Last updated September 8th 2017

With so many good films coming out soon in the cinema, here is our guide to cinemas (theaters as our cousins from across the pond call them) in Tel Aviv. We have divided these into three categories…

  1. Cinematheque – Israel’s leading independent-film cinema
  2. The Tel Aviv Central Cinemas – Lev Dizengoff and Rav Chen Dizengoff
  3. The Out-of-Town Multiplexes – Cinema City Glilot, Yes Planet Ayalon, and Yes Planet Rishon LeZion

Looking for film times? The easiest way has to be Google – simply type “cinema listings tel aviv”

1. The Independent Cinema – Cinematheque

Shprinzak 2, Tel Aviv 

The Cinematheque is not just a cinema, but a cultural landmark in Tel Aviv. Located on the end of Ha’Arbaa, The Cinematheque shows many beautiful independent films and documentaries. It is also home to many Festivals held in Tel Aviv throughout the year, including Israel’s premier documentary film festival Docaviv, Israel’s premier LGBT Film Festival TLVFest, and Israel’s premier sci-fi festival Icon. The cinema houses 5 screens, is open 7 days a week, and shows over 1,500 films every year! Read more

2. The Tel Aviv Central Cinemas

Tel Aviv has two smaller cinemas located in the center of town…

The Lev Dizengoff

The Dizengoff Center, Dizengoff 50

Located on the third floor of the Dizengoff Center, the Lev Dizengoff is part of the Lev cinema chain. It is open seven days a week, has six screens, and shows many of the top box-office films. Read more

Rav Chen Dizengoff

Kikar Dizengoff, Ben Ami 16

Located in Dizengoff Square (Kikar Dizengoff), the Rav Chen Dizengoff is part of the Rav Chen cinema chain. It is open seven days a week, has six screens, and shows many of the top global blockbusters. It’s largest screen holds over 700 people, making it a natural place to host many Israeli premieres. Read more

3. The Out-Of-Town Multiplexes

If you are looking for huge multiplexes, complete with VIP areas and huge 3D and IMAX screens, then a trip outside of Tel Aviv is necessary. Most of these cinemas are easily accessible with public transport.

Cinema City Glilot (Ramat HaSharon)

Glilot Junction, Ramat HaSharon


Located between Tel Aviv and Herzliya, the huge Cinema City complex even has its own shopping mall! It is open seven days a week, shows most films, and has special VIP screens which include a buffet, drinks and comfortable seats – great for date! In total it hosts 25 screens, the largest of which has 349 seats, and also an IMAX compatible screen.  It is accessible by many buses, and also most sheruts heading north (e.g. to Netanya) will stop there if you ask them. Read more

Yes Planet Ayalon

Ayalon Mall, Aba Hillel, 301, Ramat Gan 

Located in Ayalon Mall in Ramat Gan and part of the Rav Chen cinema chain, the Yes Planet Ayalon boasts 15 screens and shows movies seven days a week. It is accessible by many buses, but can be difficult to reach on shabbat without a car. Read more

Yes Planet Rishon LeZion

HaMea VeEsrim St 4, Rishon LeZion

Opened in 2012, the Yes Planet is Rishon LeZion is the largest cinema complex in Israel, boasting 26 screens and over 3,600 seats. It also has VIP areas, IMAX screens, and the most legroom of any cinema in Israel (see Times of Israel article). The cinema is open 7 days a week and is accessible with public transport (with over 2,000 parking spaces it’s super easy if you have a car), but difficult to reach on Shabbat. Read more

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