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After living in San Diego for 12 years, which is more Mexico than U.S. in many regards, the Mexican cuisine has become one of my favorites. There is nothing like a good burrito to comfort my stomach and a margarita for my soul. Or vice versa. Hence I was so happy when a Mexican trend made it’s way to TLV. 

From Guest Blogger Hillel Raz and Secret Tel Aviv intern Georgia Slater!


Levontin 28 | Central Tel Aviv

Located directly across from Abraham Hotel, Taqueria offers a cool ambience, delicious Mexican food and a killer margarita. For reasonable prices, Taqueria has a range of menu options featuring tacos, burritos and quesadillas made from fresh ingredients that can be enjoyed in a very comfortable setting. This is a super happening place – you’ll need to wait possibly to get in – well worth it. Read more.

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Written by Secret Tel Aviv intern Georgia Slater.


Vital Street 2 | South Tel Aviv (Florentin)

Mezcal is probably the most authentic Mexican food you’ll get in Tel Aviv (trust this statement, it comes from a Mexican). Their food is delicious, they have real tortillas and spicy salsas, portions are big and price is reasonable. We know how tempted you’ll be to order the tacos, but trust us, try some more exotic dishes, you will love them. Their happy hour is an amazing deal on their incredible margaritas. Read more

This restaurant appears in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv Guide

Viva Mexico

HaCarmel 36 | Central Tel Aviv | LUNCH ONLY

One of the new spots that opened in the Shuk, the Carmel market one, and this is the real deal.  A Mexican family invites you into their kitchen with fresh ingredients pouring in from stalls.  The strong colors will attract your attention immediately – and the dishes themselves are just as enticing!  If you walk too fast you might just miss this stall.  It’s about half way through the Shuk, where the road begins to descend while facing south west, the stall will be on your left hand side. Read more

Written by Secret Tel aviv intern Georgia Slater and guest blogger Hillel Raz.

La Otra

Hayarkon 66 | Central Tel Aviv

A gourmet place with fantastic Latin/Caribbean influenced Mexican food.  The chef here does fantastic work in mixing flavors, with exotic dishes and great local favorites – the grilled fish tacos are phenomenal! In addition, this place shares the floor with the world renown Imperial bar, and the cocktails here carry that worldly fame justifiably. Read more

Written by guest blogger Hillel Raz.


Rothschild 7 | Central Tel Aviv

The newest addition to the city that never sleeps, this is a happening place, on the edge of Kikar Rothchild, with great décor and even greater fish tacos. They have margaritas that can be ordered in multiple flavors as well! Read more

Written by guest blogger Hillel Raz

Diego San

Hamashbir 2 | South Tel Aviv


I was super excited about this place, one because of the name which brought me back to San Diego a bit, and two because Korean-Mexican fusion is all the rage in the U.S. for the last few years. The food was good, though I was expecting more flavor. They do have things on the menu you won’t find anywhere else though, with ideas from the Korean-Mexican trend with roots in the West coast. Read more

Mexico City

Shuk Rothschild Allenby | Central Tel Aviv

In the new Rothschild Allenby Shuk, on the intersection of those streets, a place that brings the flavors of the streets of Mexico’s largest city. Read more

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Written by guest blogger Hillel Raz


Bograshov 7Sarona MarketYermiyahu 17 and Shuk Tzafon

This tasty restaurant never lets you leave hungry. Their menu provides options for everyone — the vegetarian, the meat lover, those who don’t enjoy spicy, and those who think the hotter the better. It’s a great place to share with such large, and not to mention pricey, portions, however, with such a satisfying meal you might just want it all to yourself. Read more

Written by Secret Tel Aviv intern Georgia Slater. 

Mex & Co

Ben Yehuda 122 | Central Tel Aviv | DELIVERY

If you like choices and always want to create your own very special burrito/taco/platos – then this place is for you! With five categories that will allow each person in your party to have a completely different dining experience! The chicken is great and there many vegetarian options are quite good! Read more

This post was inspired by a post in Secret Tel Aviv on 27th April 2015. Thanks everyone for all your great comments.

Written by Hillel Raz and Georgia Slater.

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