Last updated March 27th 2022

Thanks everyone for sharing your amazing costumes in Secret Tel Aviv! Check out some of the most popular costumes below….

1. Tel Aviv Balcony by Tair Chvika and Erez Oved ☂️

With well over 3,000 likes, this years most loved Purim costume in Secret Tel Aviv is Tair and Erez’s Tel Aviv balcony! We’ve include the full length version of the costume here so you can gaze upon all the intricacies of the costume. Check out the post.

2. Rothschild Statues by Lee Kamelo 🗽

This has to win the prize for the most photographer costume – check out the comments in the post! Check out post.

3. Wrecking Ball by Aviram Carmeli! ⛓️

It’s another legendary Purim costume from the amazing Aviram Carmeli – this year his special take on Miley Cyrus’s wrecking ball… we LOVE it! Check out the video to see the full video of the wrecking ball leaving a trail of destruction in Tel Aviv.

4. Car Wash Yeah 🧽

This amazing double team were cleaning up in Rothschild, check out videos by Shiran and Yonatan.

5. Happy Purim from the Tetris Crew 🕹️

These guys win this year’s team costume prize (costumes with three or more people). All the pieces just fit together in this costume! Check out the post.

6. Yayoi Kusama by Ariella 🔴

Is this costume sponsored by Tel Aviv Museum’s Yayoi Kusama exhibition? If it isn’t, it should be?! Check out the guy’s face, this is dedication! Check out the costume.

7. The Police Officer and the Owl by Miki and Itay 🚨

Check out this crazy duo messing around with people on the streets of the city. Check out the video.

8. Happy Purim from the Little Mermaid by Eduard Donskoy and Anna Berdibekov 🧜🏿

Classic costume! Check out the post!

9. Tinder Swindler by Nir Ben Harush 💰

Simon Leviev summarizes Purim in this awesome video!

10. Here Comes the Sun by Timor Cohen 💛

We love the costume, and the video on making the costume! Check out the post.

11. Happy Purim🖕

No words needed for this hilarious costume. See the post.

12. More Tinder Swindler 💸

We love this post! Check out all the comments for loads of amazing photos from the community!

13. Say Cheese by Guy Itzak Alon and Roi Lezerovich 📷

Cool idea! Check out the post!

14. Pixar by Reb Kw and Noa Kawa 💡

We love this video! Check out the post.

15. For more amazing costumes, check out these three great albums taken around the city!

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