Nissim Bachar 23

Tchina’s family of chickpeas was born in Sderot in 2010, out of a need that we identified in our area in the south, near Gaza – an area in which we were born and lived all our lives. The need was a pleasant and homely meeting place, where it was possible to run into a familiar face, to eat a tasty, nutritious meal at a reasonable price for every pocket. It was burning for us to do it a little differently, with the understanding that the place is the people within it and the experience we give is created in every encounter we have with you – as guests in our home, yours …

A place of people.
Of free love.
Of good music.
Of the magical Wave.

The restaurant in Sderot, as well as the rest of our hummus restaurants, were built with magical energies, out of love for man and material by us (physically right!). In 2012, after two years of investment, growth and success (!) We saw that it was good and we decided to copy the beloved model to Be’er Sheva, the capital of the Negev and the students. In 2014, two more years later, happily and joyfully we reached the real capital, Jerusalem, fell in love and raised a cold beer – to life!

We offer comforting, fresh and pampering food to your palate: to the connoisseurs among you, to hungry people and of course to vegans. The menu includes a variety of hummus dishes with indulgent side dishes, Full of all the good, and a vegetable salad cut on the spot (!) Everything is fresh every day in our kitchen with lots of love. Of course, even our desserts are homemade, the beer is excellent and there is also arak!

The atmosphere is homely, family oriented and comfortable with an emphasis on cordial and inviting service. Every day we enjoy a wide range of students, young people, families, children, soldiers and groups from all over the world. The restaurant is kosher with kosher certification under the supervision of the rabbinate and offers the highest quality raw materials, along with strictness of the freshness of the products (the excellent al-Erez flour, olive oil, a straight boutique from the farmer, pita baked in place … mmmmm).

Our motto is simple: enjoy a good trip with us, get out of the way with seventy, happy, with a penny on your ass and a smile on your face 🙂 Of course, we also have take-away (take), hummus and weight.
In our hummus restaurants you can have the same hummus in love, the green falafel and the enchanting, the breezy and the cool beer, but each has a slightly different and unique visual experience and atmosphere with the local touch.

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