Last updated March 4th 2024

Purim is back! This year Purim is on Saturday night 23rd March until Sunday day 24th March, with parties starting on the Thursday before – 21st March 2024. Check out our guide for all the best parties!

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Masks Purim Weekend @ Expo Tel Aviv

Thursday 21st – Friday 22nd | Rokach Blvd 101 | 6pm | 429 NIS
Escape reality, dance under Purim masks with top DJs at The Renaissance’s Tel Aviv return – a rebirth of joy and electronic passion. Read More

Purim Carnival featuring Talamasca (FR) @ HaEzor

Ha-Rekhev 13 | 10.30pm | 220 NIS

We decided to come back from the silence with all our strength for the Purim carnival where it is commanded to rejoice! Read More

Imagine – Purim Desert Carnival @ Shitim (in the Desert)

Thursday 21st March – Friday 22nd March | Shitim | 4pm | 575 NIS

An imaginary village that will come to life and will be filled with friends, wrapped in the endless expanses of the desert, in the most isolated settlement in Israel, far from all the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. Read More

Mycotown 2024 – Garden of Iluzia @ Hazeva (in the Desert)

Hazeva | 4pm | 525 NIS

The traditional Purim festival of Myco: Three days of colorful and uncompromising illusions, non-stop music, art, workshops and games. Read More

Wicked Purim – hosting Camel Rider Showcase @ Tel Aviv

TBA, Tel Aviv | 10 pm | 130 NIS

Purim party in a gorgeous new loft with a huge balcony overlooking Tel Aviv, with amazing line up of the biggest local DJs! Read More


Colorful Space @ Shalvata

HaTa’arucha 3 | 9pm | 245 NIS

Shalvaya throws big party with international & Israeli artists for a night of non-stop music, sunshine, and pure escapism under the stars. Read More

Millennium Purim Festival @ Gagarin

Kibbutz Galuyot 13 | 10.30pm | 169 NIS

Purim explodes with love! 3 stages, top Israeli artists, and the ultimate celebration at Gagarin! Read More

Hangar 11 Purim Festival @ Hangar 11

Rehov Yorde Hsira 1, Tel Aviv Port | 10.30pm | 349 NIS

Don’t miss the epic Purim 2024 celebration featuring +972 and FREEDOM at Hangar 11 – it’s the perfect combination of electronic music and entertainment! Read More

Colorful Purim Festival @ Duplex

Hashak 10 | 11pm | 199 NIS

Don your wildest costumes, lose yourself in 3 stages, 20 artisans, & explosive music at the most colorful Purim festival. Read More

Purim Ozen – 3-day party @ Ozen Bar

Thursday 21st – Sunday 24th | King George 48 | 11pm | 499 NIS

Immerse yourself in 4 days of Purim revelry at Ozen: stunning visuals, heart-thumping techno, & city’s best DJs across 2 stages. Read More

Purim Hamam – 4-days, top DJs @ Hamam

Thursday 21st – Sunday 24th | TAYELET MIFRAZ SHLOMO ST 10, TEL AVIV | 11pm | 599 NIS

Unleash your wildest dreams at the ultimate Purim festival: a magical euphoric world with world-class DJs, breathtaking seaside location, and vibes so powerful they’ll break records. Read More

This post is made in cooperation with GO-OUT ticketing and operating system for event organizers – the premier events related platform in Israel. Check out all their Purim Events.


Purim Wine Party @ Azrieli

Azrieli Towers | 7pm | 160 NIS

Plunge into a world of sensual pleasures on March 21 at DNA Azrieli complex. We invite you to a wine party that exceeds expectations. This event is not only about wine, it is a magnificent celebration of Purim, a journey of flavor exploration and a feast for all the senses. Read More

Purim Night @ VooDoo

Ben Zion 1 | 9pm | 110 NIS

Unmask the magic of Purim at HAMISHI VOODOO: costumes, music, and wild spirits unite for a night you won’t forget! Read More

Purim Puppet Show @ Barby

Jaffa Port | 9.30pm | 240 NIS

Special Purim Party at Barby with incredible DJs line up! Read More


10am – The Love Boat Mexico – Community Purim Event @ Arik Einstein Center

Dov Hoz 16 | 10am | Free

This coming Purim, Arik’s love ship will anchor in the plaza, bringing with it souvenirs from Mexico and inviting everyone to a community event for the whole family in the atmosphere of a piñata and snacking on nachos! Read More

12pm – Purim Street Party @ VooDoo

Ben Zion 1 | 12pm | Free

Don your wildest costume and dance the night away at the free Voodoo Purim street party! Read More

12pm – E-Boded Purim Ba’Oman @ Haoman 17

Haoman 17 | 12pm | 200 NIS

Escape the storm and join Purim Ba’Oman: dive deep for tradition, music, and joy on Desolate Island dancefloor. Read More

12.30pm – The High Windows tribute @ Barby

Jaffa Port | 12.30pm | 145 NIS

The High Windows tribute – Assaf Amdursky, Shlomi Shaban, Yael Kraus at Barby! Read More

2pm – BiciFest @ Hameretz 2

Hameretz 2 | 2pm | 140 NIS

The Bicicletta (and Mozambique) crew return for their infamous Friday afternoon Purim Party – this time in a new location at HaMeretz 2! Read more.


