Fun Runs Israel

Yahalom St 3, Ramat Efal

Visiting Tel Aviv? Love to run? Come discover what Tel Aviv has to offer through your feet. Just Bring your running shoes we will bring

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Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv

Sderot Rothschild, Tel Aviv

Rothschild boulevard is one of the main parts of Tel Aviv, located in the center it’s the an ultimate place to be! This iconic boulevard is

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Park HaMesila

Amzaleg St 24, Tel Aviv-Yafo

This 30-dunam (7.5-acre) park is located in the southwestern part of the city, between the trendy Neve Tzedek quarter and Eilat Street. It is built

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Dizengoff Square

Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv

Dizengoff Square is the beating heart of Tel Aviv. It's a place where people come together to shop, eat, drink, and be entertained. Around the

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Florentin Tel Aviv

Florentin, Tel Aviv

Florentin is a hipster’s paradise, the streets are lined with funky cafes, buzzing bars, and graffiti-covered walls. You can find everything from falafel to fine dining

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Jaffa Old City

Jaffa Old City

Jaffa Old City is a living museum, a place where history and modernity meet. This ancient port city has history of over 3,500 years. Old

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Jaffa Port

Jaffa Port

Jaffa Port is one of the oldest ports in the world, dating back to the 18th century BCE. It has a rich and fascinating history,

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Tayelet Tel Aviv

Shlomo Lahat Promenade 17, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tayelet is Tel Aviv's iconic promenade, it stretches for 14 kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea, from Jaffa to the north to the Tel Aviv Port

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Mendele Mokher Sfarim St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Moments away from the beach, a design hotel that reflects the contemporary spirit of Tel Aviv, the Mendeli Street Hotel is more than just a

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Herbert Samuel Opera Tel Aviv

Allenby St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo

At Herbert Samuel Opera Tel Aviv, guests are invited to discover a world of sophistication and elegance. The hotel offers a truly remarkable experience, immersing

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Nordoy Hotel

Nahalat Binyamin St 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Experience luxury at Nordoy Hotel, a boutique gem nestled in the heart of Tel Aviv. Enjoy meticulously designed rooms and suites, offering utmost comfort and

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CUCU Hotel

Dizengoff 83, Tel Aviv

Discover the vibrant heart of Tel Aviv at Cucu Hotel, a unique and stylish destination that captures the spirit of this cosmopolitan city. Nestled in