Last updated December 11th 2017

Go nuts for donuts… it’s that time of the year again…

You can find AMAZING donuts across Tel Aviv, but we went and tried out a few of the city’s trusted favourites to see if they have still got it for this year’s Chanukah celebrations… Chag Chanukah Sameach!


Branches all over Tel Aviv, including: the Dizengof Center, Azrieli, Ibn Gvirol, Weitzman, Sarona, and Ramat HaChayal.

Heaven in a mouthful. Happiness in fluffiness. And to make it even better, you can inject more goodness right into the centre of the donut. We tried the ‘Banana Coffee Tofi’ Donut, which featured a topping of nuts and a centre of banana caramel, with a coffee tofi syringe ready to shoot more gooey goodness right into the centre. Another favourite is the Chocolate Bianco, a mixture of white and dark Belgian chocolate, again with a syringe of milk chocolate in case you thought it wasn’t sweet enough!

This Hanukkah Roladin got even more donut flavours, including mascarpone and red berries, dulce de leche, and their own special version of the cronut called The Croladin!


Branches all over Israel. In Tel Aviv Yehuda HaMaccabi Street 60.

Endless deliciousness from the most unique and high-quality assortment of donuts, pastries, cakes, cookies, and more. Especially for Chanukah, their donuts are always fresh, leaving a taste that will make you want to try one more, or five! Miki Shemo, the owner, is a professional pastry chef that knows how to use quality baking ingredients, such as chocolate Velrona. He is a modest, kind, and good-hearted man. He creates a wide range of products, from bread to great French cakes, and even spreads. (written by guest reviewer Dorin Baniel).

The ShowRoom Bakehouse

Malkhei Yisra’el St 11 + pop-up in Sarona over Chanukah 2017

The ShowRoom Bakehouse is a new bakehouse located next to Kikar Rabin styled on a hipster Williamsburg bakery. And their donuts are amazing! It’s open all-year around, and they’ve just opened a month-long pop-up in Sarona just in time for Chanukah.

Besides donuts, they do other treats like Portuguese pasteis de nata, croissants with amazing fillings, HUGE cookies, and Magnolia-style banana pudding.

Lehamim Bakery

6 branches in Tel Aviv: Hashmonaim 103, Ibn Gvirol 125, Shuk HaCarmel (HaCarmel 11), Sarona Food Market, Tel Aviv Nemal Food Market, and Azrieli Mall


Known for its European flair, Lehamim bakery brings you simplicity but quality. You can indulge in traditional jam, either strawberry, chocolate, caramel and marzipan, with each donut fried to perfection. They also offer mini donuts ‘bites’ of delight if you will. They also offer great deals if you are buying in bigger numbers, so it is hard to say no to a big box of these identically crafted balls of heaven.


Boutique Central

Branches across Tel Aviv | Website | Facebook

Boutique central donuts

These donuts are baked, not fried… which means they are a little bit more healthy but still taste just as good! Delicious baked brioche donuts filled with crème patissiere (good old custard), chocolate caramel, nutella or traditional strawberry jam.

Piece of Cake

Four branches in Tel Aviv and Jaffa | Website | Facebook


By offering many vegan options, this place makes getting your Chanukah donuts a real piece of cake! From sugar coated, to chocolate covered to caramel smothered, vegan and not, Piece of Cake sells them individually, or in convenient boxes of four, which can easily be for one person or to share. Get there early before the donuts sell out.

Balkan Bakery

Ben Yehuda 145 and Bene Efraim 209 | Website | Facebook

Balkan Bakery Number 10

Simple but effective, and this isn’t even their full Sufganiyot spread. Lightly fried, fluffy inside and filled with either jam, chocolate or white chocolate, with a sprinkle of sugar over the top to seal the deal. You can pick these up or wait for their candied Chanukah selection, which can be made to order, in any quantity you want.

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