Reform Congregation Herzliya Pituach

Ha-Nasi Yitskhak Ben Tsvi St 132

A group of Herzliya Pituach residents launched a Reform congregation to provide their community with bilingual, egalitarian services, where families sit together, read prayers in

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Havurat Tel Aviv

Jabotinsky St 106

The Havurat Tel Aviv is a super-friendly and completely egalitarian minyan with a traditional Ashkenazi style service. They meet every friday night, twice a month on Shabbat mornings,

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Goren Shul

Modigliani St 20

"Goren Shul", was founded by Major General (Res) Rabbi Shlomo Goren ZT"L, the first Chief Rabbi of the IDF, Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv and

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Kehilat Tiferet Shalom

Tagore St 26

Egalitarian Conservative (Masorti) community with Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg. Services: Shabbat, holidays, bar & bat mitzvahs, weddings, conversions. Looking for more ideas?

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The Kehila Synagogue of Ramat Aviv

Morits Daniel St 12

Olim in Ramat Aviv will likely find the Kehila of Ramat Aviv to be a very friendly experience. Looking for more ideas?

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Zeitlin St 20

Yachad is a liberal Orthodox synagogue that caters for everyone. It’s unique in that a large number of unconventional families pray here – including members

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Yerikho St 6

Olim-friendly synagogue, Friday night services in Carlebach style, most of the classes are in Hebrew but there are often classes in English. This synagogue tends

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Neve Shechter (French Synagogue)

Aharon Chelouche St 42

Another very popular synagogue for the French Community. Looking for more ideas?

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Rosh Yehudi (French Synagogue)

Bar Kokhva St 54

One of the main synagogues for the French Olim Community. Looking for more ideas?

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Chabad on the Coast

Bar Kokhva St 18

Chabad on the Coast is the first English speaking Chabad House in the heart of Tel Aviv. Their aim is to infuse Tel Aviv with

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Yakar Synagogue

Yerikho 5, Tel-Aviv, Israël

Great modern orthodox synagouge, very international and pleasant community.    Looking for more ideas?   

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Recanati Synagogue

Ben Saruk Street 13, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

A beautiful building in the shape of seashell, the Recanati synagogue on 13 Menachem Ben Sarouk resembles the Sydney Oprah House. Prayers are conducted in

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