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One of Secret Tel Aviv’s favourite questions, especially around the high-holidays! There are hundreds of synagogues in Tel Aviv, and more and more are also reaching out to Internationals to join their community. Here are some of our favourites…

Updated 11th October 2016

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue (TAIS)

Frishman 23 (corner of Ben Yehuda), Central Tel Aviv | Modern Orthodox | website | facebook


  • Built in 1931, it is one of the 5 oldest synagogues in Tel Aviv.
  • Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn is American and conducts the service in English and Hebrew.
  • They host a Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat with Champagne reception every Friday and Cholent and Kugel Kiddush most Saturdays.
  • Shabbat dinners usually once a month and parties and dinners for most chagim.

Ichud Shivat Zion, home of the Minyan Ichud Olam Community

Ben Yehuda 86, Central Tel Aviv | Modern Orthodox, with special services for French and Italian Communities on the second floor | website | facebook | website for Italian Community


  • Ichud Shivat Zion is a large beautiful synagogue on Ben Yehuda, Tel Aviv.
  • They have several floors, and are home to a few different communities.
  • Minyan Ichud Olam is a diverse and dynamic Modern Orthodox community from all across the religious spectrum. Through the efforts of our members we have grown into a warm and friendly community, active both on Shabbat and during the week, with services, shiurim, and many other activities.
  • On the ground floor there is home to the Italian Community (Nusach Tripolitai).

The North Central Synagogue

Ben Yehuda 126, Central Tel Aviv | Modern Orthodox | website | facebook


  • The North Central Synagogue is an ideal place for Internationals and Israelis living in Tel Aviv. All observances, traditions, and levels of familiarity with Jewish customs will feel comfortable and enjoy a variety of cultural and educational programs.

The Great Synagogue

Allenby 110, Central Tel Aviv | website | facebook


  • One of the most beautiful synagogues in Tel Aviv, there is a massive effort under way to restore the Great Synagogue to its former glory of its heydays back in the 1920s.
  • To that end, bi-monthly Friday night meals have just begun taking place at the synagogue with 350 people in attendance. Weekly minyanim on Shabbat day have resumed, and Kiddush with cholent is offered to all after morning prayers as well as Kabbalat Shabbats with champagne and whiskey. 

Chabad on the Coast @ Bar Kokhva 18

Bar Kokhva 18 (corner of Bograshov), Central Tel Aviv | website | facebook


  • Chabad on the Coast is the first English speaking Chabad House in the heart of Tel Aviv. Our aim is to infuse Tel Aviv with vibrant Jewish life.
  • We are launching a center that will serve the English speaking community, where the door is always open, where thousands of Jews will be inspired, learn and grow together, and connect to our Jewish heritage in new and uplifting ways.
  • Our programs include; joyous Shabbat & holiday services and meals, young professional events, Torah classes, social events and more. We provide every Jew regardless of background, an open environment for strengthening and enhancing Jewish life.
  • The community is run by Rabbi Eli and Rebbetzin Sara Naiditich. They were born in the US and met in Israel, and have been involved in Jewish outreach together for the past six years. Eli is a charismatic and gifted rabbi with a breadth of wisdom and an energetic personality.

Rosh Yehudi (French Synagogue)

Bar Kokhva 54 (corner of Dizengoff) | website | facebook


  • One of the main synagogues for the French Olim Community.

Neve Shechter (French Synagogue)

Chelouche 42 (corner of Eilat), Neve Tzedek/South Tel Aviv | website | facebook


  • Another very popular synagogue for the French Community

Beit Daniel (Progressive Reform Synagogues)

Three centers in Tel Aviv -Beit Daniel in northern Tel Aviv (62 Bnei Dan Street), Mishkenot Ruth Daniel (47 Jerusalem Boulevard, Jaffa), and Kehilat Halev in central Tel Aviv (48 Rashi Street) | website | facebook


Goren Shul  – Modligiani 20, Central Tel Aviv | facebook

  • An olim-friendly modern orthodox shul.

Yakar – Jericho Street 6, North Tel Aviv | website | facebook

  • Olim-friendly synagogue, Friday night services in Carlebach style, most of the classes are in Hebrew but there are often classes in English. This synagogue tends to get quite full so it may be worth contacting them in advance to book places for the High Holy Days

Yachad – Zeitlin Street 20 (in the Zeitlin school), Central Tel Aviv | facebook

  • Yachad is a liberal Orthodox synagogue that caters for everyone. It’s unique in that a large number of unconventional families pray here – including members from the LGBT community. It has weekly Shabbat services plus services for the High Holy Days. l.

Bet Knesset Yecheskel – Arnon 2, Central Tel Aviv

  • Prayers are conducted in Moroccan/ Edut Hamizrach tradition. However, the rabbi is Ashkenazi. There are many French olim who pray here and the synagogue regularly hosts Seudah Shlishit (third meal) and kiddushes.

Recanati Synagogue – Menachem Ben Sarouk 13, North Tel Aviv

  • A beautiful building in the shape of seashell, the Recanati synagogue resembles the Sydney Oprah House. Prayers are conducted in Sephardi style and many Olim from Europe come here – especially during the High Holy Days though it is not necessary to book places.

The New Kehila Synagogue of Ramat Aviv – Moritz Daniel 12, Ramat Aviv | website | facebook

  • Olim in Ramat Aviv will likely find the New Kehila of Ramat Aviv to be a very friendly experience

Kehilat Tiferet Shalom – Tagore 26, Ramat Avit | website | facebook

  • Egalitarian Conservative (Masorti) community with Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg
  • Services: Shabbat, holidays, bar & bat mitzvahs, weddings, conversions

White City Shabbat Community

  • White City Shabbat is a not-for-profit community whose mission is to bring Jews together and provide a portal for Jewish life in Tel Aviv.
  • They regularly hold communal shabbat dinners in venues across Tel Aviv.

Minyan Shivyoni Community

  • Minyan Shivyoni is an egalitarian community who regularly hold services at peoples’ houses. There are often vegetarian pot luck dinners held after the services.

*** Big thank you to Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn (TAIS) and Deborah Danan (White City Shabbat) ***

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