This year Shavuot falls on Sunday night 16th May, and Monday day 17th May. Monday is a day off! The main traditions of this holiday are eating dairy foods and studying all night in the synagogue. Of course, this being Tel Aviv, there’s also loads of parties! Keep scrolling down for the Best Events for Shavuot 2021 in Tel Aviv (we’ll keep updating this list during the week).

Pre Shavuot Raves

Friday 14/5 – Rave Shavuot Pool Party @ Madison Square Garden Herzliya

We’re back, with the first international artist of the post-corona era, and guess what, it’s never looked better 🔥 Don’t miss the party of the year! With the hottest international artists- Vini Vici, and Europe’s rising star- Mesto! If we can’t fly to festivals, we’ll bring the festivals to us. Read more.

Saturday 15/5 – Blue Shadow Shavuot Party @ Ronit’s Farm

Get ready for a crazy lineup. Blue Shadow record label, founded by top Israeli electronic DJs, host a huge rave at this beautiful location. With top DJs including Chaim, Jenia Tarsol, the Red Axes, and more! Read more.

Sunday 16/5 – White Elephant by the Beach @ Beach 10 minutes from TLV

The Elephants wear white, load their baskets and head down to the beach to celebrate Shavuot with a white lunch party. In honor of our favorite holiday, It’s time to take the white clothes out of the closet. And as with any holiday, we decided to exaggerate with the lineup. Read more.

Religious Meals on Erev Shavuot

Sunday 16/5 – Lavish Shavuot Dairy and Cheesecake Dinner @ Tel Aviv International Synagogue


Join us for a festive evening as we kicks off the holiday of Shavuot with a delicious, mouth watering Dairy and Cheesecake Festival meal! Enjoy a great Shavuot meal that features Fish, Pastas, Quiches, Personal Pizzas, Fresh Salads and Breads, and of course, Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse and other delicacies! Then we will have a whole night of learning, with parallel classes in Hebrew, English and French, and plenty of food and drink to keep you awake and noshing the whole way through. Following the learning, we will gather on the beach for a sing-a-long, listen to the comforting words of Megillat Ruth and daven as the dawn breaks over the ocean. Read more.

Shavuot Day Parties

Monday 17/5 – M-Fest Shavuot Party @ Live Park, Rishon LeZion

An unforgettable festival in an unforgettable complex – LIVE PARK! And this year we have prepared for you the biggest M-Fest yet! With an amazing line-up of local DJs, chill corners, special decor for the holiday, food stalls, electrifying lighting, artists’ stalls, experience complexes full of equal surprises. Read more.

Monday 17/5 – Shavuot Haze @ Container Complex, Ramat Gan

We arrive at the container complex on the stock exchange to celebrate Shavuot with a white lunch party. The idea of ​​breaking conventions among all the stock market skyscrapers excites us. As you know, we will not skimp and turn the location into a legend with a particularly festive line-up. Read more.

Monday 17/5 – Spaceho Summer Rave @ Tel Aviv

A 14-hour festival> in a space of 3 plazas> and 14 artists who are out of this world! We will start in the warm floral courtyard, and open with a festive fruit dinner and a colorful liquor feast – and in honor of the return of the sun – the best of the hottest disco artists will come up and dance with us all. Read more.

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