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Bograshov St 88, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Kehilat Sinai is a pluralistic, fully egalitarian, liberal Jewish community affiliated with the Masorti Movement and located in the charming heart of Tel Aviv. We are seeking a meaningful, tolerant yet deep way of being Jewish. In addition to our cozy and musical davenings every Shabbat (Friday night & Saturday morning followed by a veggie potluck Kiddush) and Holidays, we learn and reinterpret our ancient sources during our Beit midrash lessons, we organize and host bat- and bar mitzvah ceremonies, Shabbat chatan/kalah as well as other communal activities (f.e. Shabbat tish, movie nights, communal gardening) and participate in social justice/pro-democracy protests. We are proud of our diverse, colorful community, whose members include young and old, individuals and families, straight and LGBTQI, native-born and immigrant Israelis who arrive to us from all corners of the world, observant people, secular folks as well as spiritual seekers.

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