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Village Green

5 Yoel Moshe Solomon

Village Green is a kosher vegan restaurant in Jerusalem. The Village Green chain was established in 1992, and in light of the success of the first

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Nahmani St 36

A new vegan restaurant taking plant based eating to the next level. This restaurant is included in the ‘Best Vegan Restaurants in Tel Aviv’ and Secret Tel

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416 – Four One Six

HaArba'a St 16

Written by guest writer Scott D. Renwick 416 is probably the coolest dining experience in Tel Aviv at the moment. This New York style restaurant

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King George St 41

This restaurant is so special that we have not one but two awesome guest reviews from the Secret Tel Aviv Community - thanks guys! Review

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Ibn Gbirol 165

Written by guest writer Scott D. Renwick Alegria is slightly out of the way on 165 Ibn Gabirol Street, in Tel Aviv. But it’s totally

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Dosa Bar

Ben Yehuda St 188

South Indian Street Food joint on Ben Yehuda near Jabotinski. Full of flavors, happy, delicious, healthy,VEGAN, and GLUTEN-FREE. Chef Chen Weinstein spent two years in South India

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Ibn Gabirol St 48

Herzog is a new place that recently opened on Ibn Gvirol, by the chef Roey Hertzog of the Eyal Shani line of chefs. It is a cozy

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Frishman St 54

Anastasia was recently voted the Best Vegan Restaurant in Tel Aviv in a poll in Secret Tel Aviv. We've sent guest blogger Scott D. Renwick

Caffe Kaymak Jaffa

Aza Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Café, restaurant and bar - easygoing, fun, vegan, vegetarian, and super cheap.    Looking for more ideas?   

Hippo Organic Falafel

Ibn Gabirol Street 64, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Organic falafel per the name, whole wheat pittas, and very tasty sauces. Meet a friend here and sit inside or get a takeaway and sit

Market Dizengoff

Dizengoff 140, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Most vegan places usually are either healthy, homemade, cheap or serve comfort food, Market is an incredible combination of the four. They have delicious stews