Last updated July 12th 2023

Tel Aviv is the perfect place for a family holiday! We’ve put together a list of the best places to visit, things to do, and experiences to have in Tel Aviv with your kids. From the beaches to the museums, the parks to the playgrounds, we’ve got you covered.

1. Hit the Beach

Tel Aviv is known for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world – and it’s true! They welcome all walks of life and can be enjoyed by all ages. Pack a picnic or grab food from any of the restaurants along the Tayelet, build sand castles, play in the sea; the opportunities are endless for family fun. A favourite beach amongst families is Mezizim beach near the Namal because of its shallow waters and nearby playgrounds. Check out Secret Tel Aviv’s guide for theBest Beaches in Israel and don’t forget your sunscreen!

2. Playgrounds – Let the Kids Run Wild 

One of the best things about Tel Aviv for parents is the huge number of playgrounds dotted around the city… you can usually find a playground within only a few minutes of your home anywhere in the city. Most big parks have a playground, and also lots of smaller parks – there’s even a small playground in the middle of Rothschild Boulevard. Check out our Guide to the Best Parks in the City – whether your child is a daredevil who loves to climb and swing, or a more laid-back type who enjoys a good picnic, you’re sure to find a park that they’ll love. 

3. Explore the Park Hayarkon

The largest and most beloved park in Tel Aviv is Park Hayarkon, a green Oasis in the middle of this desert city. As well as loads of open spaces to run around in and lots of kids playgrounds dotted around the park, there are also several attractions worth a visit. These include bike and boat rentals, Skytown (an epic aerial adventure climbing course), TLV Balloon (get the best views of the city in this hot air balloon), iClimb Climbing Wall and more. Check out our Guide of Park Hayarkon for more info. 

4. Tel Aviv Port (The Namal)

There’s loads of fun things in the Namal – Babylon Park, Sky Jump, a large kids playground, a carrousel and so forth. Along the scenic Mediterranean Sea, the Namal has something for everybody (especially kids)! Don’t forget to stop by Golda or Otello for a cold pick me up that no kid would ever say no to.

5. Sarona Food Market and Park

Take your kids on a journey back in time to the days of the German Templars at Sarona, a restored neighborhood in Tel Aviv. There are two playgrounds for kids to play in – one for younger kids and a bigger area with climbing nets for older kids. You can also rent a kids electric car for them to practice driving like an Israeli, and take a pit stop at the Sarona Food Market. For more details, check out our website

6. Fun Museums and Galleries

There are loads of amazing museums and galleries in Tel Aviv, with varying degrees of kid-friendliness. Some of our favourite kid friendly museums include the ANU Museum of the Jewish People where there are many exhibits that highlight the flourishing of Jewish communities and individuals; the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History is a great site for children in Tel Aviv to learn about local species, geographical history and other awesome science lessons; the Peres Center for Innovation and Peace is an unexpected gem that is well worth the visit, especially with kids – it shows many interactive screens where you learn about different innovators of technology, medicine and more; and lastly, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is great for family fun, as they offer a range of activities for group visits of children aged five to ten years old – fun, experiential, and educational sessions that are conducted between the artworks, in the Museum’s engaging atmosphere, under the guidance of professional staff. For older kids there are also lots of interesting museums about the history of Israel since 1948. Most museums have English translations, and all have air-conditioning! Check out our Guides to Tel Aviv’s Best Museums and Best Galleries in Tel Aviv for more info.

7. Take a Tour

Sign up for a tour and get to know the city better! What better way to learn than hands-on, first hand experience? Graffiti tours in Florentin are always particularly a fan favorite for kids, seeing the creative and bright works of local artists. Check out some awesome Tel Aviv tours on our Tel Aviv Tours guide. Take it one step further and get out of the city to explore more amazing culture of Israel, check out all tours.

8. Luna Park – Tel Aviv’s biggest amusement park

On the outskirts of Park Hayarkon is Luna Park, the most famous amusement park in Israel. It stretches over about 12 acres of wide grass patches, palm and eucalyptus trees, paved and accessible routes and plenty of attractions and adventures including but not limited to lottery pavilions, rides for children and adults and souvenir stores. More info here

9. Meymadion Water Park

Another good hotspot next to Park Hayarkon for children is Meymadion Water Park! This is one of Israel’s biggest water park with thrill slides, wave & swimming pools and picnic areas. What better way for the whole family to cool down! Find more details about Meymadion here, and check out Best Waterparks in Israel.

10. Check out a new film at the Cinema

A perfect indoor activity for a hot Israeli day! With so many good films coming out soon in the cinema, there is never a lack of something to see. Tel Aviv has it all in terms of cinemas, independent to commercial and even out-of-the-city multiplexes! Our Best Cinemas in Tel Aviv Guide breaks it down for you…  so grab some popcorn and your favorite candy!

11. Take a dip at Gordon Pool

The famous Gordon pool on the Tayelet was established in 1956 and has since been a hub for social activity in Tel Aviv. It even includes a gym area where lessons can be provided, as well as wet and dry saunas, a luxurious jacuzzi and a professional treatment room. Throughout the year they offer a variety of activities in a friendly, community atmosphere, including sunset performances, lectures, and unique sporting events. 

12. Gymborees in shopping centers

There are shopping malls dotted all over Tel Aviv, and most of them have a kids gymboree. This can be a great way to entertain your kids while you do some well deserved shopping. Check out our Shopping Guide to find your local mall.


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