Tayelet Tel Aviv

Shlomo Lahat Promenade 17, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tayelet is Tel Aviv's iconic promenade, it stretches for 14 kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea, from Jaffa to the north to the Tel Aviv Port

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Charles Clore Park

Tayelet Shlomo Lahat, Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel

Sandwiched directly in-between Alma Beach to the south and Banana Beach to the north, Charles Clore Park is a true gem of Tel Aviv. With

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Palmahim Beaches


More a collection of beaches than one single beach, the area has the reputation for some of the most beautiful beaches in Israel. There is

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Bat Yam Beach

Bat Yam

This town is called "daughter of the sea" for a reason. The beach that run along this quiet, residential area is beautiful, and diverse. Some

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Gaash Beach

Ga'ash Beach

Gaash doesn't just have a great name - located just north of Herzliya, it is also the closest natural beach to Tel Aviv. There are

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Beit Yanai Beach

Beit Yanai

Beit Yanai is a beautiful beach located just south of Hadera - highly recommended. The beach is nice and wide and the water is clean. It

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Caesarea Beach


If you are looking for a relaxing, scenic beach experience, this is by far one of the best options. It is located at the historic

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Mayaan Tzvi Beach

Ma'ayan Tzvi

Mayaan Tzvi has a special place in my heart... this is where i did my bachelor party! Beautiful, clean, open beaches, no lifeguards, not too

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Habonim Beach

HaBonim Beach

Just south of Haifa, next to Moshav Habonim, Habonim beach is another picturesque northern beach. Rocks and lagoons to play in and beautiful clean water,

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Achziv Beach


On the Northern tip of Israel, just near Nahariya, you will find the beautiful Achziv nature reserve and beaches. With beautiful beaches and coves... and

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Frishman Beach

Frishman Beach, Tel Aviv-Yafo

This is Tel Aviv! Tel Aviv’s most popular beaches, with wide stretches of sand, lifeguards, chairs… and lots of people! If you want to understand

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Geula Beach

Geula Beach

Located on the end of Geula, this beach is the number one hang-out for the local Israelis coming fresh from Kerem Hetamenim and the Shuk.

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