For this self-titled burger snob, I just gotta say: Vitrina truly does make the best burger in this town.

What’s in the meat? I don’t know. God knows. It could be horse. It could be turtle. It could be elephant – but whatever it is by god it’s delicious. It literally tastes like it’s been cooked by angels and then smothered in just the right amount of fattening, parmesan-y goodness. Drown your burger in the purple, beet ketchup (ooohh fancy) and the creamy, garlicy mayo and you’re living like a local on your way to the most satisfying bites of burger you may taste in this burger-wasteland of country.

With a side of sweet potato fries covered in yet more parmesan and an herbal blend that gives you the grossest, greenest smile that no amount of forcible toothpick stabbing can remove – you’d better believe a meal at the Vitrina is worth all of the dental havoc and bleeding you’ll inflict on your gums after eating a meal there.

Nay fine people of Secret Tel Aviv – there is simply *NO* other burger in Israel worthy of my highest honor of most mind-numbingly delicious burger EVER!”

Written by super-star guest writer Vanessa Perplies. To become a guest writer at Secret Tel Aviv complete this form

Vitrina has two branches in Tel Aviv: Lilienblum St 40 and a new branch on Ibn Gvirol 36.

Some important info:

  • The original branch on Ibn Gvirol recently shut, and has been replaced with this beautiful neon throw-back to 90s New York burger joints.
  • This restaurant is only open Sunday to Thursday!
  • This restaurant is rated number 1 in the ‘Best Burgers in Tel Aviv’ Secret Tel Aviv Guide.
  • This restaurant is included in the ‘Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv’ Secret Tel Aviv Guide.


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