We’ve eaten our way through hundreds of Tel Aviv’s best burgers and asked for your imput, only to find out where are the Best Burgers in Tel Aviv! This year’s poll for the Secret Tel Aviv Food and Drink Awards –  Best Burger in Tel Aviv we had a record of over 2,000 votes! So many people can’t be wrong… Scroll down for the results of the Best Burger in Tel Aviv!

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1. Vitrina

2 locations: Lilienblum 40 and Ibn Gvirol 36

Screenshot 2016-03-23 18.25.14

For this self-titled burger snob, I just gotta say: Vitrina truly does make the best burger in this town.

What’s in the meat? I don’t know. God knows. It could be horse. It could be turtle. It could be elephant – but whatever it is by god it’s delicious. It literally tastes like it’s been cooked by angels and then smothered in just the right amount of fattening, parmesan-y goodness. Drown your burger in the purple, beet ketchup (ooohh fancy) and the creamy, garlicy mayo and you’re living like a local on your way to the most satisfying bites of burger you may taste in this burger-wasteland of country. Nay fine people of Secret Tel Aviv – there is simply *NO* other burger in Israel worthy of my highest honor of most mind-numbingly delicious burger EVER!”. Read more

Written by super-star guest writer Vanessa Perplies.

2. America Burgers

Allenby 112

These guys opened in Summer 2015 and have quickly established themselves as one of the best burgers in Tel Aviv. They have a simple no-nonsense menu – choice of burger, chicken burger (also great), or vege burger, side of fries, green beans, salad or amazing fried onion, and ice-cream for desert. We recommend the burger, it’s delicious! Read more

3. Prozdor

Mendele 6


A real treat – Prozdor’s burgers are delicious. There are 15 to choose from – we love how they split their menu into ‘Hamburgers’ and ‘Hamburgers without Cheese’, as if a hamburger without cheese isn’t really a burger! The burger comes in a fluffy white bun that absorbs all the juices – yummy! Read more

4. The Little Burger Shop

Dizengoff 125

Read more

5. 26 Hamburger Gourmet

Mikveh Israel 26

26 Hamburger Gourmet takes the standard American burger, and gives it a gourmet French twist – ooooh lala! Instead of a boring bun, the burger nestles between a soft brioche. Instead of greasy fries, the burger comes with crunchy sweet potato frites. And instead of a tomato on top, check out some juicy foie gras. C’est tres magnifique! The inside is pretty small, but there are tables on the street. Read more

This restaurant is also included in the ‘Best Restaurants Run by International Women’ Secret Tel Aviv Guide.

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6. Susu & Sons

Two locations: Herzl 6 and Dizengoff 166

The New Kid on the Hamburger Block! And if the queues are anything to go by, this food kiosk on the corner of Herzl and Rothschild is already an instant success! We loved their burgers – they are juicy and full of flavor. And spice it up with some exotic toppings like lobster, fried egg, and blue cheese. Read more

7. Port 19

Shlomo Ha-Melekh St 2

Delicious, unique quality sausages and burgers. Read more

8. BeerStation

Stern 1

Read more

9. The Brasserie

Ibn Gvirol 70 | DELIVERY


The Brasserie is Tel Aviv’s most famous French brasserie, located on Kikar Rabin. The food is delicious (they do a great burger), it looks like a Parisian grand brasserie, it’s open 24/7, and now you can also get deliveries! Read more

Word from the Group:
  • “Brasserie do the best burger ever! Its only around 50 NIS but seriously the best!”

This restaurant is also included in the ‘Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv’ and ‘Best Deliveries in Tel Aviv’ Secret Tel Aviv Guides.

10. Rainbow Burgers – Best Vegan Burger

Vegan burgers | Ibn Gabirol 88

Truly, Rainbow Burger is the perfect pit stop for born-again vegans who loved meat in a past life, and need that feeling of meaty satisfaction in the pit of their belly (minus the actual meat of course). For that, Rainbow Burger has definitely got you covered! […] One juicy bite of Rainbow Burger later and it *almost* had me convinced that this was the real deal. The texture, look and taste are darn near identical to meat. Not to mention, the soy and mushroom burger blend gave me the same warm, fuzzy, happy-tummy feeling I get from eating meat. Read more

Written by guest reviewer Vanessa Perplies

This restaurant is also included in the ‘Best Vegan Restaurants in Tel Aviv’ Secret Tel Aviv Guide.

