trips from Tel Aviv. You can cover pretty much all of Israel (and even a bit of Jordan) in day trips from Tel Aviv. Whether you want to explore a new city, plan a fun date, or just take a much deserved day off from your routine, this guide has all the information you need. Read more.


Best Tours in Eilat. Eilat is a city in southern Israel that is known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and stunning coral reefs. It is also a popular destination for desert activities, such as hiking, biking, and jeep tours. If you are looking for an amazing vacation destination, Eilat is the perfect place for you. With its diverse range of activities and attractions, there is something for everyone. Read More

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