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VIP Discount: 120 NIS off upcoming courses when signing up from Secret Tel Aviv

Citizen Cafe in Tel Aviv offers 10-week courses focused on conversational spoken Hebrew, combined with the most relevant Hebrew used in work and personal life. The goal is to get students speaking naturally and more intuitively, by re-shaping and transforming the learning process to a highly practical, motivational and fun Hebrew learning experience – with immediate results in real daily life.

Citizen Café is designed for the new growing community of busy international professionals, helping them to adapt fast in their work and social environments, by offering a conversational focused Hebrew course that makes them feel local and connected.

Since we have only very small groups, offered at all levels with highly trained teachers – we have now become the leading supplier with embassies such as the Australian, British, German etc, and companies/organizations such as Google and the Jewish Agency. You could say that we focus on getting participants engaged and excited to speak Hebrew and discover more of Tel Aviv lifestyle and cultural nuances.

Advantages of Citizen Cafe:

  • Immediate results in spoken Hebrew
  • Small personalized classes of 8 pp max
  • Flexible hours – before/work hours (90 min each class)
  • Located in “Mindspace” – Rothschild 45, Tel Aviv (the heart of the Israeli start up scene)
  • This is a non-subsidised Ulpan, meaning you have to pay. This is for serious people only who are prepared to invest to improve their Hebrew.

This Ulpan is featured in our Guide to Learning Hebrew in Tel Aviv.


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