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There are nearly 200km of Mediterranean coastline in Israel, and over 50 public beaches. Expect to pay up to 30 shekels for a bed… or be Israeli and bring a rug – you can get big ones for about 40 shekels in the Shuk. Glass bottles are officially banned on beaches but this isn’t really enforced. Be prepared to hear the tick tack of matkot, Israel’s national sport, on most beaches. And be prepared for the litter, especially in Tel Aviv – it is getting better but it takes time. And watch out for the jellyfish (medusot) in July. The busiest days are Friday and Saturday (the weekend) and public holidays.

Tel Aviv Beaches from North to South:

Metzitzim Beach

Metzitzim is the ideal family beach: Shallow waters and the constant presence of lifeguards will help ease the minds of all the young parents out there. There is a bar/ restaurant, showers, shaded areas… and for the sporty, beach volleyball courts. This is also a good beach to come down to at night because it’s hidden away from the main tayelet. Read more

Religious Beach

A segregated beach meant for Tel Aviv’s more religious community – surrounded by walls to prevent prying eyes. Women can go on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday; men can go on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And on Shabbat, when religious people can’t go to the beach, anything goes! Read more

Hilton Dog Beach

Just north of Tel Aviv’s Hilton beach lies a magical land where dogs can run free and frolic in the sand. If you are a canine lover, this is the perfect place to chillax with your best friend. Read more

Gay Beach

Despite the fact that everyone is welcome on this beach, Tel Aviv’s gay community has made this a real hotspot. No matter what your sexual preference, you are sure to enjoy this lively place. It’s easy to find, just look out for the rainbow umbrellas! Read more

Hilton / Top Sea Beach

Probably Tel Aviv’s most high society beach – dominated by the TopSea surf club and a great beach bar and restaurant. The bar restaurant also makes deliveries on the beach – many members of Secret Tel Aviv have served time running up and down the beach bringing people arctic ice-lollies. Expect beautiful people – but bring your flip flops as getting into the sea involves stepping on a few rocks. Read more

Gordon, Frishman and Bograshov Beaches

Tel Aviv’s most popular beaches, with wide stretches of sand, lifeguards, chairs… and lots of people! If you want to understand Tel Aviv, hit up these beaches on a Friday or Saturday in the summer. A huge mish-mash of tourists and locals vying for a spot to tan, sip a beer, be seen, and drool over the beautiful bronzed bodies. It is also the home of awesome ‘Ben Gurion Doing a Handstand Statue’ – read about the story behind the statue here. Read more

Photo credits Mario Troiani

Geula Beach

Located on the end of Geula, this beach is the number one hang-out for the local Israelis coming fresh from Kerem Hetamenim and the Shuk. Bring a rug, your matkot, a nargilla or something to smoke, an ice-box full of beers and arak, and feel like a true Tel Avivi. Read more

Banana/ Drum Beach

Located just north of the Dolphinarium away from the hustle bustle of the central beaches, this beach has a relaxed fun atmosphere. Simple and tranquil, and the perfect place to catch up on your reading, the beach also features a nice cafe. The beach also includes a surf school and on Fridays there is a big communal drum session where Tel Aviv’s most talented and eccentric drummers come together and dance to live beats. Read more

Alma Beach and Alma Dog Beach

Located between the Dolphinarium and Jaffa, this is a really chilled beach, with no sunbeds or lifeguards – a perfect place to come and chill and check out the beautiful views of Jaffa. To the south of the beach is an area reserved for dog owners, where you can let your dogs frolic in the sand. Read more

Jaffa Beach

Another very chilled beach. Unlike the more central beaches, there are no wave breakers – so expect big waves and lots of surfers on windy days. Read more

Photo credits Mario Troiani

Beaches outside of Tel Aviv from North to South:

Achziv Beach

On the Northern tip of Israel, just near Nahariya, you will find the beautiful Achziv nature reserve and beaches. With beautiful beaches and coves, it’s one of the best areas to pitch up your tent overnight – definitely worth a visit! Read more

Habonim Beach

Just south of Haifa, next to Moshav Habonim, Habonim Beach is another picturesque northern beach. Rocks and lagoons to play in and beautiful clean water, this is a great beach to spend a day. Read more

Mayaan Tzvi

Mayaan Tzvi is a very special place. Beautiful, clean, open beaches, no lifeguards, not too many people, a perfect place to chill with your buddies. You need a car to get there (come off at Zikron Yaakov exit), and there is a little bit of off-road driving to reach the car-park. Read more

Caesarea Beach

If you are looking for a relaxing, scenic beach experience, this is by far one of the best options. It is located at the historic site of Caesarea, a port city that was built be King Herod. The old ruins and tour are interesting, but the true beauty of this location lies in its surreal ocean view. The water sparkles in the sunlight, and is intensely blue. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in the country. Read more

Beit Yanai Beach

Beit Yanai is a beautiful beach located just south of Hadera – highly recommended. The beach is nice and wide and the water is clean. It is possible to camp overnight. Read more

Gaash Beach

Located just north of Herzliya, it is also the closest natural beach to Tel Aviv. There are places to park, but come prepared for quite a long walk from the car park to the beach. To the south of the beach is a naturist section. Read more

Tel Baruch Beach

Having once been notorious for illicit nighttime activities, it is ironic that this beach is now one of the best family spots in Tel Aviv. Calm waters, an outdoor workout area, and a beachside restaurant all come together in harmony to make this the perfect place to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. There is loads of parking space – but you have to pay to enter (free for Tel Aviv residents). Read more

Bat Yam Beach

This town is called “daughter of the sea” for a reason. The beach that run along this quiet, residential area is beautiful, and diverse. Some areas cater to a younger crowd playing music, and others are less crowded and more relaxing. There are really nice beachside restaurants that serve quality food and drink, so it’s the perfect place to go for a mid-day meal. Read more

Palmahim Beaches

More a collection of beaches than one single beach, the area has the reputation for some of the most beautiful beaches in Israel. There is a life guard during summer season, toilets and shades, but otherwise the beach is quite secluded and not many people. Expect to pay 30 NIS to park in the main carpark. Read more

Other Israeli Beaches


A collection of beaches rather than an individual beach, the Kinneret lake has many different beaches around its shores. The main party beaches are on the Eastern shore – here there is lovely sand, easy access to the lake, and places to camp overnight – although beware of the noisy neighbors. There’s also the Luna Gal waterpark.

Check out Ein Gev, Dugit and Lavnun. To the South West and West are the kids orientated Tzemach and Gofra beaches. And to the north is the camping orientated Amnun beach.

Dead Sea

Along the coast of the dead sea there are loads of spas and hotels where you can pay a day pass to chill during the day. We recommend continuing a little further south to Ein Bokek, where there is a free sandy public beach and shops nearby to buy mud.

Check out our guide for the Best Tours in the Dead Sea for the best way to travel to the salty beach!  

Eilat Beaches

Nestled on the Red Sea, Eilat is known as a beach town. There are loads of beaches to choose from, with something for everyone: relaxed beaches and places to do water sports on the North Beach, snorkeling at Coral Beach, or swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Reef.

Plan your your perfect trip to Eilat with our guide for the Best Hotels in Eilat.

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