12pm – Purim Party @ Teder

Beit Romano | 12pm | Free

Teder is excited to announce: Beit Romano’s traditional Purim party! Full Line Up will be announced soon, so stay tuned!!! Read More

1pm – M-Fest Purim Daytime @ Ronit Farm

Saturday 23rd March | Ronit Farm | 1pm | 349 NIS

M-Fest Purim 2024 returns to Ronit Farm for a DAY2NIGHT celebration of music, community, and revelry – escape the ordinary, express yourself, and join the family! Read More

4pm – Tsipor Purim Open Air Festival @ Park Hatachana

Park Hatachana | 4pm | 180 NIS

Purim shines brighter than ever: Music, art, & unity ignite Hatachana Park in a celebration of life, hope & joy! Read More

7.30pm – Purim Fest @ Hamashbir

Ha-Mashbir 2 | 7.30pm | 145 NIS

Don’t miss the wildest Purim party yet! 3rd Mashbir Purim Fest: 2 squares, punk & electronic beats, hip-hop & dancehall. Read More

8pm – Purim Extravaganza! Megillah Reading, Live Band, After Party, Open Bar @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue

Frishman 23 | 8pm | Donations

TLV’s Most ROCKIN’ PURIM Party and Massive Megillah Reading at TAIS by Tel Aviv International & KeepOlim. Read More

10pm – Soul Train Purim Party @ Art Club

Lilienblum 23 | 10pm | 120 NIS

Get down with all the disco-funk-soul classics from amazing 45’s vinyl super dj’s. Read More


4pm – Purim by the Sea Sunset Party @ Selina Beach

Shenkar 2 | 4 pm | 209 NIS

Celebrate Purim with the sea breeze in your hair and the best DJs in town at Selina Beach Hotel Tel Aviv’s rooftop festival. Read More

5.40pm – Space Purim – Sunset to Sunrise @ Caesarea Harbour

Caesarea Harbour | 5.40pm 

Blast off to a brighter future at SPACE PURIM 2024: 12 hours of music, magic, & community under the stars, celebrating culture, unity, & joy (costumes mandatory!). Read More

9pm – Secret Purim at the Gallery @ Noor

Pinkas Ben Ya’ir 5 | 9pm | 150 NIS

Unmask your inner mystery at Private Events’ exclusive Purim gallery party: capes, masks, and good vibes encouraged! Read More

9.30pm Purim party @ Emesh

Lilienblum 30 | 9.30pm | 80 NIS

Join Emesh for the ultimate Purim party: vibrant colors, costumes, non-stop celebrations & top DJs. Read More

10pm – Purim Psytrix Festival @ Hangar 11

Nemal Tel Aviv 20 | 10pm | 299 NIS

Dance under the psychedelic sky with top DJs at the unforgettable PURIM PSYTRIX FESTIVAL! Read More

10.30pm – Purim @ Frishman Beach

Frishman Beach | 10.30pm | 299 NIS

This Purim, experience unforgettable night by the Tel Aviv beach with the hottest DJs under the sunrise at Frishman Beach! Read More

11pm – Maryland Purim Festival @ Inferno Club

De Picciotto 22 | 11pm | 149 NIS

Unmask yourself at MARYLAND Purim Festival: break free with top DJs, epic visuals & one of Tel Aviv’s hottest venue – Inferno TLV! Read More

This post is made in cooperation with GO-OUT ticketing and operating system for event organizers – the premier events related platform in Israel. Check out all their Purim Events.


4pm – Purim Sunset to Sunrise @ Shalvata

HaTa’arucha 3 | 4pm | 229 NIS

Celebration in the air, excitement spreading – Purim 2024 is approaching, and with it Tel Aviv is preparing for this year’s party event! Read More

8pm – Out of Mind: Purim Fairy Dust @ Maze

HaSharon 12 | 8pm | 350 NIS

Our rave will start on Saturday at 20.00 and will include 4 different and special arenas, each with its own character and soul. Read More

12.30pm – Avraham Tal @ Barby

Jaffa Port | 8.30pm | 140 NIS

Avraham Tal performs at Barby! Read More

9pm – Purim 90s Rave @ Gray Tel Aviv

Shlomo Ibn Gabirol S30 | 9pm | 120 NIS

Queen Esther, Cowboys, Batmans and nothing, get ready for the hottest party on the craziest holiday of the year! Read More

9pm – Purim at the Loft @ HaArba’a 19

HaArba’a 19 | 9pm | 100 NIS

Unleash your inner party animal at Purim’s most exclusive bash: costumes, DJs, and a stunning Tel Aviv loft! Read More


2pm – Subliminal and The Shadow @ Shalvata

HaTa’arucha 3 | 2pm | 250 NIS

Don’t miss the legendary Subliminal and The Shadow perform live for the first time ever at Shalvata this Purim! Read More

3pm – Locals Purim – Red Axes @ Blue Beach

Blue Beach | 3pm | 129 NIS

Set sail for the craziest Purim party on the high seas (well, beach) at Blue Beach TLV with top Israeli artists and epic ocean views! Read More

9.30pm – Purim @ Emesh

Lilienblum 30 | 9.30pm | 80 NIS

Dance to DJ Lior Brush, savor delicious food & celebrate Purim joy at Emesh Sunday party! Read More

10pm – Purim Mainstream @ Shalvata

HaTa’arucha 3 | 10pm | 139 NIS

Purim like you’ve never seen it before: dance under the Tel Aviv sky with iconic DJs and unforgettable vibes from sunset to sunrise! Read More

10pm – Purim Hype @ City Hall

Shlomo Ibn Gabirol 71 | 10pm | 120 NIS

Purim HYPE Party hits Tel Aviv with Omri Karasso, Gil Lugasy, Tomer Ben Ami & Shahar Bar – don’t miss this mainstream bash! Read More

For the most up-to-date and comprehensive list of Purim Parties, check our Calendar



For the most up-to-date and comprehensive list of Purim Parties, check our Calendar

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