Last updated January 15th 2020

In the mood for Asian food, but tired of sushi and lo mein? Tel Aviv offers a great assortment of Southeast Asian and Thai cuisine that are sure to bring you satisfaction. There’s tons of options ranging from pricey to cheap, and upscale to casual so make sure that you check out which restaurant seems to suit you best. With such a wide variety, we decided to take a poll from the community of the Best Chinese and South East Asian Restaurants in Tel Aviv and create a guide to make your decisions easier (ps there are no decent Chinese restaurants, all the top 10 are not Chinese!). Check out the results below!

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Ca Phe Hanoi

Malkhei Yisra’el St 3 | Central Tel Aviv |$$ | KOSHER

Ca Phe Hanoi is a KOSHER multi-sensory culmination of culinary expertise, innovative design, and a carefully curated menu of traditional Vietnamese food with emphasis on French and Israeli influences. Featuring an all-day menu, cocktail bar, and constant stream of music, Ca Phe Hanoi offers an exciting glimpse into Vietnamese cuisine. The menu, created by Chef Nofer Zohar, introduces a unique take on traditional Vietnamese cooking infused with French and Israeli touches. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are paired with traditional and refreshing flavors, imported directly from Vietnam in a kitchen based on passion, fire, color, and a lot of joy. Read more.

Ca Phe Hanoi is rated as the Best Kosher Restaurant in Tel Aviv in our Best Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv Guide!

Thai House

Bograshov 8 | Central Tel Aviv | $$

If you are looking for good Thai food in Tel Aviv, this is one you shouldn’t miss. The restaurant itself makes you feel like you are not in the crazy Tel Aviv, but in some beach in Asia. The food is perfect to satisfy any craving – an extensive menu (with many vegetarian and vegan options) with good sized portions and great exotic drinks. It’s better if you go with some friends and order everything to share! Read more

Thai House is featured in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv Guide!


Dizengoff Street 275 | Central Tel Aviv | $$

Their menu entails a variety of authentic Thai dishes suitable for all palates. From extra spicy beef entrecote salad, for the brave and daring, to delicious warming and relaxing soups. They offer a variety of exotic curries, rice and noodles as well as amazingly refreshing salads. Read more

Thai at Har Sinai

Har Sinai St 1 | Central Tel Aviv | $

Trendy and authentic Thai restaurant in Tel Aviv. Read more


Lilienblum 18 | Central Tel Aviv | $

Vietnamese restaurant with a very casual and chill atmosphere. Read more


Derech Menachem Begin 23 | Central Tel Aviv | $$$

This place is super expensive, and difficult to get a table, but probably one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. Every dish is better than the last one, it is Asian fusion cooked to perfection. If you are looking to treat someone special (or yourself) to a very nice dinner, you should consider Taizu. Read more

Tiazu is featured in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv Guide!


HaSolelim Street 14 | East Tel Aviv | $$

Topolopompo is probably one of the most fancy restaurants in Tel Aviv, worth every shekel. The menu is a paradise for any foodie, but we recommend having the surprise menu – a waiter asks you all kinds of questions about your preferences, restrictions (including prize) and they bring whatever dishes they think you will like (they always get it right!), trust the chef, every dish is better than the one before. Read more

Topolopompo is featured in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv Guide!


Sderot Rothschild 15 | Central Tel Aviv | $$


Finding a good Vietnamese restaurant in Tel Aviv is not an easy task, so whenever you are craving some steamed buns or wok, Vong should be your first option! The food is seasoned to perfection with top ingredients, portions are very satisfying and prices are fair. Read more

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