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What is Rosh HaShanah?

Rosh HaShanah is essentially the Jewish New Year, “Rosh” means beginning and “Shanah” means year. In the Jewish world, in this day families gather to have a traditional dinner (Seder) where they bless different foods with specific meanings. In Israel in particular, aside from the religious and family traditions, there are some of the best parties of the year!

Traditions of Rosh HaShanah

The traditions of mostly all Jewish Holidays may change a little depending on the origin of the family. Observant Jews usually go to the synagogue for special preyers, for more secular Jews, this is a resting day. In Rosh HaShanah the traditional dinner or Seder includes different foods that symbolize different things. Some people like to wear new clothes in honor of the new upcoming year.

Events in Tel Aviv

There are some big parties, festivals and communal dinners on Rosh Hashanah, check out our Rosh Hashana 5778 Party Guide!

Rosh Hashanah Events and Parties Guide

Surviving Rosh Hashanah in Israel

Like on Shabbat and other Holidays, kosher bars and restaurants are closed and there is no public transportation.

Synagogues in Tel Aviv For Rosh Hashanah

If you are looking for a synagogue during Rosh Hashana, check out Secret Tel Aviv’s ‘Guide to Olim Friendly Synagogues’.

Want to learn more about holidays in Israel? Check out our Holidays in Israel Guide!

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