Last updated June 26th 2017

Tel Aviv serves as the hub of the start up nation. Playing host to thousands of start ups and young entrepreneurs, it has become the place to be productive and launch your idea off the ground. The only question now, is where should you work from?

The city is filled with coffee shops and coworking spaces serving many of these busy bees, and if you want to know where you should be working from, here are the top six places for you to get productive.

# 1 WeWork

4 locations in Tel Aviv: Dubnov 7, Ibn Gabirol 30, and Sarona (all Central Tel Aviv), and WeWork Hazerem on HaPelech 7, South Tel Aviv

The most powerful coworking company in the world are continuing to do unbelievable things. With new locations popping up all over the city (and the world), WeWork has mastered coworking game, and are showing no signs of slowing down. Their beautifully designed work spaces inspire you to get in and get busy. There is no doubt that they continue to prove themselves as the leaders in the field (asking price 1000₪ per month). If you want in, you’ll first be put on their waiting list (seriously).

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 22.44.12

# 2 The Pub Hub

Rothschild 60, Central Tel Aviv

This is the most affordable coworking space in Tel Aviv- by far!

What happens to bars during the day? Why not use them into a coworking space? That’s exactly what this company does- partnering with different bars to use their space during the day as a cool, productive and affordable workspace (usually 500₪ per month, but mentioning Secret Tel Aviv can hook you up for a nice discount).

The Pub Hub offers free coffee, organized productivity practices (i.e. daily stretching), safe internet and a growing community. This is a company to keep an eye on as they were recently chosen as the winners of the 2016 Credit Suisse Pitching Ring. They are on the rise and plan to continue spreading to more bars in Israel and abroad in the near future. You can also check them out in our top meetups guide.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 22.52.32

# 3 Mindspace

Rothschild 45 and Ahad Ha’am 54, both Central Tel Aviv

With two more locations abroad in Germany, Mindspace is one of Tel Aviv’s single largest coworking spaces. Hosting dozens of start ups in their beautifully furnished location on Rothschild, they offer 24/7 access for both workspaces and their distinguished meeting rooms. With a wonderful event space to hold cool and dynamic seminars, this is a great place to meet new people and get productive. Do be aware, their main disadvantage is the asking price (over 1600₪ for just the open space). Aside from that, did you know that they have a soda fountain?

Mindspace Rothschild is also the home of Citizen Cafe Oolpan, Tel Aviv’s best place to learn Hebrew!

mindspace cover

# 4 Urban Place (UP)

Rothschild 3, Central Tel Aviv

With a stunning view overlooking the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, this comfortable coworking space offers a great added value of experienced members to help you get on the right track. If you work in the world of high tech, you’ll fit in wonderfully with UP’s strong community of high programmers and designers. Although their open space price is relatively low (1380₪ per month) it is important to note however that this is their only location.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 22.45.07

# 5 CityHUB

Ahad Ha’am 28, Central Tel Aviv

The new kids on the block (CityHub) are learning fast. With a sleek modern design in a renovated building they have everything you need to create content and make things happen. Unfortunately however they do not offer open work spaces and you should therefore be considering it more for when you are looking to have a private office on your road to success. Office prices start at 1800₪ per month.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 22.33.20


Elifelet 26, South Tel Aviv

Although this place has yet to open or release price ranges, they are definitely creating something special. In addition to the general standard found in an average coworking space, these guys will have a gym, showers, health bar, and so much more! Then why is it #6? We’ll only know the quality of these facilities after they open. This should be interesting…

Ayeka Cover

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