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Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance has become the largest and most significant civil rights movement in Jerusalem. It has been going on for over 15 years and symbolizes a persistent struggle for equal rights, liberty, personal security and protection. 

About the 2017 march –

On Monday, August 2, 2008, the Pride and Tolerance Parade will take place in Jerusalem for the 17th time. After many years of struggle, against the backdrop of dealing with severe violence culminating in the murder of Bernauer who took the lives of Liz Trubishi and Nir Katz, and the hate crime in the pride parade that took the life of Shira Banki, we continue to march for our rights with our heads high. In the face of constant attempts to stop us and embarrass us, we continue to march proudly.

This year we will celebrate the veteran members of the community, the founding generation of our struggle, who have left us a communal heritage of struggle for life in equality. In periods when LGBT figures were not to be seen, they led the struggle and became these figures, paying and still paying dearly.

We will pay tribute to the community organizations that stood at the forefront of the proud struggle in Israel, the gay pride parades throughout the country, the petitioners and petitioners to the courts against the legal injustices and injustices in Israel, the proud cultural leaders and the proud aid centers and those who experienced violence, discrimination, hatred and murder. Their backs proudly. In their honor and thanks to all of this, we will march for the 17th time in the Gay Pride and Tolerance Parade in Jerusalem 2018.

The LGBT obstacles of the third generation are still facing them, and many LGBT members struggle for their rights and their recognition, whether in the community surrounding them or in the face of the authorities. Discrimination is still present in light of the lack of equal rights at any age. Social exclusion often leads to economic hardship and loneliness. Even within the community, we have an obligation to wrap our roadblocks and ask how to bridge the intergenerational gap between the young and the young and the old and the old.

Looking ahead, we see that there is still a long way to go and many other achievements to reap. We are grateful to the veteran members of the community and community veterans, who have left us a communal legacy of struggle for future generations. Those who have established their home in Jerusalem have proved, ever since, that it is our home, and not just a place that passes through it. Our homes and families will be built in the city of Jerusalem and elsewhere in the country, and we will continue to fight for security and full equality of rights and against all manifestations of discrimination and hatred.

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