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Mikes Place Ha-Arba’a (KOSHER)

Category: Bars and Clubs

Mike’s Place is a chain of ultimate American sports bars with great...

Cafe Birenbaum

Café Birenbaum is a vegetarian buffet restaurant open till 4pm every day....

L’Aile ou la Cuisse

Tags: Kosher

Kosher French Bassari Restaurant TLV. This restaurant is included in our Best...


Tags: breakfast and Kosher

The former home of the elite in Petah Tikva is now on...


Tags: American, Burgers, and Kosher

Kosher Burger fast food restaurant, recommended by the Secret Tel Aviv community!...


Tags: Italian, Kosher, and Romantic

I had never heard of Pankina until checking the results of the...

Fleishman Deli

At Tel Aviv’s Fleishman Deli you will find Israeli classics with a New...


Tags: Kosher

Mapu restaurant describes itself as Fun + Fine Dining. Right in the...

Meat Kitchen

Tags: Kosher

Not your usual stake house, this restaurant by two young owners/chefs Nadav Natsar...

Meatos Grill Bar

Tags: Kosher and Meat House

Delicious kosher meat grill restaurant – big tasty steaks!     Looking for...

Abu Gosh

Hummus and local tastes     Looking for more ideas?   


Tags: Italian, Kosher, and Pizza

Kosher Italian restaurant and Pizzeria.     Looking for more ideas?