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With 13 more locations abroad in London, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Warsaw and soon in the US, Mindspace is one of Tel Aviv’s single largest coworking spaces. Hosting dozens of start ups in their beautifully furnished locations on Rothschild and Ehad Ha’am, they offer 24/7 access for both workspaces as well as beautifully designed office spaces, distinguished meeting rooms, gym and sport classes, weekly happy hours and wide range of events. With a wonderful event space to hold cool and dynamic seminars, this is a great place to meet new people and get productive.

As a Mindspace member, you get to be a part of a cosmopolitan community and can work from London, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Warsaw or any other Mindspace branch worldwide. Mindspace members also enjoy a social and vibrant work atmosphere that fosters interaction and innovation by lectures, workshops, special events and weekly happy hours, and promotes networking with the top people and companies in the local tech & innovation scene.

Why we LOVE Mindspace:

Beautifully designed workspaces – each location has an inspirational unique design to reflect the city vibe and create an optimal work and collaboration environment. This includes spacious offices and coworking spaces, and only the highest quality furniture and fittings.

Location Location Location – all of Mindspace’s offices are located in the beating heart of host cities business centers – meaning you’re close to all the action! It’s a great benefit for recruiting top talent also – attract the best candidates with your Rothschild and Ahad Haam address.

Community – finding the right coworking space is more than just the office – it’s about the community that you are joining. At Mindspace this includes networking events, inspiring lectures, a 7,500-person global community network, and super-attentive community managers who are always happy to make intros. Be sure to check out their upcoming community-focused mobile-app!

International Membership – with offices in Germany, the UK, Poland, and more opening soon, have a free workspace to work from when you’re abroad. Your Mindspace community is also international, helping you make connections around the world!

Amazing Amenities – in Tel Aviv, Mindspace has a free gym for members and weekly yoga and functional training on the roof. Tel Aviv’s best ulpan Citizen Cafe OOlpan is also located in Mindspace Rothschild, pop-down for some Hebrew classes.

Serious Applicants Only! – Mindspace specifically targets serious businesses and professionals – companies who want to get things done! If this is you, Mindspace could be your perfect co-working match! Some of the companies at Mindspace are Luftansa, Stabilo, Folsvagen, Samsung, Daimler, Barclays Bank, Sachi & Sachi, Techstars, Cheetah moblile and many more.

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Mindspace is featured in our Best Coworking Spaces in Tel Aviv guide!

Mindspace has two locations in Tel Aviv, around the corner from each other – on Rothschild 45 and Ahad Ha’am 54.

Mindspace Rothschild is also the home of Citizen Cafe Oolpan, Tel Aviv’s best place to learn Hebrew!

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