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Jerusalem is home to many amazing restaurants, from world class high-end restaurants to delicious local cheap eats.  Scroll down for the Best Restaurants in Jerusalem, voted by the Secret Tel Aviv community!



Beit Yaakov Street 10 (Machne Yehuda Market) | $$$

Voted the Best Restaurant in Jerusalem, this Mediterranean restaurant located in the hearth of Machne Yehuda Market combines some of the best flavors in Israel in delicious dishes that give Israeli cuisine a refreshing twist. The atmosphere is fun and inviting, with excellent service and, most importantly, delicious food. The restaurant is owned by three of the best Israeli chefs, Uri Navon, Assaf Granit and Yossi “Pappy” Elad. Read more.


Shmuel Hanagid 12 | $$$

A beautiful fine dining restaurant in Jerusalem. The food is Italian French fusion, the ingredients are always fresh and of the highest quality. They have fresh appetizers including tuna tartare and oysters; main dishes like risotto, veal, fish, pasta and meat and, of course, some great desserts. The outdoor siting and wide wine offer are perfect for a special night out, and the food is simply delicious. Read more.


Felt Street 14 | $$$ | KOSHER

A visit to the Eucalyptus restaurant is a unique and unforgettable culinary and cultural experience. The restaurant is headed by veteran Jerusalem Chef Moshe Basson and his son Ronny Basson, who use a modern interpretation of local and traditional cuisine. Moshe’s passion for biblical culture drove him to explore and revive local and ethnic recipes that date back to ancient times and that have nearly been completely forgotten, while using herbs and spices which grow indigenously in the region of the Judean desert and the Jerusalem hillsides. These include: hyssop, wood sorrel, nettles and sage, which have gone unused and nearly forgotten for hundreds of years. Read more.


Crave Gourmet Street Food

1 Hashikma Street (Machne Yehuda Market) | $$ | KOSHER

Their gourmet menu is crafted from the finest local, wholesome ingredients they find or make in-house, and features Jerusalem’s best bread artisan and meat purveyors. They cook all their tortillas, charcuterie, pates, & roasts with love, in-house and round out our offerings with craft Israeli beers and signature highbrow cocktails. Read more.


Ha’Eshkol 4 (Machne Yehuda Market) | $$ | KOSHER

Azura is a little Iraqi food restaurant in the Machne Yehuda market. They have loads of traditional dishes like hummus, Moroccan fish, stuffed vegetables and much more! The food is great, the atmosphere is cozy and the service is good. Read more.

Village Green

5 Yoel Moshe Solomon | $$ | KOSHER

Village Green is a kosher vegan restaurant in Jerusalem. The Village Green chain was established in 1992, and in light of the success of the first branch, the vegan branch was established on Yoel Salomon Street. Village Green is a warm home for all vegans, vegetarians and anyone who want to eat well and enjoy tasty and healthy food. Village Green offers a rich and varied menu including breakfast, quiches, lasagna, stews and more. Read more.

Harvey’s Smokehouse

Ben Shatach 7 | $$ | KOSHER

The first wood smoker in the Jerusalem area and among the only in Israel, serving a rich variety of smoked meats in a slow-smoking wood, in an American barbecue style. The menu offers a variety of first meat and chicken dishes, main dishes straight from the grilled meats, smoked meat sandwiches, and smoked meat plates (they smoke their meets between 12 and 18 hours in individual assembly!). Read more.

Burger Market

HaArmonim 3 (Machne Yehuda Market) | $$ | KOSHER

Our restaurant is located in Mahane Yehuda Market, adhering to the authentic local design, combining many unique elements. So what’s on the menu? Hamburger, beer & fries. Our hamburger is made of top quality meat atop fresh buns, baked daily on the premises. We offer two kinds of fries- thick fluffy potato fries & thin crispy sweet potato fries. And of course, there are plenty of homemade dips. Read more.


HaHummus Shel Tchina

Nissim Bachar 23 | $ 

They offer comforting, fresh and pampering food to your palate. The menu includes a variety of hummus dishes with indulgent side dishes. Everything is fresh every day in their kitchen with lots of love. Of course, even their desserts are homemade, the beer is excellent and there is also arak! The atmosphere is homely, family oriented and comfortable with an emphasis on cordial and inviting service. Read more.

Hummus Ben Sira

Ben Sira 3 | $ | KOSHER

One of Jerusalem’s favorite Hummus place! The food is delicious and fresh and the portions are big, and the pita is one of the best; the service is fast and friendly and staff is helpful if you don’t know what to order. A perfect place if you want the ultimate hummus experience! We recommend the mushroom hummus and all of the sides. Read more.

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