Imersion Tel Aviv

Undisclosed Location

Israel's first ever immersive dinning experience; Imersion is one of the most unique and crazy restaurants in Tel Aviv. At an undisclosed location, there are

Positano Tel Aviv

Herzl 2, Tel Aviv

The Positano restaurant is located in the Weiss building which is a conservation building and not only is it also the most beautiful building on

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Rashel Tel Aviv

Yosef Yekuti'eli 3, Tel Aviv

In the perfect location by the sea in the port of Tel Aviv, there is the Rashel restaurant with Moroccan cuisine that brings out insanely

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Fish Market by Meatos Tel Aviv

Shaul Hamelech 33, Tel Aviv

Fish Market’s menu consists of high quality cheese and fish. A kitchen run by a skilled staff produces Mediterranean dishes made of fresh produce delivered

Lulu & Co Tel Aviv

Rothschild Blvd 37, Tel Aviv-Yafo

The Cereal Ice Cream craze has made its way to Tel Aviv and it does not disappoint! At Lulu & Co, taste the nostalgia of

Dvora by Chef Eyal Shani Tel Aviv

Ben Yehuda St 87, Tel Aviv

The Dvora restaurant by Chef Eyal Shani is located at the luxury Debrah Hotel by Brown. She is kosher, but also bold and exceptional.  At

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Qumran Tel Aviv

Ha'arba'a Street 27, Tel Aviv

"And he made them a feast, and they ate and drank." Tel Aviv's ultimate oasis - Qumran! Nothing says festival of colors and flavors quite

Poupee Tel Aviv

De Picciotto St 22, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Poupee restaurant, known for its sensational entertainment experience, is now more kosher than ever. The chef specializes in haute kosher cuisine, with a vision to

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Ola’-Ola’ Tel Aviv

Simtat HaCarmel 27, Tel Aviv

Looking for a trendy and delicious Kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv? Look no further than Olà-Olà! This  restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes with

Whiskey Bar & Museum Tel Aviv

David Elazar Street 27, Tel-Aviv

"Beneath the ground, behind a wooden door, in an ancient Templar tunnel with arches, hides an amazing land - the land of Israel's whiskey". Great

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Bodega American Kitchen Tel Aviv

Carlebach Street 14, Tel-Aviv

Don't miss Bodega American Kitchen, a chef-driven family-run business pumping out the best classic American smash burgers, as well as signature recipe hot dogs, crispy

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Dunya by Meir Adoni

Derech Menachem Begin 136

Upmarket kosher street-food restaurant by famous chef Meir Adoni. Dunya was voted one of the Best Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv. Check out the full