Nordinyo Tel Aviv

Nachalat Binyamin 27, Tel Aviv

Situated just beyond the artisan stalls of Nachalat Binyamin, and next to the restaurant "Cafe Nordoy", is the Nordinyo cafe, which is also part of

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Eats Cafeteria Tel Aviv

Adam HaCohen St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Eats is a family business founded by Michal and Adva Epstein Hamo.The food is made with love and care, using only the freshest and finest

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Dizengoff Cafe Tel Aviv

Dizengoff 190, Tel Aviv

Nestled in the heart of Dizengoff street,Cafe Dizengoff is the perfect place when you want to feel in the center and still take a light

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Kirsh Cafe Tel Aviv

Dizengoff 189, Tel Aviv

Kirsh Cafe opened only a few years ago and has already earned itself a place of honor in the center of Dizengoff street and in

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Chez Vivie Tel Aviv

Dizengoff St 166, Tel Aviv-Yafo

The taste of Paris combined with the vibe of Tel Aviv; and thus Chez Vivie was born! On a prime corner located on Dizengoff street,

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Chez Vivie

Dizengoff St 166, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Take a trip to Paris without having to leave Israel... On the fan favorite street that is Dizengoff, satisfy your French craving with the incredible

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Har Sinai St 2

Shisko is the place to be, and can be found directly on Har Sinai street! Next to other great bistro establishments, Shisko stands out because

Norder Tel Aviv

Dizengoff St 245, Tel Aviv

At the tippy top of Dizengoff Street, you may find this charming bar and restaurant! Norder is truly known for executing perfection, whether that be

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Bucke Cafe – Yehuda HaMaccabi Tel Aviv

Yehuda HaMaccabi St 40, Tel Aviv

Bucke has a real neighbourhood restaurant feel to it: with friendly waiters, a local clientele, and a simple yet delicious menu. The best definition of the

Mashya Tel Aviv

Mendele Mokher Sfarim St 5, Tel Aviv

Mashya embodies all of Israeli cuisine at its best. The name comes from mace and its spicy taste, depicting Israeli cuisine perfectly : humble with