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The latest craze to hit Tel Aviv is Escape Rooms. If you are looking for a fun activity with your friends, a unique date idea, a cool birthday party, or a team-building exercise with colleagues – Escape Rooms are a great idea.

What are Escape Rooms? Basically, you are locked in a room and given a mission. To get out of the room you have to complete the mission. To complete the mission you have to complete several tasks. Sounds easy? Give it a try! (most missions usually take 1 hour).


Dont miss Gravity @ Cyber Quest

Beit Hillel Street 7, Tel Aviv

Welcome to the Future! Gravity is Tel Aviv’s first virtual escape room and it is incredible! If you love technology, or have friends who love technology, you need to go and try this out! Using Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses, up to 6 people work together to repair the International Space Station. Health warning: this game can cause dizziness, it is not recommended to play if you are pregnant, have heart problems etc etc.


Central Tel Aviv


100 Ha’Hashmonaim (5 mins walk from Rothschild) | 5 rooms


Why Questomania is Great!

  1. It’s central – it is a 10 minute walk from Rothschild Boulevard.
  2. All the games are English-friendly – meaning clues and instructions will also be in English!
  3. It has 5 escape rooms in the one place – meaning it is great place to come for a corporate event of up to 30 people!
  4. All their games are awesome!
  5. You get a 10% discount with Secret Tel Aviv when you complete our online form!


Questomania Games:


  1. Zombie Attack – the zombies are at the door, the antidote is nearby, save yourself and all of mankind!! 2-5 people.
  2. Ocean’s 5 – get the diamonds! To pull off the perfect heist you need the perfect team. 2-5 people.
  3. Alice in Wonderland – everything is upside down in Alice’s World – can you find a way to return to normality? 2-4 people.
  4. The Chase – the difference between a drill and reality is the difference between life and death! 2-5 people.
  5. The Russian Prison – The Moscow trip turned into nightmare. You have to catch the flight back. 2-5 people.


Exit Room

Allenby 65 and Abulafya 23 (South Tel Aviv) | 5 rooms in Tel Aviv


  1. Pandora (Allenby 65) – Pandora’s box is full of nightmares, but also hope. Help her find the box and release hope before the nightmares take over! 4 people.
  2. Capital Punishment (Allenby 65) – you have an hour until your execution – can you figure out how to escape? 2-3 people.
  3. Haunted House (Allenby 65) – can you escape the haunted house before the ghosts get you?! 2-6 people.
  4. Imaginarium (Abulafia 23) – have you ever had a dream that you’ve not been able to understand? You have 60 minutes to figure it out or you will be locked in the dream forever! 2-4 people.
  5. Maniac’s Shelter (Abulafia 23) – You are locked in the basement of a serial killer.. can you escape before you are his next victim? 2-7 people.


Tchernichovsky 26 and HaPelech 3 (Jaffa)  | 3 rooms in Tel Aviv

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 20.06.55

  1. The Secret Lab (Tchernikovsky 26) – Lab-66 is a secret R&D Center in Tel-Aviv that develops new types of weapons. One day Dr. Alexander Kogan, one of the leading scientists in the Lab, suddenly disappears. Probably something went really wrong there. Your team needs to enter the Lab and check it out… 2-6 people.
  2. The Crime (Tchernikovsky 26) – The worst-case scenario happened. Dr. Kogan was found dead at his apartment. You are the main suspect! Therefore, you are requested to proceed to the Locked Security Department! 2-5 people.
  3. TESYS 2.0 (HaPelech 3) – Artificial Intelligence has taken over the lab. You have 60 minutes to shut it down before it finds you out! 3-6 people.

Out of the Box

203 Dizengoff | 4 rooms


  1. Wine Cellar – Hop! And you are in the ancient castle cellar located somewhere in the back streets of Tbilisi. Now many years later after learning that bottle of wine made by lost ancient technology is hidden there you want to get it! On your way to the goal you got locked in a room with many secrets, puzzles and unexpected events. You have 60 minutes to escape from the room with unique bottle in your hands! 2-5 people.
  2. Broadway Behind the Scenes – Learn the secrets to becoming a great Broadway actor! 2-5 people.
  3. Mystery of the African Stone – wild African animals have taken over the streets. Find the special African Stone to save the day. 2-6 people.
  4. Steampunk Circus – Escape from the circus! 2-10 people.


Allenby 119 | 1 room

Lord of the Rings

  1. Lord of the Rings – Saruman’s Revenge – Saruman has captured the old castle. You have 60 minutes to save Middle Earth! 2-6 people.


Shaul HaMelech 35 | 1 room

  1. The Bunker – can you escape the hidden bunker? 2-6 people.


HaArbaa 4 | 1 room

  1. The Road to Hell – A witch is haunting a village in France. Can you find her gravestone and remove the curse? 2-5 people.


Idelson St 7 | 2 rooms

  1. Sinner’s City – winner of the First Israel Escape Room Convention 2017’s “Best Room with an Actor” award. The team behind it are the pioneers of the Escape Room industry in Israel who have built some of the best ER in Israel. 4-8 people.
  2. Las Vegas Show – A game where the players become contestants of a TV Show with a real host and plenty of different games and missions to play.  4-8 people.

East Tel Aviv

Cyber Quest

Beit Hilel St 7 (part of Escape Room) | 1 room


An Escape Room like you’ve never seen before! Israel’s first and best augmented reality escape game is an experience is out of this wold! (literally). You don’t have to imagine yourself in space, you can actually see yourself there and control your avatar with your body and head. You can fly with the movement of your arms, interact with your team and do other stuff (we don’t want to spoil the surprise) with your hands and by moving your head. This is technology in a completely different level you’ve probably never experienced before. 2-6 people.

