Last updated September 5th 2023

Tel Aviv is known for some amazing weather and outdoor spaces to enjoy it in! Here is a curated list in order of location (from North to South) of our favorite spots to relax on a bench, meet up with friends, enjoy a picnic, walk your dog and so forth.

1. Park Hayarkon 

Park Hayarkon is probably the most important park in Tel Aviv, seeing as though it is certainly the largest in size! It is perfect for many different activities – running, working out, walking around, having a picnic, getting lost in nature and even watching a concert! Check out more about what Park Hayarkon has to offer.

2. Dubnov Garden 

In the Southern Part of the New North, you can find the beloved Dubnov Garden Park. Bordering the Herta and Paul Amir Building and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, this is a very enjoyable area to take in the open spaces. It is most popular among the locals who take advantage of how much room there is, and those with kids seeing as though there are some pretty impressive jungle gyms. Check out more about what Dubnov Garden has to offer. 

3. Sarona Garden 

This hidden oasis can be found in proximity to the beloved Sarona Market, the largest enclosed culinary market in Israel. With gym equipment and playgrounds for children, you will find all walks of life enjoying this outdoor area. Whether you’re taking your meal to go from any of the surrounding restaurants and vendors, reading a book on a hammock or anything in between, this space is guaranteed to be a hit amongst locals and tourists alike. Check out more about what Sarona Garden has to offer. 

4. Gan Meir

Gan Meir is a beautiful little park in the middle of the city, near the Dizengoff Center and King George. There are nice areas to sit and relax, plus there’s a cool dog park to let your dogs run free. Gan Meir is also home to the Gay Center, an important resource for the LGBT community, and a Landwer Cafe. In addition, Gan Meir also features a public library on wheels, a basketball court, ping pong tables, outdoor gym stations and more! Check out more about what Gan Meir has to offer. 

5. Kiryat Sefer Park

A true hidden gem of Tel Aviv, Kiryat Sefer Park is adored by locals. This urban green space is home to a stunning lily pond, walking paths, a playground, and exercise equipment. Additionally, it is conveniently close to Tel Aviv Fashion Mall! Check out more about what Kiryat Sefer Park has to offer. 

6. HaKovshim Park

Known as the “backyard” of the Shuk because of its proximity, Hakovshim Park is one of the top rated places in Tel Aviv. It is also very close to Charles Clore and Aviv Beach – so the location is quite literally perfect. Dog areas, playgrounds and tons of luscious green grass, this garden area is full of places to sit back and relax, and even enjoy your to-go meal from any of the amazing Shuk HaCarmel vendors and restaurants! Check out more about what HaKovshim Park has to offer. 

7. Charles Clore Park

Sandwiched directly in-between Alma Beach to the south and Banana Beach to the north, Charles Clore Park is a true gem of Tel Aviv. With rolling luscious green hills that are practically begging you to have a picnic on them, it borders the Mediterranean Sea with stunning sunset views. Holding over 30 acres of land, this park is most famously known for hosting large events such as Eat Tel Aviv Food Festival and Eurovision in 2019. Check out more about what Charles Clore Park has to offer. 

8. Park HaMesila

This 30-dunam (7.5-acre) park is located in the southwestern part of the city, between the trendy Neve Tzedek quarter and Eilat Street. It is built on the route of the old Ottoman railway, which was once used to connect Jaffa and Jerusalem. Check out more about what Park HaMesila has to offer. 

9. Abrasha Park

This iconic public park in Jaffa is filled with benches and gardens to sit back, relax and enjoy the 360 views it provides. Abrasha Park is home to The Gate of Faith, which is famously made out of Galilee stone, sculpted by Daniel Kafri and stands at the peak of the entire park. On the seafront side, there are many restaurants and cafes in which locals and tourists alike frequent. Check out more about what Abrasha Park has to offer. 

10. Midron Yaffo Park 

You can find Midron Jaffa Park on a seaside hill, with an overlooking view of the entire city of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Seriously, you can see from Jaffa Port to Hilton and beyond. Popular for picnics and breezy bike rides, of course! Our recommendation is to head over to this public space for golden hour, to watch the sunset and see the city glow. Check out more about what Midron Yaffo Park has to offer. 

11. Menachem Begin Park

Located in the southern region of Ramat Gan, Menachem Begin Park is home to a library, mini train, Sportek Sports Complex, and waterskiing! These attracts set Menachem Begin Park apart from the other similar spaces around the area. The water ski area is referred to as “Lake TLV,” and it is just as fun to watch as it is to participate in. Check out more about what Menachem Begin Park has to offer.

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