Jerusalem’s diversity of people make it a city filled with culture and amazing events. From sports events to music events and some of the most impressive light and sounds shows, Jerusalem has something to offer for every taste. Scroll down for Jerusalem’s Top Cultural Events.

Jerusalem Marathon

Usually March

Chosen at 2013 as one of the “Top 10 international spring running events around the world” (by Women’s Running Magazine) if you are a runner­ this is one race you don’t want to miss. You can choose the length of your run and if you wish to donate money to any of the funds and charities that will be featured during the run. With the amazing view of Jerusalem in your eyes, Jerusalem Marathon is definitely a race you’ll remember. Read more

Jerusalem Day

Usually May

A huge party in the whole city! Jerusalem Day is the day we celebrate the independence of the holy city, all kinds of people in the city come together to party, celebrations include street parties with live performers, concerts by top Israeli musicians, sunrise celebrations and more! Read more

Israel Festival in Jerusalem 

Usually May

The Israel Festival presents high-quality productions in dance, music, drama and performance theater from all over the world, as well as original Israeli productions and free outdoor performances for the general public. Read more

Jerusalem Festival of Lights

Usually June

A celebration of drama and the old city’s scenery using lights; the city illuminates architectural places and statues. The Jerusalem Festival of Lights is a public event for all ages, including families with small kids! With a quarter of a million people attending previous year’s events, the Festival is just getting better and brighter as the years go by. Read more

Jerusalem International Book Fair

Usually June

First held in 1963, the Jerusalem International Book Fair is a unique biennial event, renown not only as a business Fair but also as an upbeat Literary Festival. The Fair aims to promote Israeli literature in international publishing and also to expose contemporary international literature to the Israeli public. Read more

Musara Mix Festival

Usually June

The MusraraMix Festival is an international multidisciplinary event that takes place in the borderline neighborhood of Musrara. The festival is a hub of artistic and social happenings, embodying the political and cultural essence of Jerusalem and Israel. Every year the festival is based around one theme. Read more

Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance

Usually July

Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance has become the largest and most significant civil rights movement in Jerusalem. It has been going on for over 15 years and symbolizes a persistent struggle for equal rights, liberty, personal security and protection. Read more

Jerusalem Film Festival 

Usually July

Jerusalem Film Festival is an old tradition in Jerusalem, celebrating international and local films, ever since 1984. With 10 days of film love and celebrations, you can see all types and length of films, from Contemporary to Documentary, from full length to short films. Read more

Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival 

Usually August

With modern musicians playing the tunes of Beethoven, Dvorak, Martinu, Zemlinsky, Brahms and more, The Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival is a great event for those of you who live and breath classical music. The festival is being held annually in Jerusalem, but its participants and shows travel world wide and perform in cities like: Paris, Salzburg, Moskau and more. Read more

Jerusalem Wine Festival

Usually August

Jerusalem Wine Festival will provide you with hundreds types of wine from 60 different wineries, and will ease them down your throats with Sushi, Cheese, Chips and other finger food stands. Tickets usually cost around 95 NIS, and include a free glass and unlimited wine tastings! Read more

Jerusalem Beer Festival

Usually August

The Jerusalem Beer Festival is one of the biggest events of the year for the Israeli beer industry. Over 100 varieties of beer will be hosted at the festival, from big well-known brands to local boutique brews. Tens of thousands of visitors from all over the country, beer lovers, beer fans and people who want to experience and enjoy the special atmosphere come to the festival every year. Read more

Abu-Gosh Vocal Music Festival 

Usually October

The Abu-Gosh Festival is the leading and most important festival in the Israeli vocal music scene. The Festival has existed in its present layout since 1992, and it takes place twice a year – on Succoth (Oct) and Shavuot (May) – lasting between three to five days each time. Read more

Jerusalem Jazz Festival

Usually November

The Jerusalem Jazz Festival, under the artistic direction of the international trumpeter Avishai Cohen, is held in November. International and Israeli jazz artists and one-time combinations will fill the galleries of the Israel Museum with spectacular performances. Read more

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