11. Agadir

3 locations: Nahalat Binyamin 2, Namal Tel Aviv, Ben Yehuda 120

Voted one of Tel Aviv’s best burgers! Simply delicious fresh ground beef burgers with many toppings to choose from (some might surprise you), good side dishes and great desserts, what else can you ask for from a burger place? For the vegan ones, they also have a great mushroom burger. Read more

12. Truck De Luxe

Ben Ami Street 13

Screenshot 2016-03-23 18.09.29

Definitely one of the tastiest burgers in Tel Aviv – especially if you like your burger with bacon and cheese! Truck De Luxe is an awesome Southern US restaurant in Dizengoff Square – they serve amazing meat and smoked ribs, and the best fried chicken in Israel. They have a sister restaurant Pundak Deluxe in Jaffa which has a slightly different menu (more meat, less burgers) that is also is a cool outdoor place to chill with friends. Read more

This restaurant is also included in the ‘Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv’ Secret Tel Aviv Guide.

13. Fat Cow

Read more

14. Memphis – Best Kosher Burger

Carlebach 20

Kosher Burger fast food restaurant, recommended by the Secret Tel Aviv community! Do you want to write a review of this place? Fill out this form and apply to be a Secret Tel Aviv Reporter!

15. Moses

Several locations across TLV, including Rothschild, Dizengoff and Ramat Hachayal

One of Israel’s most famous diners, with locations throughout Tel Aviv. Their portions are tasty and large – they have great burgers with lots of optional toppings, shnitzels, fajitas, and delicious cocktails. They also offer a great delivery service – a perfect option if you have the munchies! Read more

Other Burgers We Love…

Meat Bar Burgers – Sarona Food Market – Meat Bar Burgers is a delicious new burger joint in the Sarona food market. From the owners of the Meat Bar restaurants, Meat Bar burgers uses the finest beef (hung for three weeks) to create large juicy burgers and excellent burger chefs who are passionate about what they are doing. Read more

Benz Frenkel 4 – Tel Aviv’s leading Argentinian restaurant, and they make a mean burger! A mixture of beef and entrecote steak served in a sweet burger bun, topped off with their home-made BBQ Sauce! Read more

Porter & Sons – HaArba’a 14 – Porter & Sons has it all: big and good choice of draft beers, good burgers, beautiful design. Read more

Ad HaEtzem Express – Several locations across TLV – American-style fast-food burger joint, with fluffy white buns, tasty burger patties, lots and lots of sauce, and free drink refills. The double-burger meal comes with fries and unlimited refill, good value for 50 NIS. They also do delivery from their website. Read more

Molly Blooms – Two branches in Tel Aviv: Sarona and Hayarkon – Molly Blooms is the perfect place to sit with friends for happy hour drinks or tasty pub grub. No matter which way you’ll have it (beer, whiskey or cider), Molly Blooms is the ultimate destination for Irish food and drink. Read more

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Mike’s Place – Several locations across TLV – Mike’s Place is a chain of ultimate American sports bars with great food, great beer, and great entertainment. The BIG MIKE is a double stacked bacon cheese burger that only the super hungry can devour! The Mike’s Mega Burgers are ground fresh everyday and are the only true American burger in Israel. Read more

*** Get 2 shekel chicken wings (minimum 20 wings) with your Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card – and for a limited time to get the BIG MIKE FOR 20 shekels off with your Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card! ***

HaShomer 1 – HaShomer 1, Shuk HaCarmel – Real American burger enthusiasts might argue that this is more of a meatball sandwich than a burger – but either way it is delicious! Amazing beef kebabs (mini-burgers) served in a toasted challah, with spicy Israeli sauces. The only downside – it is only open at lunch! Read more

KOSHER – Magic Burger – Two branches on Ibn Gvirol and Herzl – Tel Aviv’s most famous kosher burger joint! Read more

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