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Gluten Free has gone from a medical restriction to a growing trend for its numerous health benefits, and with Tel Aviv being as trendy as possible, it is no surprise that so many restaurants have started to offer GF options in their menus. Scroll down for the celiac safe restaurants in Tel Aviv, restaurants with GF options in their menus and best grocery stores to buy gluten free products.

Please note: some of these places are not celiac safe, but thy are safe for gluten intolerances.

Celiac Safe Restaurants

Here is what we know on celiac safe restaurants in Tel Aviv, but be sure to ask about cross contamination before you eat! 


Herzl 77 | Venezuelan food  

A small food stand located in the Shuk HaCarmel where they’ll whip you up an amazing Venezuelan sandwich in a pita-style bread (made of corn, so it’s naturally GF) with a hefty serving of guacamole for less than 30 NIS. Read more

Falafel HaKosem

Shlomo Hamelech 1 | Falafel and hummus

Good shawarma and falafel in the city center. The name means The Magician – because their food is magical! They will change gloves and food prep station to accommodate and avoid gluten cross contamination, if you ask. Read more

Dosa Bar

Ben Yehuda 188 | South Indian food

South Indian Street Food joint, full of flavors, happy, delicious, healthy,vegan, and Gluten Free. Chef Chen Weinstein spent two years in South India learning local cooking, and has been perfecting her skills in pop-ups and cooking from home since returning to Tel Aviv. Read more

Creperie Bretonne

Ibn Gvirol 52 | Creperie

A creperie offering all kinds of crepes – sweet and savory, meat, vegetarian and vegan and even Gluten Free crepes! They are very aware of cross contamination and prepare all savory crepes as GF. If you order a sweet crepe just ask for it to be gluten free and they’ll use a GF cooking station. Read more

Restaurants with GF options in their menus


Rothschild 15 | Vietnamese food

Finding a good Vietnamese restaurant in Tel Aviv is not an easy task, so whenever you are craving some steamed buns or wok, Vong should be your first option! They label their menu for GF options, but we don’t know about cross contamination, you should ask! Read more

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Cafe Xoho

Gordon 17 | Comfort food

Laid back deco, delicious healthy comfort home-made food (with many vegetarian and vegan options), good strong coffee and delicious drinks… no wonder Cafe XoHo is a favorite hangout spot amongst the international crowd in Tel Aviv. They have great GF dishes and cookies! Read more

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La Lasagna

Dizengoff 177 | Italian restaurant

Kosher dairy restaurant located in the heart of Dizengoff St, they have an amazing Gluten Free menu (yes, a whole menu!), including pizza and pasta. Read more

Rak Basar

Derech Salame 19 | Meat restaurant

The concept of the place is really cool- you get to see the meat and show exactly how you want (by eye) and not only by weight. The platter made of two part- one is still cooking the meat (some meet takes longer to be ready) and the other part just warms it up, and you can always switch your dish from one part to another. Of course it served with excellent vegetables, salads and many other good stuff, depends what you like. Read more


Sarona, Ben Yehuda 171, Rothschild 29 | All day breakfast

Loved by girls and boys alike, Benedict is a breakfast institution in Tel Aviv. Serving breakfast 24/7, it is great if you are looking to impress that special someone the morning after a fun night, or just treat yourself to a nostalgic breakfast complete with full English fry-up. Read more

Anita Gelato

Shabazi 23, Shabazi 42 | Ice Cream shop

If you are looking for an lively atmosphere this place has got it! Usually packed on the weekends, it has very good ice cream, including hard to find flavours like mint chocolate chip! They also make delicious frozen yogurt, and have lovely tables outside in the best area of Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek. Read more

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Bread Story

Dizengoff 88 | Bakery

A cafe situated in the bustling center of Dizengof Street, Bread Story tells its tale through its scrumptious bread and bakery menu, kind service, and chill vibes. With daily specials, funky flavors and a commitment to customizing the bread to each dish, the end result is a story you won’t be able to stop biting into.  All the dishes are baked and not fried, and gluten free bread is also an option! Read more

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Ahad Ha’Am 91 | Mediterranean 

Bucke has a real neighbourhood restaurant feel to it: with friendly waiters, a local clientele, and a simple yet delicious menu. The best definition of the food is ‘Israeli breakfast’ – eggs and salads, fresh juice and warm bread (GF option available upon request). They have a great sharing plate with loads of little salads, and one of the best shakshukas in Tel Aviv! Read more


Chayim Vital 2 | Mexican food

Mezcal is one the most authentic Mexican restaurants you’ll get in Tel Aviv. Their food is delicious, their salsas are good, portions are big and price is reasonable. Corn tortillas are naturally Gluten Free, so as long as you are not allergic to gluten you should be fine with their tacos, enchiladas and anything that is tortilla based. Read more

Mezcal appears in our Best Mexican Restaurants in Tel Aviv guide


Dizengoff 275 | Thai restaurant

Their menu entails a variety of authentic Thai dishes suitable for all palates. From extra spicy beef entrecote salad, for the brave and daring, to delicious warming and relaxing soups. They offer a variety of exotic curries, rice and noodles as well as amazingly refreshing salads. Some of their dishes are naturally GF, others can be substituted, just ask the waiter! Read more

Old Man and the Sea

Kedem 85 | Fish restaurant

The great thing about this restaurant is that you wont miss gluten! You get tons of delicious salads and starters and big portions of fish or seafood (there is also meat for the carnivores), great for sharing! Read more

Salaam Bombay

Allenby 124 | Indian food

Home-made Indian food, lovingly prepared by an Indian couple from Bombay. It’s only open at lunchtime, but the portions are big and the prices are low. Definitely worth checking out for a healthy, flavoursome Indian-eating experience. Read more

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Meshek Barzilay

Ahad Ha’Am 6 | Vegetarian

A delicious organic vegetarian restaurant located just near Neve Tzedek, with an emphasis on freshness and seasonality. The menu changes according to the seasons, and each dish is meticulously built to deliver fine taste and maximum nutritional value. There are loads of GF options. Read more


Frishman 54 | Vegetarian

Anastasia marks the new generation of vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv and around the world, where the label “vegan” is not the primary selling point and the food simply speaks for itself. They take all the senses into account, which leaves you with a dish that has a range of aromas, textures, colors and tastes. Read more

Anastasia is number one in our Best Vegan Restaurants in Tel Aviv guide

Nini Hachi

Ben Yehuda 228 | Japanese restaurant

Kosher Japanese meat restaurant in the centre of Tel Aviv. Sushi, fish, ramen, teppanyaki and authentic noodle dishes make for a rich and diverse menu. They have many GF options, just ask the waiters. Read more

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Dizengoff 293, Rothschild 35, HaBarzel 26 | Burger

One of Israel’s most famous diners, with locations throughout Tel Aviv. Their portions are tasty and large, and they offer GF buns! They have great burgers with lots of optional toppings, shnitzels, fajitas, and delicious cocktails. Read more


Sarona Complex | Bakery

Bakery and Coffe Shop that offers a wide menu with hearty and delicious options, including many vegan and Gluten Free (although made in a Gluten environment) options. Read more

Grocery stores with GF options

In most of the big supermarket chains in Tel Aviv you can find products that are naturally Gluten Free, for Gluten Free products (breads, cereals, deserts, sauces…) your best options are Teva Castel (several locations across Tel Aviv, including Ibn Gavirol 71, Arlozorov 64 and Dizengoff 101) and Neroli Health Food Store (Lilenblum 3).

This post was inspired in the question asked in our community by Marta Mozes.

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