Escape Room

Gerhson Shatz 30 and Beit Hillel 7 | 4 rooms

Escape Room

  1. The Robbery of the Century (Gershon Shatz 30) – You and your team are planning The Robbery of The Century: to rip off the apartment of one crazy scientist who recently received the largest cash prize in the history of Israel. 2-12 people.
  2. Hotel California (Beit Hillel 7) – on a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair… welcome to Hotel California… but can you leave? 2-5 people.
  3. Titanic (Beit Hillel 7) – can you escape the sinking ship, and save your fellow passengers, before Celine Dion bellows out of the speakers? 2-5 people.
  4. Gravity by Cyber Quest (Beit Hillel 7) – Tel Aviv’s first virtual reality escape room! 2-6 people.


Menachem Begin 25 | 2 rooms

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 21.09.44

  1. The Dark Side of Art – There are strange disappearances of people occurring throughout the town. One famous artist who lives locally is suspected in these disappearances. Conventional police methods have not given any results. Your team was asked to help to police investigation. You need to sneak to suspect’s studio and find a proof of his monstrosity. But remember, you have only one hour before he returns. Can you make it????? 2-6 people.
  2. Walter’s Secret – Walter, a chemistry teacher, is looking for the secret recipe for a new recreational drug. Can you beat him to it! 2-6 people.

The Quest Game

Menachem Begin 90 | 3 rooms

Mission Impossible

  1. CSI – you work in the forensics department of the Tel Aviv District. A leading lawyer has been murdered – can you solve the case?! 2-6 people.
  2. Mission Impossible – you are Ethan Hunt’s best students… can you save the world from the corrupt corporations? 2-6 people.
  3. Jumanji – can you escape the magical board game before you get sucked in for good? 2-6 people.

Pirate Escape

Menachem Begin 112 | 1 room

  1. The Pirate Code – Can you find the hidden treasure on the sinking pirate ship before it is lost underwater forever?! 2-12 people.


HaRekevet 22 and Shimon Ben Shatakh 9 (Jaffa), Tel Aviv | 4 rooms in Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.59.57

  1. Altair Space Station (Tel Aviv) – We’ve lost contact with the International Space Station – your mission is to travel to space and find out what’s happened! 2-4 people.
  2. Elm Street (Tel Aviv) – Can you escape from your horror nightmares! 2-4 people.
  3. Boardwalk Empire (Jaffa) – The period is 1920th, USA. The great depression and the burst of the economic bubble are close. The “dry law” as a guarantee of the wellness of the nation, Al Capone as a symbol of prosperity and the whole organized crime in the service of politics. 2-6 people.
  4. Trapped (Jaffa) – Can you escape Dr Stevenson’s horror clinic! 2-5 people.


Totseret HaArets 16

  1. Syrian Spy Room – The date is April 1967 – Six Syrian MiG-21s are shot down, an event that added led us to the door of the war. A Mossad spy reveals that there is a country which intends to assassinate Syrian General Staff in retaliation for the downing of the planes. You young Mossad agents. Discover the room – you must neutralize the threat! 2-12 people.

Mystic Room

Yosef Karo 19 | 2 rooms

  1. Secrets of the Universe – you’ve had an accident, and you are in between life and death. You have 60 minutes to make your case for staying alive. 2-8 people.
  2. Pharaoh’s Curse – Professor Wilson disappeared last week on a dig. Can you help find him?! 2-6 people.

Beit HaQuest

Menorat HaMaor 3 | 5 rooms

  1. Casino Secret – Can you pull of the largest casino robbery in history? 2-6 people.
  2. Pirate Cabin – The Cannibal Pirate has you locked up in his cabin, and is going to each you for lunch in 1 hour. Can you escape before you end up on his plate? 2-6 people.
  3. Exodus – Can you escape from Egypt?! 2-4 people.
  4. RadioActive – You’ve been transported back to Chernobyl, 1 hour before the reactor explodes. Can you prevent the explosion at the atomic reactor?! 2-6 people.
  5. The Morgue – you are locked in a morgue, with a dead company as company. Find out how he died before you are the next one on the examination table. 2-6 people.


Yitzak Sadeh 32 | 1 room


  1. Tunnel Miners – Your trapped underground. Air is running out, and water is starting to full up the mine. You have 60 minutes to escape. 2-6 players.

Escape in 60 Minutes

Natan Yellin Mor 17 | 1 room

  1. The Mission – You are a spy for a top Middle Eastern Spy Agency. There has been a defection that can threaten world order – can you find the double-agent before it’s too late?! 2-12 people.

The Grand Karlibach Hotel

Derech Menachem Begin 65 | 1 room

  1. The Grand Karlibach Hotel – We are a Performance type Escape Room. There are live actors inside the room, but the actions you and your group decide to take are the ones who guide the plot.



Nirim Street 10 | 1 room

  1. Trapped in Time – something’s gone wrong with Dr Brown’s time machine, and you are trapped, lost in time… can you get back home?! 2-6 people.
  2. The Last Job – Your life are not as simple as it used to be. Skeletons from your past starting to rise, it’s now or never, the police is on your tail and you have the chance to do that one last job before you quit forever. Are you and the crew ready?


North Tel Aviv


HaBarzel 31 | 1 room

  1. Casino Robbery – can you pull off one of the greatest bank heists in history? (2-10 people).


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