If you are feeling lazy or stuck in quarantine, getting food delivery in Tel Aviv is a great solution, and food delivery Tel Aviv can also be very good for groups too! Whether you are craving pizza, sushi, or something more original, this guide has got you covered! We asked the community where is the Best Food Delivery in Tel Aviv and here is what they had to say. Click here to see how the voting went.

Top 3 Best Deliveries

1. Golda Flavor Boutique – Ice Cream

Since 2002, Golda has been the go-to Ice Cream shop for the whole family. Scooping up over 30 branches across Israel, its pretty obvious why Golda is so successful..they have delicious ice cream. Hand made, and with plenty of flavors to choose from, now with new vegan options, Golda is a must try. Read more.

2. SpicehausCocktails

Screenshot 2016-06-02 15.15.09

This is definitely one of the coolest concept bars ever. They call it a “cocktail bar pharmacy,” the bartenders actually dress like pharmacists, and cocktails are served in 3 different sized beaker bottles. This is the largest cocktail bar in Tel Aviv, but don’t get confused when you see a sign for “The East Jaffa Perfume Company” – you’re at the right place! Read more

3. Saone Rhone – Israeli Fusion

A family-run Israeli Street Food restaurant with a touch of France & India in every bite. Chefs Rotem Gutman & Ofir Gutman are a sister and brother trying to change the way that you taste the world! Read more.

Best of the Rest….


Ze Sushi

Amazing sushi with fresh fish and a long list of specialty rolls, filling combinations and some unique dishes, the original branch has a relaxed North Tel Aviv atmosphere, perfect for date night. The also have a great delivery service. Read more

FU Sushi

Welcome to FU sushi bar, where every dish is prepared to perfection. Enjoy Tel Aviv’s energetic vibe in our unique ambiance. Whether you are on a date, out with friends or just have a nighttime craving for excellent sushi, FU is the ultimate place to be. Read more


Shi-Shi is one of the newest eateries in city. Imagine a big and very healthy roll (a really big one!) that is made of an outside layer of rice, and filled with all fresh goodies to choose from – fish / chicken / beef / tofu / vegetables with delicious sauces. Read more.

Moon Sushi

Looking for unique sushi combinations nestled in the middle of central Tel Aviv? Try rolling with Moon Sushi, a delicious restaurant on Bograshov with a modern vibe and outstanding taste. Read more

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26 Hamburger Gourmet

26 Hamburger Gourmet takes the standard American burger, and gives it a gourmet French twist – ooooh lala! Instead of a boring bun, the burger nestles between a soft brioche. Instead of greasy fries, the burger comes with crunchy sweet potato frites. And instead of a tomato on top, check out some juicy foie gras. C’est tres magnifique! The inside is pretty small, but there are tables on the street. Read more


Screenshot 2016-03-23 18.25.14

“For this self-titled burger snob, I just gotta say: Vitrina truly does make the best burger in this town.

What’s in the meat? I don’t know. God knows. It could be horse. It could be turtle. It could be elephant – but whatever it is by god it’s delicious. It literally tastes like it’s been cooked by angels and then smothered in just the right amount of fattening, parmesan-y goodness. Drown your burger in the purple, beet ketchup (ooohh fancy) and the creamy, garlicy mayo and you’re living like a local on your way to the most satisfying bites of burger you may taste in this burger-wasteland of country. Nay fine people of Secret Tel Aviv – there is simply *NO* other burger in Israel worthy of my highest honor of most mind-numbingly delicious burger EVER!”. Read more

Meat Bar Burgers

Meat Bar Burgers is a delicious new burger joint in the Sarona food market. From the owners of the Meat Bar restaurants, Meat Bar burgers uses the finest beef (hung for three weeks) to create large juicy burgers and excellent burger chefs who are passionate about what they are doing. Read more


A real treat – Prozdor’s burgers are delicious. There are 15 to choose from – we love how they split their menu into ‘Hamburgers’ and ‘Hamburgers without Cheese’, as if a hamburger without cheese isn’t really a burger! The burger comes in a fluffy white bun that absorbs all the juices – yummy! Also, don’t miss their chicken wings… they’re amongst the best in Tel Aviv! Read more

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Anastasia is a great vegan cafe to meet friends. They have a delicious and nutritious breakfast with loads of tasty dips, good salads, and incredible cakes. They treat every dish like it is a multi-layered experience, they take all the senses into account. Read more.

Rainbow Burgers

Truly, Rainbow Burger is the perfect pit stop for born-again vegans who loved meat in a past life, and need that feeling of meaty satisfaction in the pit of their belly (minus the actual meat of course). For that, Rainbow Burger has definitely got you covered! […] One juicy bite of Rainbow Burger later and it *almost* had me convinced that this was the real deal. The texture, look and taste are darn near identical to meat. Not to mention, the soy and mushroom burger blend gave me the same warm, fuzzy, happy-tummy feeling I get from eating meat. Read more.

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South East Asian


Their menu entails a variety of authentic Thai dishes suitable for all palates. From extra spicy beef entrecote salad, for the brave and daring, to delicious warming and relaxing soups. They offer a variety of exotic curries, rice and noodles as well as amazingly refreshing salads. Read more

More Ice Cream


If you are looking for a lively atmosphere this place has got it! Usually packed on the weekends, it has very good ice cream, including hard to find flavours like my favourite, mint chocolate chip! They also make delicious frozen yogurt, and have lovely tables outside in the best area of Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek. Read more.

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Other deliveries we love…

Poke IsraelHawaiian Poke shop with delicious and fresh ingredients. Choose from one of their pre-made combinations, or get creative with different toppings and sauces! Read more.

Nini Hachi – Kosher Japanese meat restaurant in the centre of Tel Aviv. Sushi, fish, ramen, teppanyaki and authentic noodle dishes make for a rich and diverse menu. Read more

Nini Hachi also appears on our Best Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv guide.

Philippe French PizzaA sophisticated pizza delivery, great if you have important guests over or want a healthier pizza option. They have really tasty pizza specials, a good Greek salad, and delicious deserts! There are also loads of other pizza deliveries in the business directory, ranging from Domino’s and Pizza Hut to Domino (kosher). Read more

VongFinding a good Vietnamese restaurant in Tel Aviv is not an easy task, so whenever you are craving some steamed buns or wok, Vong should be your first option! The food is seasoned to perfection with top ingredients, portions are very satisfying and prices are fair. Read more

ZozobraThe kitchen combines centuries-old traditional models from Asia, India and the Far East that create a fascinating encounter of flavors, colors and aromas. Eating a variety of dishes will expose you to the wide flavors world of Zozobra. Read more

TaqueriaLocated directly across from Abraham Hotel, Taqueria offers a cool ambience, delicious Mexican food and a killer margarita. For reasonable prices, Taqueria has a range of menu options featuring tacos, burritos and quesadillas made from fresh ingredients that can be enjoyed in a very comfortable setting. This is a super happening place – you’ll need to wait possibly to get in – well worth it. Read more.

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TandooriA decent Indian restaurant, similar in style to UK curry houses. The food is good – the curries taste great and have loads of sauce – but not really great value for money – a portion of rice is 30 NIS! If you are ok treating yourself, this is a great delivery option! Read more

American Broaster ChickenSince discovering this place a few months ago on Secret Tel Aviv, it has been my go-to-place for fast food. Located opposite the clocktower in Jaffa, this is without doubt the best fried chicken in Israel. Their chicken is fried to perfection in two huge broasting machines – offering either delicious filets or crunchy chicken legs and thighs. Okay – so their sides aren’t the best, soggy chips and white buns, but who orders fried chicken for the sides? Read more

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