Last updated November 30th 2021

It’s that time of the year again…

We’re celebrating Hanukkah here in Tel Aviv with amazing donuts… or sufganiyot in Hebrew. You can find AMAZING donuts all across Tel Aviv at this time of the year, but to be sure we have the most reliable information on the best ones, we asked the community for their opinion, and we are happy to say we’ve found the winners! Click here to see how the voting went. Chag Chanukah Sameach!

THE ISRAELI – Roladin 🇮🇱

Branches all over Tel Aviv, including: the Dizengof Center, Azrieli, Ibn Gvirol, Weitzman, Sarona, and Ramat HaChayal.

Roladin have gone for gold this year… and their luxurious donuts have returned to the top of our Secret Tel Aviv Best Donut in Tel Aviv poll 2021!  It looks like they’ve been inspired by baroque design, smothering the donut canvas in golds and intricate patterns, and then adding layers of delicious toppings (but pleases stop using those horrible plastic filling squeezers)!  Read more.

THE AMERICAN – The ShowRoom Bakehouse 🇺🇲

4 branches: Kikar Rabin – Malkhei Yisra’el St 11; Beitlehem Street 3 near the Shuk; Pinkas 3 in North Tel Aviv; and Levitan St 1 in Ramat Aviv. 

The Showroom Bakehouse have gone all New York this year and we love it…  look at those fillings!

The Williamsburg – milkshake cream filled donut and cookies
The Soho – Donut filled with pink marshmallow cream
The Upper East Side – chocolate fudge sundae cream filled donut with brownie fragments
The Harlem – Donut filled with P&J cream (peanut butter and strawberry jam)
The Midtown – Banana pudding cream filled donut
The West Village -Doughnut filled with blueberry cheesecake cream

Read more.


3 branches in Tel Aviv: Gordon 36, Dizengoff 267, and Tushiya 6 in the Montefiore area.

FIKA definitely win the prize for the most sophisticated fillings… check out Saffron Cream and Lingonberry and Rhubarb and Italian Meringue! Read more.

THE TRADITIONAL – Lehamim Bakery 🎩

Branches in Tel Aviv: Hashmonaim 103, Ibn Gvirol 125, and Azrieli Mall.


Lehamim bakery brings you simplicity but quality – no over-the-top toppings or trimmings, simply delicious dough and lots of tasty filling. You can indulge in traditional jam, either strawberry, chocolate, and dulce de leche, with each donut fried to perfection. Read more.


Delivery only

Personalized, handmade donuts, and the best part… Delivery! All of the sweet snacks are made by using the highest quality raw materials without preservatives, with experienced bakers! The flavors are tested and selected carefully, some are the rows original concoctions and some are inspired by classic flavors. Vegans can also enjoy the variety of flavors! Read more.

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