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Dizengoff Street 275, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

“After moving to Tel Aviv about two years ago to peruse my passion for the culinary art, I found myself astonished by the never-ending possibilities and fascinating dining experience this vibrant city has to offer. With countless restaurants and cafes visited, there is one restaurant in Tel Aviv that stands out above the rest of them. This restaurant is – Nam – located on Yirmeahu and Dizzengoff. Already the location gives you the notion of the quality provided. These people take their job seriously.

The spacious restaurant is decorated with simple and elegant Thai decorations – giving you an authentic ambience yet not making you feel overwhelmed. From the moment you walk through their ‘doors’, the staff are automatically friendly and attentive to all your needs. After you have been seated and given the menu, a staff member approaches to answer any questions you may have and explain about the specials of the day (something that they are very consistent with). Their menu entails a variety of authentic Thai dishes suitable for all palates. From extra spicy beef entrecote salad, for the brave and daring, to delicious warming and relaxing soups. They offer a variety of exotic curries, rice and noodles as well as amazingly refreshing salads.

The two dishes which are absolutely unforgettable and cannot for any reason be missed is their Yam Som Ho – Thai pomelo salad, which can be chosen with either shrimp, calamari, fresh fish or tofu is bursting with freshness and flavors. The thinly sliced purple onion soak up all the amazing flavors of the dressing, with the zing and sourness of the pomelo accompanied by nuts and fresh herbs is a taste you will never want to leave from your mouth.

Another is their Pad Parik Pau which also has options to choose from but there is no reason to take it with anything but the fried fish. The onion is sautéed to the perfect amount, leaving it fresh and crisp on the inside yet bringing out all the perfect sweetness naturally created by the onion. The ingredients are encompassed by a marvelous orange colored sauce and the cashew nuts add a sensational creaminess to it all. They also offer an assortment of alcoholic beverages and cocktails to die for.

Without a doubt Nam has never ever let me down. The food always comes on time, the waiters always know how to give the best recommendations and even the prices allow me to leave there guilt free. Don’t miss out and make sure to reserve a place ahead of time. On second thought I may just head there now!”

Written by super-star guest writer Stav Merguei. To become a guest writer at Secret Tel Aviv complete this form

Nam Thai also deliver!

This restaurant is included in our ‘Best Thai Restaurants in Tel Aviv’ guide! 


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