Cafe XoHo

Ben Yehuda Street 73, Tel Aviv

Laid back deco, delicious healthy comfort home-made food (with many vegetarian and vegan options), good strong coffee and delicious drinks... no wonder Cafe XoHo is


Allenby St 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo

BeiTea is a bubble tea shop in Tel Aviv that offers a wide variety of flavors and toppings. And if you love popping boba -

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Zeit für Brot

Derech Menachem Begin 37, Tel Aviv-Yafo

New addition to gluten paradise in Tel Aviv! Famous Beerlin buns are finally in town and we love it!!! We’re obsessed with their cinnamon and

KitKat Fairytale Bakery Cafe

She'erit Yisra'el St 31, Tel Aviv-Yafo

This bakery is Tel Aviv’s most magical bakery! It’s decorated like a fairy tale, with twinkling lights, cascading flowers, and whimsical creatures. It's the perfect

Yaffa Knafeh

Olei Zion 24, Tel Aviv

Yaffa Knafeh is the place to go for the best knafeh in Tel Aviv. The original spot is in Jaffa Shuk, but they have couple

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Cafe Levinsky 41

Levinsky 41, Tel Aviv

Try original Gazoz in Levinsky Shuk. This is one of the most instagrammable drinks in the whole Tel Aviv (maybe even in Israel). Gazoz is

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Montefiori Street 41, Tel Aviv

Monti 41 is the IT place for working remotely / people watching or just sun bathing. Their outdoor patio is the perfect place to soak

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Oded Chocolate

Merkaz Ba'alei Melaha St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Hands down, this is the BEST handmade chocolate in Tel Aviv! Oded Saida is a chocolatier who combines traditional techniques with innovative techniques to create

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Cafe Shapira

Ralbag St 15, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Cafe Shapira - a meeting spot for the community and entrepreneurs, events and dialogue, as well as for music and dancing! The completely outdoor space

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Michelangelo Cafe

Ben Teradion Street 2, Tel-Aviv

A great spot for yummy, authentic vegan food in Jaffa! Make sure to try their delicious Shakshuka among a wide variety of dishes for breakfast,

Boutique Central

Sheinkin St 53

Although a popular chain across Tel Aviv, owner Ofer Gal stays true to the community feel of Shenkin Street, providing the go-to coffee and pastry

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Ha Ogen

Frishman St. 43

This oasis of a coffee shop is located near the lively Dizengoff shopping district—near enough for shoppers to drop in for a refreshing reward after

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